Why Krill? Why Me? Why?

Here is what was in my mind when I woke up this morning:


What does this mean?  I can’t figure out why I was thinking this, but that hasn’t stopped me from spending a good part of this morning ruminating about it.  Because, as you know, I loves me a good rumination.

[Plus it’s NaBloPoMo– the time of year when any & all happenings are potential blog post fodder.]

# # #

After rising, I told Zen-Den what was in my mind at 6:00 a.m. when his alarm clock, set on a Mexican music station, jolted us awake.

Being a lawyer he started to cross-examine my testimony.

  • It was the word KRILL?  Not the word SHRILL?  Or PILL?   
  • Was there a whale involved?  Because you know whales eat krill?
  • What were you thinking about last night when you went to sleep?  Fish?

[Immediately, I regretted my decision to share with him.  Can you understand why?  Are those way too many questions for non-caffeinated me in the morning?  The answer is YES.]

# # #

So what do you think, gentle readers?  Why was krill on my brain when I woke up this morning?  Explain it to me.  Tell me a story from your life.  Make something up.  Humor me.  Just give me a reason why it was there… and then I’ll be happy.

[Thank you in advance for your insightful comments on this topic of vital importance!]

21 thoughts on “Why Krill? Why Me? Why?

  1. I think Elvis was slurring his words in your dream…..What he was trying to
    say was ” Don’t Be Cruel ”

    now you will be looking for the recording….another thing for you to do today


  2. Don’t be Krill can clearly be interpreted in a couple of different ways. The Krill beast was used for food in the Andorian culture. Krill steak was evidently served at important functions by the Andorians. They were also raced on Miromar II though it’s unclear whether they were also eaten in that culture. Perhaps your subconscious was telling you not to be like a Krill beast – to be more than a delicious food source or a racing animal.

    Also, Krill sutai-Limur was a 23rd century Klingon, in service to the Klingon Empire’s Defense Force. As I’m sure you know, Klingons are an aggressive race native to the planet Qo’noS in the Beta Quadrant. They have a strong, if somewhat twisted to humans, sense of honor. They are known to fight for almost any reason but typically do so when honor is at stake. Due to their nature as predators, any form of suspicious behavior from whispering to weakness can set off their warrior instincts. Conflicts such as insults to their honor, injustice, a difference in opinion or a crime can only be resolved through violence. As such, Klingons do not shirk from combat and backing away from such confrontations is seen as a sign of cowardice.

    So, perhaps your subconscious was saying don’t be like Krill. To the Klingon psyche, things are either black or white, good or evil – there is nothing in-between the two. It might be helpful for you to meditate on any Klingon like behavior to keep your warrior like instincts in check.


  3. Thanks for visiting my blog; I’m pleased you liked what you found.

    Krill are (almost) bottom of the food chain, so I guess that’s a good reason not be one. On the other hand when photographed through back-light they are extraordinarily beautiful in their fragility.

    Not sure what that says.



    • philosophermouse, you and Z-D need to get together and have a few drinks. That’s exactly how he was analyzing what I’d said by saying every rhyme he could think of. Too funny.


  4. I had two initial thoughts: – one has already been noted – Don’t Be Cruel. The other gut reaction I had was that you subconsciously wanted to kill all the politicians due to the abundance of advertising and your brain meant to say “Don’t kill anyone today, it will all be over tomorrow”. – That’s all I got.


    • Cheri, I’m laughing here. I think I’ll go with the Don’t Be Cruel interpretation, if you don’t mind. I may not like the political ads, but I don’t want to kill anyone over them. I just want the ads to go away. The people can do whatever they want to do.


  5. I liked the ingenuity of the first comment… Don’t be cruel… well done.

    The Klingon comparison made me laugh out loud.

    Together, they made me google Krill. Along with the usually undersea references, and the controversy of Krill Oil, I found the Urban Dictionary’s entries for Krill. And since I don’t know how to hide a link behind a word, you may check it out here: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=krill. Fun reading. If you go with definition no. 2, I would definitely say your subconscious is steering you in the right direction.

    Any of the interpretations may fit. It could be Elvis, it could be Klingon-like tendencies, you could be young and hot, you could be a hipster, etc. Or maybe you just watched Under Seige?


    • vickodo, good idea to check out Urban Dictionary. I never thought of that as a resource for this uber important discussion. I’m not a hipster, I’m not a skinny girl and I don’t do drugs. But I do wear V-neck sweaters from time-to-time, so maybe my mind is telling me to stop doing that!


      • I didn’t actually think of it… it just kinda popped up thanks to the Google search engines. Could be V-neck t-shirts, but I notice you completely skipped over the Under Seige reference – therefore I am currently suspecting you of dressing up in drag and plotting to assassinate your superiors. 😉


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