Deconstructing A Delightful Comment From A Dubious Source

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WP tells me that this comment is spam, but it’s so uplifting that I had to share it with you, my gentle readers.  Despite its tarnished origins, I think that it might be one of the best comments that I’ve received in 10+ years of blogging.  Let’s see if we can learn from it, shall we?

~ ~ • ~ ~

• Sentence #1 – a nice simple greeting.

You can never go wrong with direct and pleasant.   

•  Sentence #2 – flattery.

Oh yes, I like it.  More praise please. 

•  Sentence #3 – a glance backwards.

Isn’t it sweet when someone shares a piece of his life with you? 

•  Sentence #4 – more reminiscence.

I feel like I’ve found a kindred spirit here.      

•  Sentence #5 – action intended to create friendship.

Please do, I’m sure that he’s as charming as you are.  

•  Sentence #6 – flattery again.

Oh sir, I blush thinking about how much you like what I wrote here.  

•  Sentence #7 – expression of gratitude.

What better way to end a comment, I ask you?  ‘Tis perfect.  

30 thoughts on “Deconstructing A Delightful Comment From A Dubious Source

  1. Hello there! Very much the perfect response, serving as an example for us to follow for comments and for life – short, sweet and positive!


  2. Doesn’t sound like spam to me. My spam never makes any sense or suggests I need their services to make my terrible writing more readable. Just drink in the adoration!


  3. Well, I am quite jealous of how much your spammer loves you. Most of my spammers just want to criticize me for not being ranked higher in Google lately. As far as spammers go, you have a very charming one! As far as comments go, I prefer specific and genuine to generic flattery.


    • Zazzy, isn’t this amazing? So polite, but as you said filled with “generic flattery.” Like you, I prefer something a bit more authentic. Still, praise is praise… 😉


  4. LOL, I love those spam comments that actually try to flatter you, and usually like to give them the benefit of the doubt for purely egotistical reasons. The funny thing is, these compliments about my “informative, well written article” that was “just what they’d been looking for” usually get attached to my comics posts. Go figure…


  5. It’s lovely, but I don’ t understand the purpose of the comment. It seems like spam should have a website attached where you could go to get wonderful whatevers or lots of money. 🙂


  6. Margaret, I know. I don’t get the purpose of it either. Why cause trouble if you don’t get something out of it? Of course, I’m not a spammer so I cannot explain the logic of their ways.


  7. It sounds lovely to me. I too have kept some comments that were relegated to the spam bin by WP, I allowed them a place on the post they were intended for! Some seem to me to be quite sweet, and this one seems just the same. Shame to bin it!


  8. Obviously this spammer knew our deepest & darkest blogging desires. I love how you turned it around into something to make us chuckle, Ally Bean!


    • Thank you, Kathy. There’s a certain charm to this whole situation, which I think as a longtime blogger I’m much too fast to dismiss. I mean, when someone says something nice about you, why not cherish it? 😉


  9. I love how you deconstructed this SPAM, Ally Bean.

    Most spam should be dispatched to the permanent waste bucket in short order. . . but some of the more creative spam can be fun to read.


    • nrhatch, thank you. I agree, most of the spam I get is gibberish, but this particular one tickled me. Also, thanks for explaining the video stuff over on kate’s blog. I didn’t know any of that and really should.


      • That’s one of my favorite things about blogging ~ the speed at which we can share relevant info and how there’s always something new to learn.



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