In Which I Staycate & You Questionate

This week Zen-Den and I are taking a staycation.

We are planning on doing projects around the house [paint stair railings + bannister] and around the yard [replace perennials that didn’t survive the winter].  Plus we hope to go out to eat a few times… maybe go to the zoo… perhaps check-out the deals at an outlet mall… see a movie.

You know, do stuff.

So this week instead of writing about anything in particular, I thought that like Carol Burnett I’d turn up the house lights and take questions from the audience.  Then next week, on a subsequent post, I’ll answer your questions making sure to let the world know who asked me each question.

Deal?  Okay then, let’s get things started in here.

Just remember that the success or failure of my next post rests on you, my gentle readers.  I’m counting on you to questionate like a pro!  Please leave your questions in the comments below.  And thank you in advance for your kind attention to this matter.

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Updated late in the afternoon to include…

HEY! Look at this:

“Carol Burnett, who became famous for playing a variety of characters in sketch comedy routines on her namesake television show, was named the winner of the nation’s top humor prize on Tuesday.

The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts said Burnett will receive the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor on Oct. 20 in Washington. “

AND WHO POSTED ABOUT CAROL BURNETT TODAY BEFORE THIS PRIZE WAS ANNOUNCED?  Could it be me?  Why yes it was.  Is that a trippy coincidence or what?

[Source article here.]

11 thoughts on “In Which I Staycate & You Questionate

  1. We are also staying home this holiday weekend to get things done–put a cover over our back porch (I can’t call it a deck because it’s concrete), put up new gutter at the back of the house, and build a walkway flanked by raised garden beds on either side out of the front of my studio. Here’s my question: What is one great childhood memory of yours? 🙂


  2. I like to hear about daily routines. Favorite shops, clothes, foods. Why you live where you live and what you like best/least about it. Places you’ve visited on vacation that have intrigued you. (or not!) What would your dream vacation be?


  3. I can’t sleep tonight so I’m checking in here to see who has taken advantage of this grand opportunity to ask me a question and be immortalized on a future blog post! Three wonderful people are in so far. *yeah* You’re the best.


  4. I will ask something of you that was asked of me yesterday. If you won the lotto, what would you do with the money? Would your lifestyle change? I took a little time before I answered that question. I look forward to hearing your answer 🙂


  5. One more question to add to the post. This is fun. I like to see what y’all are curious about.

    [And I have it on good authority that at least one more question is in the works.]


  6. If you had to do it all again, specifically targeting the choices you made for yourself, would you change anything? I wish I would have become an elementary school teacher as I love children but this realization came a little late for me.


  7. Well let’s see…since I’m all about design…:) What would you describe as your decorating style? Does it match who you really are? For instance, sometimes people live in a traditional-style home and decorate it as such, even though they prefer a modern or beach style or something else. And a related question, if you could decorate however you wanted (money being no object), what would you do?


  8. Two more good questions! Thanks to both of you. I’ll have to really think about my answers to both of those questions. Whatever did I get myself into when I started down this road?!


  9. I’ve been trying to think of a worthy question – it’s hard! I mean, I enjoy reading your thoughts and want to know more about you and what goes on in your head… but I don’t want to pry too much, you know? And you need a search button, by the way, because I can’t remember if you ever did a 101 things post. I think you should. I know you’ve done some shorter lists but the 101 things format brings out some odd and interesting bits.

    Also, you know I’m a foodie. What are your favorite foods – to make? to eat? What’s comfort for you? What can you absolutely not stand? Is there something you could not force yourself to eat at a friend’s dinner party no matter how much you like the person? Is there something that you can’t resist despite your best intentions? What do you eat on your burger? Your pizza? What do you crave when you’re sick? So many possibilities!


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