This Is Blog Delurking Week? Show Me The Love.

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It has come to my attention that this is Blog Delurking Week.

Apparently this is an annual event which takes place during the first full week of a new year.

That would be this week.

The idea is simple: ask your lurkers to say “hello” in your comment section.  Perhaps say a little something about themselves, too.

Naturally I’m late to this party, but thought why not charm you, my gentle readers and lurkers, by making a cute graphic that explains how comments help bloggers stay energized.

See above.

Having created and shared that graphic, I’ll quietly wait for all of you, lurkers, fans, followers, friends + family, to bring me a shrubbery leave me a comment.

One that looks nice and not too expensive.  [Extra credit if you know this reference.]  😉

53 thoughts on “This Is Blog Delurking Week? Show Me The Love.

    • Kate, that’s the thing indeed. Considering how much time and love I put into this blog I think that it’s only fitting that at least once a year my lurkers reveal themselves.

      And considering that delurking is an official blog thing, I’m not alone in this request.

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    • Carrie, I’d love to know who all my lurkers are but so far today, not one surprise. Perhaps the words LEAVE A COMMENT need to be plastered at the top of this post. You know, just in case there’s any doubt about what the lurkers are supposed to be doing. 😉


    • Beth, thanks for your support. Of course, you’re not a lurker because you comment here. Many people, virtual and in real life, follow this blog but don’t comment. Ever. I cannot fathom why. This is a safe place with a friendly hostess who asks for so little, yet gives so much. 😉


  1. I did not know, but I think I like it. I also think that graphic was leveraged from one about extroverts (or reversed from one about introverts), making it doubly hilarious, if we carry conversations across the streams as if anyone else would have a clue what we’re talking about! Hi!

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  2. I wonder if there are really any true Lurkers anymore. Lots of people use feed readers, so that’s a comment-killer. I know my analytics show a huge number of hits supposedly from Russia, which is a tipoff that those are ghost stats. But I also know that Blogger, my platform, can sometimes be frustrating to commenters.

    Apart from all of THAT–hope this comment gave you a teensy jolt anyway.


    • nance, you ask a good question about lurkers and I don’t know the answer. No one from Russia follows me, but I’m popular in Brazil! I think the real point of this week is to encourage people to leave comments on the blogs that they read. A gentle reminder to get with it! Likes are nice, but comments get the story rolling along.


    • Hey there bikerchick57, how goes it? Good of you to comment today and I promise that the next time I visit your blog I’ll comment there! Mea culpa, today– of all days. Chalk it up to exhaustion.

      [Feel free to be as smart aleck-y here as you want. Love it.]

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    • umashankar, thanks for stopping by. I remember back about 10 years ago there was a blog delurking day, but now it’s morphed into a whole week. Which I only learned because I, too, was meandering.


  3. I’m new to blogging and in awe that you’ve been doing this for a decade! Really?? Well, I’m terrible at social media and have screwed up something in almost every area. Right now I’ve lost my Pinterest boards and I don’t recognize anyone following me on twitter and am in my second coming with Facebook having mistakenly unfriended my entire email list the first time around. I’ve made tons of mistakes trying to get Blogging right but have reached a point of inner calm as long as I don’t try to do anything new with my blog format. But I digress……Hello, Ally


    • Hello Claremary! Smiling here. I could keep a whole ‘nother blog about my social media screw-ups. I started into blogging, on a different blog, in 2004. Then there were my FB years & my Pinterest years & … well, just think of all that I’ve muddled!

      The thing about all kinds of social media is that you are public, thus vulnerable, while you learn it. I’m to a point now where I’m only on Twitter + WordPress. By keeping it small, I feel more in control & less clumsy, most days.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Great to have found you.

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      • Ally, Same here. I’m really just interested in blogging once a week on something that interests me and on reading other bloggers ideas. I have Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest(Lost at the moment) Accounts but spend very little time there. I really like the whole blogging experience but don’t let it run my life. I’m marketing one book and writing another book and that’s taking up lots of time. Thanks and I enjoy your blog a lot. Clare

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