A Lazy-ish Summer Weekend, Idyllic As Can Be


• • •

It was a relaxing weekend here.  Nothing special going on, but enough to do to keep us content.

I read an enjoyable novel.

He watched his latest TV obsession.

We went for a walk around the neighborhood noticing that the new houses under construction are very large indeed.

I did laundry.

He repaired and painted the mailbox post while I cleaned the mailbox and numbers.

We went to a triple-A baseball game.

I shopped online for a new lamppost light to replace the worn-out one shown above.

He caught up on work while sitting at the kitchen table.

We ate, for dinner, cold sandwiches instead of cooking hot somethings.

And we drank bottles of beer instead of goblets of wine.

It was a weekend befitting warm August days under clear blue skies.

• • •

So gentle readers and kind lurkers, what did you do this past weekend?

Please tell all in the comments below.

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22 thoughts on “A Lazy-ish Summer Weekend, Idyllic As Can Be”

  1. It was a warm, sunny weekend here, too. I let hubby sleep in Saturday morning, while Mozart and I ate breakfast on the back porch, enjoying the sounds of the birds and squirrels. We have two hummingbirds that visit every day, which I love.
    Later, after walking Mozart and getting some lunch at one of our traditionally Southern grills the next street over, I attended a memorial service for a very interesting centenarian. Margaret led a very rich life and attributed her longevity to beer, dark chocolate, and comfortable shoes. Her grandson, a CNN correspondent, told us several cool stories about Margaret that impacted his life. I was so glad to have known her!
    Later Saturday afternoon, we went to a movie, as we do nearly every weekend.
    Sunday morning was church. The people that attend are the best! We are like a big extended family. I called my brother to wish him a happy birthday. He’s just 13 months older than I am.
    Sunday afternoon was spent going to two antique stores. We are blessed with several unique “junking” places that are fun to peruse.
    Thanks for helping me look back on the things we did!


    1. Beth, your weekend sounds busy and lovely. I adore humming birds, but we don’t have many around here. You remind me how long it’s been since I could walk to a restaurant from my home! I’m with Margaret on the beer and comfy shoes, the dark chocolate– not so much. You and your movies! I haven’t gone to a theater in years. Our movies arrive to our house courtesy of Netflix. We used to go antiquing on the weekends, but stopped when the prices escalated and everything began to look the same.

      Thanks for playing along with my QOTD. I sometimes think that we, as a society, are so detached from our daily lives that we forget to pay attention to what we are actually doing. Hence, this sort of “Dear Diary” post.


  2. The air conditioner died Saturday evening – so I spent much of the weekend and Monday trying not to generate heat. I was able to cook my already-dry rubbed chicken last night after the downstairs AC was fixed but today I am craving sandwiches and gazpacho. Maybe some more salads.


    1. Zazzy, no AC? I wear out quickly when I get too hot. I wouldn’t want to cook, either. Glad to know that your AC is fixed, but I can understand how you’re still craving simpler, cool foods. Long live the sandwich!


  3. Sounds like a perfectly wonderful weekend!

    The hubs and I went to our son’s college parent orientation Sunday and Monday. He is officially a college student now. So it was a bittersweet weekend.


    1. Oh Carrie, I can only imagine! So wonderful that he’s in college, of course. But I suppose seeing him there makes it all so real. Your baby has grown up.


  4. You already know about my family reunion. What you don’t know is that it was 90 degrees with humidity and there were all these people hanging around. Hot, hot, hot! They are predicting a hot week but I’m not complaining as long as there aren’t a lot of people around. People make it hotter.


    1. Kate, that kind of heat is difficult without people around, let alone with a crowd. Happy that your family reunion was a success, but now it’s time for you to sit back and enjoy whatever coolness comes your way.

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  5. As you know from my blog, I had several dates, drank several bottles of beer, had a frappucino, an ice cream and various treats along the way–browsing in a book store, seeing a play, walking around Seattle. An enjoyable weekend, although a bit too full for me. I like more time to myself than I got. And the drive up to Seattle=no fun!


    1. Margaret, you had lots going on! All of which sounds like fun, in its own way. Can’t wait to see how you juggle your expanding social life once school starts. 😉


  6. What DID I do this weekend? No wonder I could not remember. I was sick and spent most of it sleeping. All better now and want to read your book and go to the ballgame but we do not have a triple A team. Well, we do have The Rockies and that is almost the same thing. 😉


    1. La p, I’m glad that you’re feeling better now. The book was a fun read. And the ballgame was entertaining in a sort of clumsy way. But really, should you be talking about The Rockies that way? They’ll send you back to KS if they find out!


  7. Saturday we went to the coast, which was lovely and not lovely at the same time. The wild fires here were stinking up the joint, so it was clearly NOT a good time to be home. It was hot and yucky. The coast was lovely and cool and relaxing. The 2 hour drive that became 3.5 hours due to weekend traffic, not so lovely. Oh well. Sunday was Farmers market and dinner and relaxing, maybe something more that I can’t remember. My husband and I had plans to work on our will, but he got called in to work. Maybe this weekend.


    1. J, I wouldn’t like to be around the smoke (or flames) of a wild fire. I adore going to the beach, but haven’t been to one in years. And even then it was winter, so no swimming. Our local Farmers Market is on Tuesday afternoons which makes getting there more difficult than it would be if it were on Sundays. That I’d like. And as for the wills, we need to do that, too. [Insert story of the shoemaker’s children who didn’t have shoes.]


  8. I’m playing catch up and don’t even know what day it is. BUT I saw Richard II at Shakespeare’s Globe last Saturday night and flew home from London Sunday. We welcomed Italian guests that day, and I’m spending my last day with them today before we hand them off to their next group. Hence, why I don’t know what day it is or where I am.


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