A Week In Which A Mellow Bean Lets It Go

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I’m hiding in our home office this morning.  Adjacent to the foyer and away from the kitchen, it’s a room with French doors that I can close when need be.

Like today, for instance.

This is a morning when I’m trying to ignore the dreadful whiny motor sound of our dishwasher as it cleans the dishes.  Our dishwasher has, of late, become cantankerous.  Still doing that which is asked of it, but making certain that I know that it’s working hard to do so.

Old age affects us all in different ways, I suppose.

This week I’ve spent more time in the home office, or study as the builder referred to it, than usual.  Fortunately it’s a lovely room replete with my desk, my computer, a large over-filled bookcase, a funky old occasional chair and, of course, a potted pothos so that there’s another living organism in here with me.  It’s a writerly space.

From here I’ve watched this week’s happenings around Chez Bean.

I’ve overseen the AC being serviced, the windows being washed, the plumbing being inspected, the neighbor’s tree being cut down while using our driveway as a service road to get to their tree, and the gutters being cleaned out.

I’m exhausted from all of this work!  😉

But you see, that’s what’s going on around here.  Me, simply letting go, watching optimistically as other people and machines accomplish things.  While I research + write stories and essays that may, or may not, find their way into this blog.

If life is best lived by focusing on how you do things, then this week I’m one mellow positive bean, letting it all get done one way or another without my interference.

Come what may.

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20 thoughts on “A Week In Which A Mellow Bean Lets It Go”

  1. I am glad you are letting go (and love the quote – why did she EVER marry Arnold) as you certainly deserve it. Did we make the same mistake again? We scheduled too many humans into one short amount of time rather than spread it out. Sigh . . . maybe some day we’ll get it right. Then again, more down time when it quiets again.


    1. Z-D, I cannot fathom why she married Arnold, but she did. Perhaps she’s filled with more wisdom because of it?

      As for everything happening this week, it’s not like I scheduled it… they pretty much scheduled me. But now, like you said, it’s quiet again. *yeah*


  2. We all need to let it all go sometimes for our own sanity. I love the days when I don’t have to be anywhere or have anything pressing to get done. Our minds and bodies need a break every once in awhile to recharge for the crazy days! Enjoy your “let it go day”.


    1. Beth, this has been more like a week of letting go than a day! You’re right about having times when you just let things be. I’ve felt like I had no control over any of the stuff that’s been happening around here, so instead of getting crazy about it I’ve gone chill this week. And then when I stumbled upon Maria’s words, perfect.


  3. I much prefer others doing and me overseeing, especially when it comes to housework! Glad you discovered Maria’s quote and could enjoy the moment(s) this week without the added guilt.


    1. lovtotrav, I didn’t have much choice when it comes to who was going to do these things. I mean, I can’t service the AC! I’m good at overseeing, but it was odd to just sit around waiting… waiting… waiting… for things to be finished. I felt almost guilty, but not quite.

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  4. I seem to schedule/have things happen in bunches, too, and feel Frenzied By Proxy as it all goes on around me. It bothers me to have people in my house; sometimes it even annoys me to have my husband at home. 🙂 It’s nice that you can be an Oasis Of Calm as all of that is happening.


    1. nance, I’m not keen on having people all over the house and property, but decided on Monday that I. Was. Not. Going. To. Let. This. Get. To. Me. So I hid in our home office creating, as you said so perfectly, an Oasis Of Calm. Brilliant phrase, my dear.


    1. Carrie, I decided to go the passive route this week. I realized that I couldn’t do anything to make things happen around here more quickly, so I adopted mellow + positive as my mantra… while hiding in our home office. Part acceptance, part denial. Seemed to have worked.

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  5. Your office sounds really lovely. I’m sure it is a wonderfully comfortable space for being calm and mellow. As always, looking forward to reading your thoughts. Though, sometimes I don’t know how to respond. I’m still shaking my head over the Bird Woman of Beanville.


    1. Zazzy, the home office is a nice little place to get yourself out of the way when peoples are traipsing around your house doing Important Things. Fortunately all of the necessary work is over now, so I can venture back into the rest of the house unhindered.

      You think you don’t know how to respond, huh? I’m as confused as the next person about this neighbor’s behavior. Would love to know the story, but have no interest in going over there to find out… so it shall remain a mystery.


  6. Organizing stuff to get done can be just as rigorous as actually doing it. In fact, many times I would PREFER to be able to, but don’t have the talent/training. I also hide myself in my den when I want to closet myself away from the “madding crowd.”


    1. Margaret, you’re right. Planning and waiting can be as rigorous as doing something. I’m glad that this week is behind me and that so many dull, but necessary, chores around the house are done. Looking forward to leaving my home office and venturing out into the world! 😉


  7. I love that you have a study. Eek on the dishwasher. Our washer was doing that for a while. Squeaking its way through each load. We knew it was only a matter of time. Sometimes it’s great to see things getting done around us and just be overseeing it. 🙂

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    1. Kourtney, the study is a nice escape pod for me when too much is happening around here. About the dishwasher, we live with fingers crossed while muttering sweet nothings to it, hoping that it’ll keep going.


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