2 Movies, 2 Books & 1 Inspirational Quote

As part of my attempt to live a more balanced life in 2013, I have given myself the assignment to watch 2 movies and to read 2 books each month.  Here is my March report.

2 Movies

Butter – Satirical + jumbled.  With Jennifer Garner, Olivia Wilde, Rob Corddry, Alicia Silverstone and Hugh Jackman in it, this uneven movie has its moments– and those moments are hilarious.  All the action revolves around the Iowa State Fair butter carving competition– and the politics associated with it.  Recommended if you can overlook the mocking anti-conservative slant and want something light [and rather pointless] to watch.

How Beer Saved The World – Informative + upbeat.  This is a short, fast-paced documentary about beer.  The narration is wonderful, the cartoon reenactments of history are delightful and the interviews with academics are great.  Recommended if you like history and smart, happy people.

2 Books

Mad About Undead You: A Zombie Apocalypse Love Story – Clever + unique.  A  mad scientist miscalculates and suddenly San Francisco is overrun with former water drinkers turned zombies.  This is the backdrop for Carl S. Plumer’s fast-paced novel about love.  Yes, love.  With characters that could easily be your friends, this slightly campy novel is a different sort of love story that made me laugh out loud.  Recommended if you like San Francisco and enjoy a modicum of gore.  [H/T to Kristen at Kristen Loves Design for recommending this book– that just happens to be written by her husband!]

Things I Wish My Mother Had Told Me – Not what I expected.  I picked up this book thinking that I was buying a book of essays written by British mums a la Listen To Your Mother.  I was wrong.  Instead, Lucia van der Post’s book is a charming, well-written guide to living an upper class, stylish life in London or NYC.  I enjoyed it, but will admit that I skimmed through parts of it that seemed too high brow for me.  Recommended if you want detailed information about where to shop and how to create a glamorous lifestyle.

1 Inspirational Quote

Winston Churchill said: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.”  I’m focusing on this quote because March was not the productive month that I had hoped it would be.  In fact, there were a few days when I wanted to crawl into bed and never come out again.  Nothing seemed to go right.  With the weather.  With how I felt.  With what I said.  With what I planned on doing.

In other words, March, one of my favorite months, was a bust.  But then I remembered this Churchill quote and figured that for me the lesson of March 2013 was to just keep going.  Which I did.

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20 thoughts on “2 Movies, 2 Books & 1 Inspirational Quote”

  1. I love that quote and is a good reminder to keep marching forward on that journey. I am adding “How Beer Saved the World” to my movie list. It will be perfect for a quiet Saturday night.


    1. belle, if anyone knows anything about perseverance, it would be W.C. Which, in my mind, means that his quote is sound advice. I’m sure you’ll enjoy How Beer Saved The World. It’s a short documentary, but it is filled with information– and has heart.


      1. It is very sound advice! I need to make a quote frame on my desk and change it each month for a new theme. I think it would help to keep more focused on the good.

        I like heart and I know I will like this film.


  2. I enjoyed Butter – including the mocking anti-conservative slant. Okay, I didn’t really notice it. I’m not inclined to notice political humor unless it offends me.

    I really like your quote, reminds me of Zig Ziglar’s “Failure is an event, not a person.Yesterday ended last night.” But, the part about success not being final is important too and something I think we forget. Reminding myself that everything is temporary helps me get through the difficult times and even success is temporary, that’s why we keep working at it.


    1. Zazzy, I don’t know why that particular angle in the movie bugged me. I usually can laugh at any political point of view, but I guess that I felt like the pov of view could of been presented in a subtler way. Taking more of a backstage to the little girl’s gift.

      I agree about the quote. It was the “you can’t rest on your laurels” part of the quote that made it ring true with me. Plus it makes a rather good mantra to mumble to yourself whilst in the throws of despair.


    1. winsomebella, I say that phrase often! Same sentiment, a little bit more hip. Thanks for mentioning it. My sluggish brain had not put that together.


  3. I will be getting the beer DVD from Lovefilm if they have it. Still waiting for the Font documentary, must make that a higher priority in the list. I love these monthly posts that you are now doing as I have taken up at least one recommendation from each and enjoyed it. Loved 25 Rue Therese. Looking forward to April’s.


    1. Polly, thanks for the encouragement about this monthly feature. So far, I’ve had no plan about what I read/watch. The result of this is a rather diverse offering, don’t you think?


  4. Oh I really enjoy these posts…I haven’t had much time for reading lately, but we just watched Butter too, and had more or less the same reaction as you did. I found the movie very uneven…I thought it would be more of a quirky Best in Show kind of story (and seemed to start out that way), but I thought it went all kinds of wrong. So disappointing, and with such a good cast! I did also recently re-watch Swimming Pool (with the amazing Charlotte Rampling) and also La Piscine (The Swimming-pool) that the 2003 movie was inspired by, I guess you could say. My intention is to eventually write about the two movies if I ever get around to it, but I highly recommend both of them for their great plots, fantastic acting, and a mood (one from 1969 and the other from 2003) that really sticks with you (the fact that they both take place in the Summer in France certainly helps)! Thank you for reading my husband’s book – I am so glad that you enjoyed it. Your review is spot-on…it’s supposed to be a little silly and campy – mostly it’s just a quick, fun read with heart! 🙂 And yes, I too look at water a lot differently these days…(I sent you an email about his book too)!


    1. Kristen, I hadn’t thought of it until you said it, but I thought that Butter was going to be like Best in Show, too. Sadly, it wasn’t. Will check out Swimming Pool– if nothing else, the images of summertime in France will make me happy.

      Is Carl going to write another book? Does Cathren and Donovan’s love story continue? Inquiring minds want to know.


  5. Hi Ally Bean!
    I appreciate that fact that you took even a moment to glance at my book, let alone finish it, let alone LIKE it! That’s the best possible outcome for an aspiring writer like me. Thanks. 😉 And I love the Churchill quote. I’m a big fan. You’ve heard the preposition quote, right? That one “can’t” end a sentence with a preposition, according to “correct” grammar. Churchill’s response? “That is one rule up with which I will not put!” And his discussion with a woman with whom he had a mutual dislike? When handing Mr. Churchill a cup of tea, she said, “If I were your wife, I’d poison this tea.” To which WC replied, “Madam, if you were my wife, I’d drink it!”


    1. Carl, your book was fun and original. Good job for a first attempt.

      I have heard the poison tea quote, but not the preposition quote. WC was brilliant at telling it like it is, wasn’t he? Gotta love the guy– cigar & all.


      1. Carl, my apologies for misspelling your last name. Kristen brought this to my attention. I have corrected the spelling in my post. Again, that was a stupid mistake on my part and I’m sorry.


  6. Ally – to answer your question, yes, Carl is writing another book, a few, actually. Two more will be out before the end of the year and then of course more to come after that. We’ve talked about a potential sequel for Donovan and Cathren, so who knows what the future muse might bring! 🙂


    1. That is exciting. And just think, once he is famous, I’ll be able to say I knew him when his first book was merely a gleam in a NaNoWriMo writer’s eye!


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