Fuzzy The Squirrel Finds A New Home In Tree #3479

{Subtitled: What the heck is that little bugger doing now?} 


The Lady of the Suburban House looked out her kitchen window while she was drinking her morning coffee.  In a strange moment of self-awareness, she realized that she was not alone.  What she saw was her frenemy, a squirrel, who last year she had named Fuzzy.  [More about this squirrel here.]

Say “hello” to Fuzzy.


Watching Fuzzy frolic outside in the trees that form the forest that is The Lady of the Suburban House’s backyard, The Lady of the Suburban House realized that Fuzzy, who never seems to leave her property lines regardless of the weather, had found a home of his own in a large tree back there.

Look! It’s the front door to Fuzzy’s home.


Staring closely at this large tree, The Lady of the Suburban House noticed something that she had not noticed before.  Perhaps she had not been caffeinated enough when she looked out the kitchen window previously.  And this is what she saw: the large tree had a number on it.

Here is tree #3479.


The Lady of the Suburban House could not explain why this tree was numbered.  It seemed peculiar to her, but then many things of late had seemed odd to The Lady of the Suburban House, so she shrugged.

 This is Fuzzy’s tree.


And then she came to the only logical conclusion that one could come to: Fuzzy had put the number there on the large tree so that his friends and relatives would know where he lived in the forest, that is The Lady of the Suburban House’s backyard.

~ THE END ~ 

13 thoughts on “Fuzzy The Squirrel Finds A New Home In Tree #3479

  1. I am also concerned that Fuzzy is in trouble with the HOA for not paying dues. I have to think he uses the pool.


  2. Sounds perfectly logical to me. I wonder how many of his little friends have numbered their tree. Also handy for 911 calls if his neighbors try to keep him out of the pool.


    • Zazzy, good question: are other trees around here numbered, too? And if so, who put the numbers on them?

      As for keeping Fuzzy of Tree #3479 out of the pool, I’m leaving that to all the splashy kids that use the pool– and all the noisy dogs who live in the houses around the pool. Between those two factions, a squirrel doesn’t have a chance!


  3. Our squirrel–the cats’ and mine–lives nearby and only stops by to eat at our Woodpile Cafe, where I leave it popcorn, suet, and the stale bread that I don’t save for bread puddings. He could be a hobo for all I know, not some Tycoon Squirrel with a cushy pad like yours.


    • nance, I’m laughing here. I had never thought of Fuzzy as being a Tycoon Squirrel, but I see what you mean. He is quite the little go-getter with a swanky bachelor pad all of his own. Maybe he can be inspiration for your Hobo Squirrel.


    • philmouse, you might be onto something there! Fuzzy looks like he might have his real estate license– and heaven knows, he’s personable enough to keep me from trapping him & shipping him elsewhere.


  4. Oh Fuzzy, I think he could be an entrepreneur! Now if you see him carrying around a briefcase and/or standing on a podium giving speeches to other squirrels, you’ll know for sure his intentions. Although of course, he already has cute covered! 🙂


    • Kristen, you’ve got me giggling here. Love the image of him with a little briefcase with his computer inside of it. I wouldn’t put it past Fuzzy to use our deck for his powerpoint presentation to prospective buyers. He’s got a lot of charm and confidence.


  5. That’s a very nice looking number plate too. Hmmm. This tree is on your property, right? Otherwise, I would suspect it of being some kind of code for cutting it down.


    • Margaret, the tree is almost smack dab in the middle of our property. We guess that it was numbered by the surveyors who made the lots when this subdivision was still only a forest on the edge of a farmer’s field. Don’t know for sure, but that’s the story we’re going with!


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