Proverbial Wisdom, Pithy Thoughts, And My Perfect 2016 One Word

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 12.35.14 PMI found this proverb while researching something else and I think it is charming.  Obvious wisdom, of course– but delightful nonetheless.

I like it.

And inexplicably this proverb has reminded me that I need to decide what my 2016 one word will be.

~ ~ • ~ ~

[Pepper comes to mind, but I think that might be a bit too literal for the uplifting abstract nature of the one word concept.]

[Besides if I used pepper this year I’d feel obligated to use Sneeze next year– and that would never do at all.]

[Unless I wanted to commit to Tissue the year after that.  😉  But I digress…]

~ ~ • ~ ~

Last year my word was RECLUSE and I’m all the better for it.

Using it as my catalyst, I politely detached from most of my social obligations, then used the time I gained to reflect upon how people in my life, real and virtual, were treating me.

The result?  Users + negative people everywhere are no longer welcome in my life.  Sincere + friendly people, whose actions showed them to be on Team Ally, are now my sole focus.

~ ~ • ~ ~

This year I’m confounded about what word to pick.  2011 was SMOOTH.  2012 was NURTURE so that’s out.  2013 was BALANCE.  2014 I didn’t even have a word.

So far this year I’ve thought about: harmony, rejuvenation, dream, plan— but those words sound pretentious to me, too vague, too much like what the smarmy voiceover says in a prescription medicine TV commercial.

No, what I need is a word that gets me focused on getting things done and enjoying that which I accomplish.  A word that is easy to remember and implement in all situations.  A way to know I’m on track to achieving my goals.

A word, perhaps, such as FORWARD??!

~ ~ • ~ ~

[Why yes, that would do nicely. Why didn’t I think of that before?]

[Because it is only through the process of writing that you, Ms. Bean, figure out your life. Don’t you know that by now?]

[It would seem that I’m learning.]

~ ~ • ~ ~

So there we have it, my gentle readers.  A scintillating thought process explained. An encouraging word chosen. And a pithy blog post written.

Oh, ’tis a happy day– forward I go into 2016!

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23 thoughts on “Proverbial Wisdom, Pithy Thoughts, And My Perfect 2016 One Word”

  1. Forward is an excellent word! There are so many ways to view it. I don’t know what your view is, but I am picturing you as a knight, sword pointing forward into the fray. Should be an interesting year.

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    1. Zazzy, that is a wonderful image. Thank you. I shall be a knight, but my armor will be jeans/t-shirt/flats and my sword will be… my words? Gotta work on the details of this!


    1. Beth, positive and new– that is the plan. Out with the old, which started last year with recluse. In with the new, as in move forward. Now let’s see how it goes…


  2. OK. Now I’m wondering if that crazy proverb has some deeper meaning we don’t understand. It can’t be the obvious. Right?
    I’m gonna have to do a google dive on this – and I blame you. I felt you should know.
    Also FORWARD is an awesome one.


    1. itsathought2, looking forward to your report on this proverb. All I can tell you about it is that I was researching “how to cook beans on an electric stove” [don’t ask why] and it came up on a list of bean proverbs. Not much help, am I?

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      1. I couldn’t find anything! I found lots of references to it but nothing that explained it. I’m sure must have some meaning that is probably either associated with a word play in dutch or some historical use of beans or pepper or something.

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  3. I am looking FORWARD to your blogs this year. In fact I looked forward to being with you from before you were born. Glad you are still in my life. Love, Becky.


  4. Forward is the way I’m pointed as well. I do take a few steps backwards at times, but as long as I continue to plod ahead, I’ll be relatively happy. 🙂


    1. Margaret, that’s how I look at it too. I’m trying to make progress, but don’t always succeed in doing so. I figure that as long as I’m pointed in the right direction I’m doing okay.


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