Yea Verily, A Personality Test Doth A Blog Post Make

Who are you?  

I found another one of these online tests.  This time, it’s all about your personality– based on those OCEAN variables that we all learned about way back in Psych 101.

Or maybe you learned it somewhere else along the way.  I don’t know where you pick up your information, my gentle readers.


Getting to my point, below are my results from The Big Five Personality Test.  I will admit that despite having a deep skepticism regarding any sort of online test, I tend to agree with these results.

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 2.01.42 PM

In conclusion.

I think we can all agree that the above is indisputable proof that this blog is written by a relaxed, conscientious, agreeable introvert who is open to new experiences, but has nothing much to talk about today.  

So instead of a pithy blog post, I’ve decided to give you, my gentle readers, something to do that only takes a few minutes, yet rewards your effort with personal insight.  Not bad for a  frozen Wednesday morning, eh?

Later kids.

19 thoughts on “Yea Verily, A Personality Test Doth A Blog Post Make

  1. Call me a generally relaxed, somewhat conventional, agreeable, well-organized and reliable person who tends to shy away from social situations, is neither extremely forgiving nor irritable. Failrly accurate, I think and pretty close to the Bean’s results. A good test – thanks for sharing.


  2. I tried doing this test a couple of times and the results page was down, so maybe I’ll try later. Maybe it’s frozen:)


    • Beth, well I suppose it would stand to reason that the darned results screen would be frozen on the day that I post a link to it!

      Are you sensing a theme here to my week? Frozen, frozen, frozen. *sigh*


    • Kristen, I, too, am doubtful about most of these tests. If nothing else they do get me thinking about who I am, how I come across to other people, what I might want to improve about myself. So I figure that there is some value in the tests– one way or another.


  3. I am more conventional, more extroverted, less agreeable and not as calm as you. I think I mostly agree with the results. I am a worrier. I can be creative,but it’s not my strong suit. I would like to be more spontaneous than I am.


    • Margaret, fascinating results. You certainly know yourself very well.

      Like I said above, despite a deeply ingrained skepticism about these online tests, this one seems to be accurate for most of my readers.


  4. I seem to be somewhat conventional, I tend to shy away from social situations, I am conscientious, good-natured, courteous, and supportive and generally relaxed. Not sure that’s me all the time! Quite generalised, too. It reminded me of the Myers-Briggs test you can do online, which is more indepth. Not sure what bearing all the parent information had on results. Interesting!


    • Polly, I have to agree that I am not my results all the time either. Tests like this one are more of a snapshot in time & like you said: “quite generalized.”

      I hadn’t thought of this test in conjunction with Myers-Briggs, but you’re right that there’s an overlap here. Maybe that is true with all personality tests?


  5. Hi Ally Bean! I am a bit skeptical about tests that define who we are, too. Like what if we have one answer one day and another the next? Yet the test only measures for the first day. I suggest you take the test for ten consecutive days and see if you come up with the same answer. LOL!


    • Kathy, you might be on to something there. Of course, as it is your idea, I think that you should take the test for ten consecutive days. Then you can report back here to tell us what you’ve discovered! 😉

      [A guess would be that you’d have discovered that you never want to take any online tests again. Ever.]


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