QOTD: What Do You Really Call Your “Honey Do” List?

We all know what a “Honey Do” List is, right?  It’s that wonderful list kept by almost every woman on which she tells her beloved sweetie pie what tasks around the house need to be done next.

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[If you’ve always thought that people were talking about a “Honeydew” List I’m sorry to disabuse of this charming, albeit wrong, idea.  We women are not keeping lists about melons.  We’re keeping lists about things to do.]

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So getting to my point, in our household the “Honey Do” List has been renamed.  As we all know Zen-Den gets to the essence of things, and in this case he got it right when he began to refer to what you might call a “Honey Do” List as:

Ally’s List of S#%t That’s Wrong Around Here.

12 thoughts on “QOTD: What Do You Really Call Your “Honey Do” List?

  1. When I had my honey, our list was much more like your realistic one. And I would speed things up by innocently asking if I needed to ask a certain clumsy friend to do the job instead. πŸ™‚


  2. LOL. I’ll have to tell my mom that’s the name of the list she gives my dad every weekend. πŸ˜‰


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