When Your Morning Starts With The Wrong Angel Singing

Talk about being disoriented.  As if getting up pre-dawncrack isn’t difficult enough, I now have worm of the ear going on… and it’s the wrong worm.


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Here’s the deal.  Zen-Den sets our clock radio to wake us at 5:30 a.m. each morning.  But last night he changed the wake-up time to 5:15 a.m. because he needed to get going earlier than usual.

He did not tell me about the change.

So this morning the alarm, which is set to a local radio station, went off earlier than normal. When the alarm/radio goes off at its usual time I’m already a little bit awake so it’s not too much of a shock to me.  But this morning the alarm/radio startled me out of my deep sleep.


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And in my sleepy mind it seemed like the radio was LOUDER than usual as it played an oldie: “Angel of the Morning.”  Not a bad tune, but slowly as I began to wake up I realized that it wasn’t the right woman singing the song.

Who are you?  And what are you doing in my morning?

So I laid there in bed trying to figure out what the heck was going on.  I could confirm with a glance at the clock radio that it was the wrong wake-up time, but the singer/angel situation flummoxed me.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

# # #

So now, later in the morning after a few mugs of coffee, I have been able to make sense of what happened.  Come to find out there are many versions of “Angel of the Morning.”

The first one, the right one, the best one, the one that my mind would have accepted without confusion, sung by Juice Newton, is:

The second one that I was familiar with but didn’t grow up listening to, sung by Chrissie Hynde and the Pretenders, is:

But the wrongest one, the one that was forced on me this morning and is still lurking in its worm-ear-y way within my brain, the one that apparently is the original version, sung by Merrilee Rush and the Turnabouts, is:

And I don’t like it.

17 thoughts on “When Your Morning Starts With The Wrong Angel Singing

  1. I’d never heard either of the non-Juice versions. In point of fact, I’m always certain that Anne Murray sings that. Then I look it up and remember it’s Juice. I only listened to a few seconds of your Merrilee version so it is not going to stick with me. No. No.


    • Zazzy, as the day is wearing on I’m forgetting the Merrilee version. All-in-all I’d rather not hear any version of this song right now, but if I have to heard one then I’m glad it’s shifted to Juice.

      [What a strange sentence that was. Goes with the start of the day, I guess.]


  2. Gosh, I only knew about the Merrilee Rush version! I’m not sure if I would have gotten over the half hour earlier wake up time without some major crankiness!


  3. I remember the Merrilee Rush version but I’ve always thought it was Lind Ronstadt and The Stone Ponys singing it! I really like the Juice Newton version, though.


  4. I grew up with the Merilee version(honestly, I knew of no other) and liked it OK, although it’s never been one of my favorites in any version. I generally prefer the version of a song that I hear first, although Eva Cassidy’s versions of Over the Rainbow and Fields of Gold are hard to beat.


    • Margaret, I adore Eva Cassidy! Her voice and timing are so smooth + melancholy. I’d not complain if she had been singing anything– even Angel of the Morning which, like you, is not one of my all time favorite songs.


  5. Yes, she has an amazing voice. I used both of those songs in slide shows I made for anniversaries or memorials. They will tear your heart out.


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