Because We Are Just That Exciting, We Went On A Date

On Thursday I got home late in the afternoon and saw that there was a message on the answering machine from Z-D.  This struck me as odd because I had my cell phone with me and if he really wanted/needed to get hold of me STAT he’d use that method.

So I listened to the message, wondering what was up.  As I did not just fall off the new wife-y turnip truck, I figured that there was something going on that was a bit wonky.  And I was right.

• • •

First: He said, “I have an idea– let’s go out on a date tonight.”

[ME, suspicious:  Hmmm.]

Next: He told me his date night plan.  He wanted us to drive to a town about an hour away & pick up some sandwiches at a local grocery store that has a deli sandwich counter inside it.

[ME, with raised eyebrow:  Okay, maybe.]

Then: He told me that he wanted us to go sit in a parking lot to watch some lights in the parking lot come on.

[ME, stunned:  Do what?!  That’s a date???]

Finally: He said, “I’ll pick you up at home in about an hour or so.  See ‘ya soon.  ‘Bye.”

[ME, shouting at the phone machine:  That’s not a date.  That’s something you have to do for work, isn’t it?]

• • •

And you know as I stood there staring at the answering machine I had three thoughts.  Simultaneously.  Before the machine even turned itself off.

  • My God we are old if this is his idea of a date.  Honest to Pete, watch lights come on?!!  What kind of date is that?
  • Rather clever of me to know that there was something up with this message before I heard it.  I’m getting good at this marriage thing.  Yeah me!
  • Well– phooey, I don’t have a thing planned for this evening and those sandwiches are yummy, so I guess that I’ll go out with him.  Might be kind of fun.

… and you know what?  It was.

17 thoughts on “Because We Are Just That Exciting, We Went On A Date

  1. Only Z-D would call watching lights come on a date:) I bet it was fun, anyway. And hopefully, people watching figured in on this “date”. And of course, if the food was good, the date had to be good! You two crack me up!!


    • Zazzy, Zen-Den needed to observe the lights as part of his work. [No more will be said on the why of it all.] So he thought that if he had to go sit in a parking lot, I should, too!


  2. I loved those spontaneous phone calls and “dates.” My husband was a master of them and I really, really miss that. Maybe more than anything. I’m glad you enjoyed it, after you came around to the idea!


    • Margaret, this type of date was a new thing for us. We usually plan ahead, so just dropping everything and going was different. We need to do that more often. Made me feel young.


    • winsomebella, we had a good time. We met when we were young, so doing something cheap together was like getting into Mr. Peabody’s wayback machine. It’s been a long time since we were spontaneous– on a date.


  3. This is awesome. We do that every once in a while, on a school night, and no matter what we do, it always feels super special! I love the feeling of not being home at night when you “should” be, not getting into bed at a sensible hour…


  4. Gah, now I’m craving some sandwiches from an amazing deli counter in a bait shop in Sausalito. There’s nowhere to sit, so I have an idea to bring our folding chairs (the umbrella type you bring to a swim meet or soccer game), get sandwiches, and go watch the sailboats. One day, I suspect we’ll do it. YUMMY sandwiches.


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