Pedicures & Color Possibilities: A Husband Weighs In

I only asked him as a courtesy.  I didn’t think that he’d have opinion, but he did.

And it surprised me.

I’d sorted through my bottles of nail polish, throwing out shades that I hated or bottles with lids that no longer opened.  I was left with 5 shades:

  • Houston We Have Purple by OPI [dark dramatic shiny purple]
  • From A To Zurich by OPI [dark maroon]
  • Strawberry Margarita by OPI [bright bold pink]
  • Incognito by Dior [neutral beige-y medium pink]
  • Nail Glow by Dior [sheer pinkish purple that makes nail tips look white like a French manicure]

So there I sat, on the screened-in porch, trying to decide which of the above colors I was going to put on my little piggies.  About 90% of the time I wear the Dior Incognito because it’s classy and goes with everything.

I repeat, everything.

But Zen-Den was out there on the porch with me, too.  So I asked him which color he thought that I should wear.  And the color he picked was…

30 thoughts on “Pedicures & Color Possibilities: A Husband Weighs In

  1. That’s the color I would have picked for you, too! It’s perfect with your ivory skin tone. Now you’ll have to do the manicure!


  2. Cute toes and pretty color. I would go with the Dior; as you noted, it goes with everything and is more muted. I’m not proud of my toes or fingernails, thus I don’t want to draw attention to them. 😉


    • Margaret, I’ve always felt the same way as you. And that Dior Incognito is foolproof and very forgiving when painting it on. However, since I went with OPI Strawberry Margarita I’ve got all sorts of compliments, so… what do I know?


    • philmouse, I like this color now that I’ve seen it in action! Wouldn’t mind having a strawberry margarita to drink while wearing this color. Just to make sure that the name of the color is completely accurate, of course. 😉


  3. They look great. I also like bold color on my toes, and something muted (if any color) on my fingers, since the fingernail color seems to chip so quickly.


  4. Purty!

    Also, nice use of the comment section to create drama and tension! I was afraid this was a cliffhanger, and I’d have to wait for the next post for a resolution. Which woulda been…well, alright, maybe not “PICARD CAPTURED BY THE BORG” bad. But still — I’m not a fan of the cliffhanger! I tend to chew my nails.

    Regardless of what color they’re painted.


    • Alice, I’m not clever enough to write cliffhangers that go across days. I’m pretty much here when I’m here telling the whole story. Glad that you liked the new color. I’m rather fond of it now that I’ve seen it for a week or so.

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