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  I tried three new recipes.  One, Roasted Grape And Pecan Stuffing from Ladies’ Home Journal Nov ’11, was a keeper.  The other two, which I found online, were not worth the bother.  So it goes.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  I’m still fussing around with what to do about the drapes in the eat-in part of the kitchen.  Bay window, round table– and I’m indecisive about how high to hang the drapes.  All sorts of variables for me to fret over.  Life is in the details.  

√  I made us mint juleps with the end of the mint from our herb garden.  The weather forecast says that we’ll have a hard frost this week, so I doubt that the mint will be there next weekend.  Waste not, want not.

  I went with Zen-Den to a professional football game on Sunday afternoon.  The weather was in the lower 60s and Luther Vandross sang the national anthem.  We were in a box with a mellow group of people.  No stress, no fuss.  Just comfy seats and good food– watching the home team almost win.  Every little thing gonna be all right.

13 thoughts on “Weekend This & That

  1. The grape and pecan stuffing is very unusual. Never heard of roasting grapes before. I liked the words bold that end each paragraph. Made me smile x


  2. Jenny Paulin, I’d never caramelized a grape in my life before trying this recipe! Clearly I was missing something because this stuffing was delicious. Glad I made you smile.


  3. Grapes? It sounds very interesting. I love anything pecan, so I would undoubtedly be all over it. I haven’t been to a professional sports game for a long time; I would just have to be part of the hoi polloi and that’s no fun. 😉


  4. Margaret, this stuffing was very good. LIght texture with a nice mix of flavors.
    I’ll make it again.

    About once a year we are invited to a professional sporting event somewhere. This one was particularly pleasant. Right place, right people.


  5. Zazzy, the roasted grapes where good– nowhere near to being a raisin, but softer and sweeter than a grape. I added a link to the recipe on this post, so you can get it that way. Enjoy!


  6. Luther died huh? Well, other people in the box told me that the man singing the national anthem was Luther Vandross. Looked like Luther Vandross. Maybe someone was pulling my leg– or maybe he was an impersonator? Huh.

    One thing about being in a box is that while the view is good, the acoustics are weird. I can never understand what the football announcers are saying, but at the same time all the music sounds wonderful. Now I’m curious about who this singer was. He was good.


  7. Good post…on the drapes, yeah, it’s tricky, isn’t it?! Who would think how high to hang drapes would be so complicated….I usually hang mine as high and wide as I can (depending on how close you want the bottom of the drapes to be to the floor) since all that makes the windows look bigger! 🙂


  8. Kristen, that’s good advice re: the drapes. There’s a rod there already about halfway btwn the top of the windows and the bay area ceiling. But because we’re using clip rings this time, the drapes visually look like they’re hanging lower.

    The real issue here is will the hubster move the rods up higher to accommodate the rings, or will we just learn to live with things as they are. Because of the bay window angles, getting the rods to be level and meet at the weird corners is difficult. Lots of work to change them.

    We’ll see.


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