In The Depths Of Winter, What Will It Be? Bloom Or Sparkle?

They say you should bloom where you’re planted.

However, sometimes that’s not possible.

When that happens I’d like to suggest that you should sparkle where you land.

Especially when all you have around you is snow.

Happy weekend, everyone. Bloom if you can, sparkle if you must.

❄️ 🌻 ❄️ 🌻 ❄️

57 thoughts on “In The Depths Of Winter, What Will It Be? Bloom Or Sparkle?

  1. This might interest you as you sparkle today ~> Water which received positive messages of love and gratitude transformed into gorgeous snowflake clusters. Water which received negative messages became chaotic and fragmented.

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  2. Such beauty is all around you! We here in the south have had some cold weather, but no snow at least where we live. Just a threat of it this week shut the schools down. I don’t miss it, but I love looking at pictures of it. Thanks for your perspective.

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    • Beth, I like looking at clean snow and I like snow when I don’t have to traipse around in it. However, I’m kind of over snow after this week, so an early Spring would be most appreciated! Could you make that happen, please?


    • Janis, I agree. I looked out the window and saw the poor old spike burdened with the snow. It usually winters in the garage, but this year I forgot to move it in there. You’re right, of course. Once spring comes, it’ll be back to growing and blooming. But today is sure does look sadly…

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  3. Blooming and sparkling are both important. You bloom when you have water and sun and nourishment, which we do during certain times of the year. We sparkle when we are happy, or feel beautiful. Snow is full of unique crystals, so it does sparkle. So can we!

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    • Margaret, a perfect summation of this situation! It’s all about taking the best advantage of what is available to you. Hence, this weekend there’ll be no blooming, but I’m going to go all in on sparkling.


  4. I love, love, love this post! Such a great contrast on the topic.
    “Bloom where you’re planted” is one of my fave quotes, but I agree, it is NOT always possible, and certainly not always desirable. (Flashbacks to Georgia)
    Sparkling is much easier.

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  5. Beautiful photos, Ally B, but oh so cold! I’m ready for spring. Okay, I’ve tried to be cool, but for whatever reason, I can’t get your posts into my WP feed. I’ll try a different email address. I hope you’re feeling well these days!

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    • Jill, it’s been cold here for too long, if you ask me. I’m ready for Spring, too. I want to bloom more than I want to sparkle. 🙂

      I’m sorry that this blog doesn’t show up in your WP feed. I have NO IDEA how any of that works, so all I can say is thanks for trying.

      [However, considering that I pay for this to be a business account, I’d think that my blog should be available to the entire world all the time. Just muttering…]


  6. I love snow when it first falls, it does indeed sparkle. But once it’s churned up by all the snow plows, it is UGLY! My neighbors are so good about protecting their bushes at this time of year, with wooden crates and burlap sacks. Not me. Most of my plants look like your little spikey plant. We shall see how they fare come spring!

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    • Kate, oddly enough over the weekend our temps got into the 50s so that all the snow has melted. This is not our usual January winter weather, but I prefer no snow to dirty snow. I’m sorry to report that the little spikey plant is not looking good. I think I messed up on that one.


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