M Is For Mush, Mighty Interesting

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 10.55.02 AMTurned to mush

… is an American slang phrase that means your heart &/or your mind are no longer sensible or clear.  Someone or something has evoked tender feelings within you so that you’ve become nostalgic, sentimental, or sad.

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I’ve no story to tell you about mush, so instead here’s a random list of information about the word “mush.”  Study & learn, my gentle readers.  This information will be on the test.  😉

Mush: Breakfast Recipe, Fried OR Breakfast Recipe, Porridge

Mush: History Of A Regional Company Known For It

Mush: British Slang Term [in a phrase]

Mush: Romany Slang [word alone]

Mush: Word As Used In Alaska In Iditarod

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Only one word in the lyrics, care to guess what it is?

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33 thoughts on “M Is For Mush, Mighty Interesting”

  1. Mush…synonymous during my childhood to what I now refer to as regular oatmeal, yet also often interspersed with the term ‘hot cereal’ as in, “Do you want mush/hot cereal this morning?” Our mush however was never actual oatmeal, like the Quaker oat sort, but something called Roman Meal – http://www.romanmeal.com/ourstory.aspx
    I actually liked it quite a bit, after adding spoons and spoons of sugar of course.

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    1. Deb, that’s interesting. In our home there was oatmeal [porridge] and there was mush [fried], often for dinner. But I can see how the word “mush” could come to mean any hot cereal. Also, I’ve never heard of Roman Meal. Thanks for the link. Now that I’ve learned about it, I’ll look for it when we go to the regional speciality grocery store that carries everything on earth. Almost literally.

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    1. Kourtney, good point. Maybe that’s how the saying came about. A tired woman said “my mind has turned to mush” & everyone who heard her immediately knew what she meant.


  2. I was vaguely aware of mush, but I’m pretty sure I associated it with oatmeal. This mush stuff seems to be essentially grits (polenta). I love fried polenta but I’m not calling it mush. Mush doesn’t sound good. And that canned mush just looks wrong.


    1. Margaret, I wouldn’t count on that! Just saying… in my personal experience… no matter what you do or don’t do during the week… Fridays lend themselves to mush brains.


  3. One of my mother’s frequent sayings when my brother and I were small, and dragging our feet on getting something done, was [spoken in a randomly broad and twangy accent]: “Mush, all-a y’all huskies! Mush!!”

    ZERO CLUE what source she was quoting from. But I will never forget the cadence… 🙂

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      1. I suspect it was a line from some little-remembered play or movie of her youth. Not one of your great classics! Don’t recall Hope and Crosby ever doing a “Road” movie about going to the Iditarod, for instance….

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