On St. Valentine’s Day: A Slightly Risqué Conversation Between The Old Married People

screen-shot-2017-02-14-at-7-32-22-amZen-Den and I were sitting in our living room the other evening.

I was playing Farm Heroes Super Saga on my iPad.

It’s a free game in which you collect brightly colored produce, flowers, rain drops, wheat sheaves, and acorns.  You accomplish this by moving pieces around the board while dealing with Darwin the Goat who eats wheat sheaves and Fidget the Squirrel who thunks acorns with his tail.

What’s not to love?

screen-shot-2017-02-14-at-7-40-43-amZen-Den, on the other hand, was reading a copy of Smithsonian magazine, but he looked up to ask me how my game was going.

I told him I was on a particularly fun, but difficult, level where in order to win I needed to get Fidget the Squirrel to whack all the acorns on the screen.

To which Zen-Den commented: “Sure, any game in which nuts get a little tail is a good one. Enjoy.”

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~ Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone ~

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62 thoughts on “On St. Valentine’s Day: A Slightly Risqué Conversation Between The Old Married People”

  1. Having just met your Zen-Den, it’s likely rash of me to make this comparison, but what the hey: he sounds like my hubby – usually dry and factual and unflappable. Until he drops a zinger that has you in stitches.

    I’ve been searching for another game to play – thanks for the lead! And Happy Heart Day!

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    1. Maggie, it sounds like your husband and mine are two peas in a pod. I enjoy his sense of humor, but never know when he’s going to say something… zingy.
      Happy Valentine’s Day to you too.

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    1. Blair, Zen-Den can be quite funny, never mean, just pointed, shall we say! I like Farm Heroes Super Saga because it’s colorful and easy to learn. Bet you’ll like it, if for no other reason than the price is right!

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    1. Hey there, Cluttered Attic Person! Good to see ‘ya out and about. Z-D is an absent-minded professor one moment, a comic at the Improv the next. Keeps it kind of fun.


  2. I love people -and envy them – with the ability to nail those witty comebacks! I might think of a clever response a few hours later but almost never at the appropriate time.

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