Heebie-Jeebies Alert: Creepy Birds Here

GLANCING OUT INTO THE BACKYARD the other morning I saw these birds walking on the grass, wandering along the edge of the forest behind my house.


TO ME THESE HUGE BIRDS looked like gang members, in black leather jackets, up to no good, on the hunt for something.


HAVING MISTAKENLY IDENTIFIED BIRDS BEFORE [and having had approximately 3 gazillion + 27 people tell me I was wrong], I’m going to say that I don’t know what  gang these birds belong to kind of birds they are.


INSTEAD I’LL CONTINUE TO REFER to them as Creepy Birds, because they give me the heebie-jeebies and the name, you gotta admit, seems right. *shudder*

35 thoughts on “Heebie-Jeebies Alert: Creepy Birds Here

  1. I’ll invite a cascade of Nay-Sayers and call them wild turkeys. Are you sure you didn’t call them to Winterize your Air Conditioner? They look like they’re pretty thorough.


  2. They are wild turkeys. These birds were always around out area in TN. This gang must like what your backyard has to offer. Cool pictures!


  3. Yep, wild turkeys. They visit us to clean up under the bird feeders. Harmless critters and not too creepy. Of course, since befriending them I can’t eat their relatives on thanksgiving!


  4. Wild turkeys indeed. Sometimes hard (for me) to tell apart from turkey vultures around here. I once got up and found dozens of partridges in my yard – and I felt pretty much like you. Where did these birds come from and what the heck are they? They never visited again.

    If your turkeys keep coming back, might I suggest you get up in the dark of the night and make a trail of bird seed (or road kill) from your yard to your bird loving friend down the street’s yard? I can just imagine how much she would enjoy these giant birds given her efforts to rid her yard of the little birds.


    • Zazzy, I thought of her when I saw these birds! Love the idea of enticing them to mosey over her way. Can you imagine the fallout from that?! She’d hire a drum line to play 24/7 to keep them away. 🙂


    • Daisy Smiley Face, I’m telling you people de-lurked from everywhere on all social media to tell me that I didn’t know my birds. While my ignorance was not a surprise to me, their response was. As for Grease, I only wish that I’d been listening to that soundtrack while watching this gang of turkeys traipse through our backyard. That would have been perfect. So smart of you to think of that.

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  6. I think they look creepy because of their mean looking, beady eyed small heads and big bodies. 🙂 I have no clue what they are, but if everyone else says wild turkeys, that must be right.


    • Margaret, exactly! These birds are the epitome of creepy. Birds aren’t my thing so like you said, if everyone says that they’re wild turkeys, then wild turkeys they are.


  7. Oh, we have wild turkeys here, too! We kind of like them. (Except when we had our lawn re-seeded. Then you could regularly see me standing on my front porch, shaking my fist, and shouting “get off my lawn, you darned whippersnappers!” Or something like that. Actually, I did enjoy strategically turning on the sprinklers when they were out there enjoying the grass-seed buffet.)


    • alejna, that’s hilarious! If only I’d thought of that as they were walking through the yard. I’ve never seen them before, but now that I know what they are I won’t be scared of them & their beady little eyes.


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