I Need New Eyeglasses

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What is a blog if not a place to whine about discuss something that one wants, but for various reasons, has yet to get?  ‘Tis the essence of blogging, imho.

So, here’s the skinny.  I am sitting here all squinty-eyed looking at my lovely computer screen because I need new glasses.  I’ve known this since July when it dawned on me that I was leaning in very close to the computer screen to see what I’d just written.

Bad posture + squinting.  Not good.

But here’s the thing: I can’t get my eyes checked by the doctor until the weather turns cold.  Very cold.  Freezing cold.  Because I need all the nasty pollen and mold spores to die. So that my itchy, red, inflamed eyes will be able to accurately see all those letters on the eye chart.

The key word is accurately.

Past experience, and the eye doctor himself, have taught me that until the allergens that cause my eyes to be irritated disappear from our environment, there is no point for me to try to get my eyes checked.  The results of the exam will be wrong.

That would make me not happy.

So instead of charging forward [term used in both physical movement sense + paying for something expensive with a credit card sense], I am sitting here perusing the intertubes looking at photos of eyeglass frames so that when the magic day arrives for me to get my blurry eyes checked, I will have some idea of what frames I might want to go with.  The choice, as I see it [pun intended], is between rimless frames OR dark plastic frames.

Sarah Palin or Wolf Blitzer?

Yep, that’s what it comes down to: granny or grump?  Continue with my rimless look or give the hipster look a try?  Spend oodles on another pair of Kazou Kawasaki frames or spend less on a pair of Warby Parker frames?  All the while knowing that no matter which style I choose, I’ll initially dislike them because that’s what I do after buying new glasses.

I fret. 


•  Bobbi Brown’s The New Tortoise Shell Collection, eye shadow specifically for women who wear glasses

•  Makeup Tips for Women With Glasses, how-to photos to achieve natural yet polished look

•  Makeup for Girls Who Wear Glasses, article geared toward women who wear bold frames

•  Revenge Of The Nerds: Makeup Lessons For Gals With Glasses, video showing makeup applied to make your eyes pop

[*Original Source for image here.  Just realized that I linked wrong above.  Mea culpa.]

17 thoughts on “I Need New Eyeglasses

  1. We should at least get out every pair we still have around the house, identify the trend, (if any) over the years, forecast the next logical pair . . . then go in and try on EVERY singel friggin pair of glasses in the store because – let’s face it – no matter what you say or write or feel – that’s what’s going to happen. Glasses are hard – fashion trends make it far worse. I feel your pain and will make sure your next set makes you lovelier than you already are. Hipster, grandma or whatever the label.


    • Zen-Den, you know me well. Of course, I’ll be trying on every friggin pair of frames in the store. That’s why those frames are there, isn’t it? To inspire &/or annoy me.


    • Zazzy, that’s the solution I have going on now. I have rimless regular glasses + Italian cool plastic frames for my sunglasses. Both are prescription, of course. I may stick with that formula. We’ll see [pun intended].


  2. I need an update too. I’ve noticed in the past couple of weeks. but I hadn’t thought about the effects of allergies…I’m sure there’s mold in this house that makes me cough, but I hadn’t thought it could affect my vision…I may have to ask about that.


    • julochka, years ago when I was first diagnosed with seasonal + environmental allergies, my eye doc told me to see him only after the first hard frost. The one time I didn’t do as told, I regretted it– & didn’t see clearly for a year!


  3. My main pair of glasses are rimless; my spare set aren’t. I like having two different sets of them for various needs. My rimless have transition lenses, so they’re great for sun. My other ones are sturdier if I’m doing something strenuous. My right eye cataract is getting worse, thus I’m also hunching over the computer screen. 😦


    • Margaret, you’re the second person who I know with transitions lenses. I’ve thought about getting a pair of those. I like your idea of one light pair, one sturdy pair of glasses.

      Sorry about your eye. Hunching is never good– very aging which is, in and of itself, annoying enough.


  4. Sydney loves picking out new glasses, but when all your choices are ridiculously cute (and everybody fully expects you to have glasses that sport pink flowers and sparkles), it’s ten times easier. One of the disadvantages to getting older, I guess. Flowers and sparkles just aren’t hip anymore!


    • Stephanie, you are so right. As much as I might LOVE to have flowers & sparkles on my frames, grown up lady fashion dictates that I choose something more demure.


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