Busy week.

  Now that the rain has stopped and the sun is out, the work on the backyard continues.  Noisy, messy work involving lots of rocks, stones, dirt– and mulch. Heaps and heaps of mulch.  This project has dragged on for too long.  “Just get it done,” she screams inside her head.

 I’m spending about 3 hours per day in the car driving Z-D to work and back.  It’s all interstate highway or downtown driving at rush hour.  I’m a suburban babe, so this sort of driving is a bit stressful for me.

 We’re social butterflies this week.

  • Drinks and dinner with friends from long ago who we bumped into while walking into Lowe’s.  Go figure.  Decided on the spot that we needed to get together for dinner to catch up, so on Sunday night we did.  It was great fun.
  • Dinner with one of Z-D’s former co-workers who is in town.  Always good to hear what this guy is doing.  He’s smart, interesting– definitely not one of the sheeple. Hallelujah!
  • Ballgame as business guests.  I like suites.  I like tasty food.  I like free beer.  This event aims to be the trifecta of good times for me.

 Got my curly hair cut shorter yesterday.  It’s more like the Keri Russell hairstyle that everyone hated years ago– which I always thought looked good on her.  I’ve got lots of layers with more curl and wave going on now.  Kind of kicky.  Less predictable… if that is even possible!


6 thoughts on “Macaroni

  1. Wow, it is a very busy week. Thanks again for lugging me around and for enduring the business meals – these should be funner than usual.


  2. I like that look; I always thought it was cute and sassy. In general(except for the dragging on backyard work) it sounds like a great week. AND free beer is awesome unless it’s cheap stuff.


  3. Z-D, you’re welcome.

    Mike, I think we can call it the Medusa look. As long as there are no actual snakes involved, I’m okay with that.

    Margaret, it is cute and sassy. While my hair is not as long as the style in the photo, the idea is the same. Good point about the free beer. I bet that it’ll be above average– and at the least, very cold straight out of the in-suite frig!


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