As Autumn Arrives A Legend Returns: Hello Fuzzy The Squirrel!

•  The squirrels have been scarce around our yard all summer, allowing me to grow pots of petunias, and now pansies, unbothered on our deck.


•  So imagine my surprise yesterday afternoon when I saw Fuzzy the Squirrel on our deck for the first time in months.  I’d begun to wonder if he was still around.

DSCN5988 (1)

•  Naturally he was causing trouble, indulging his appetite for destruction in the right-hand pot, while prudently avoiding my new cute jack-o-lantern decorative spike thingie.


•  To his credit, once he realized that I spied him, he tried to hide from me behind one of the pots, while pretending that nothing untoward had happened to my petunia.


•  Then taking a different approach to destruction, our friend, Fuzzy the Squirrel, began digging into the left-hand pot while I watched.


•  However, I’m happy to say that he quickly became bored with the whole idea of ruining my pretty Halloween tableau.


•  He jumped up onto the deck railing where he purveyed our forested backyard… where he should be, imho.


•  Then turning my way for one last photo, he posed so that I might snap him next to my new cute jack-o-lantern decorative spike thingie… which he better not damage. Or else.


27 thoughts on “As Autumn Arrives A Legend Returns: Hello Fuzzy The Squirrel!

  1. Grrrr. It’s black walnut season, and I’m finding them all over the place, half-buried in pots, and, most annoyingly, at the bottom of our little fishpond. The squirrels try carrying them across the highwires overhead and unfailingly drop most of them. They are all still in their tennis ball-sized husks, but that doesn’t deter the squirrels.

    I’m afraid that your drama is just at its outset. Good luck with all of that. Acorns haven’t even started to properly come on.


    • nance, this particular squirrel is such a character. For all I know he’s pretending to bury nuts in the pots to get some attention. On the other hand, I fear that you might be right about this incident: it’s only the beginning of a series of pot attacks. *grumble*


  2. Two of my cats were huddled together in the corner of our screened porch. One’s back end was wiggling like they do prior to a pounce so I figured I better investigate. Right outside the screen was a squirrel was burying some booty in our groundcover. Hope he can find it in the winter because that area gets covered with snow! I don’t have too much trouble with planters but they like to dig in my flower beds sometimes uprooting something in the process.


  3. Fuzzy! I love Fuzzy and I love watching how clever squirrels can be. I had my bird feeder in what I thought was an unreachable spot and my cousin of Fuzzy managed a series of leaps that would have been amazing (and annoying) in my online games. They can get almost anywhere. Perhaps if you gave Fuzzy a problem to work on in another part of your yard he would leave your pots alone.


  4. I love your decoration! It makes me want to go look for one. Fuzzy is cute, but a definite nuisance. I’m seeing rabbits around, which are also destructive, especially to my tulip bulbs.


    • Margaret, my decoration cost a whopping $2.50! So it’s not that Fuzzy would be breaking the bank if he destroys it, but I would prefer that he go elsewhere and leave my posies alone. We’ve had lots of rabbits this summer. A first around here.


  5. Tell Zen Den no worries, not everyone can be on Team Fuzzy! Those photos were so cute, and each successive one made me laugh and smile even more than the previous one! I feel like Fed Exing one of my world famous corn cobs to your backyard for my fine furry friend!


    • evilsquirrel13, glad that you liked my photo shoot. You know how Fuzzy is a hambone about getting his picture in my blog. Also, I think that Fuzzy is getting slower as he ages, so that helps me when I’m trying to get a good snap of him! What a goofy little guy, eh?


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