March Is The Do-Over Month: Happy New Year 2.0

• I ALWAYS FEEL LIKE January and February are practice months.

It’s during these months that I flesh out how I’m going to do whatever lofty word I’ve chosen for my one word of the year [this year’s word here].  I make my mistakes in the cold of winter when no one will notice.

Or so I think.

THEN ON MARCH 1, which happens to be today, I start all over again, relying on the wisdom I’ve gained through fiddle-farting my days away failure, marching toward being a better bean.

If you know what I mean.

• THIS IS HOW MY wack-a-doodle mind works, so when I found the following simple Workplace Thinking Style Graph [details here] that leads me to believe I am not alone in the way I do things, I was thrilled.

Coolness.  I love straightforward explanations.

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 7.34.32 AMACCORDING TO THIS CHART, I am an Optimizer.  That is because, no matter what I do, my focus is on process;  and, despite wanting to be less of a micro-manager, my orientation is on details.

This describes me perfectly.  [Read beginning of this post to confirm.]

So it is with this insight, as I move FORWARD into the rest of 2016, that I leave you, my gentle readers, today.  Later kids, I’ve got some New Years celebrating to do.  😉

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20 thoughts on “March Is The Do-Over Month: Happy New Year 2.0”

    1. nrhatch, I’ve always been told that if I know WHY I’m doing something then I’ll know HOW to do it. It just seems to take me longer than most people to figure out the why of things!


  1. When I was in training, I took all sorts of personality profiles designed to help you understand why you are the way you are. Loved them all but it was very eye opening. Now when I’m in one of my bitchy controlling moods, I just announce that my upper quadrant is in control today. Embrace who you are!

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    1. Kate, as an employee I used to have to take those long personality tests. Some of them were so complicated that the results meant nothing. That’s why I liked this simple little chart from Harvard Business Review. I figured out who I am in 10 seconds, and you can do the same. Self awareness is everything. 😉

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  2. I want to know where I am on the chart, but I don’t get it. I’m definitely a big picture person. If most of my focus is on relationships, then am I a connector? I feel connector-like.


  3. joey, yes, you are a Connector. Which is exactly where I’d guess you’d be from your blog. The chart is deceptively simple, which is why I like it. And so far, amazingly accurate in its ability to describe someone. Thanks for playing along and sharing who you really are. 😉

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  4. Where the heck is everyone today? Over the weekend, when I was busy, I was inundated with commenters. But today, when I have time to enjoy interacting with people, it’s quiet around here. Will I never catch a break when it comes to blogging?

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    1. Margaret, maybe you’re both, depending on the circumstances? I doubt that any of us are 100% one type. But the results of this little chart do seem to be fairly indicative of who we are. Nothing like a fast little glimpse into oneself, eh?


  5. I’m an Expert, but I can totally appreciate the Planners & Optimizers. And as one who pretty consistently is one of the commenters bringing up the rear a few days after a post, I’m all for delaying the New Year until March. Ironically, it’s now March 2, so I’ve even missed that! haha

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    1. Nancy, we need Experts in this world, so you’re skills are welcome. Z-D is a Producer so if we three can find a Coach, then we’d have the details of life covered. 😉

      I’m consistently the last commenter on a few blogs, too. Something about their publishing schedule + time zone doesn’t jive with mine. I figure that a comment, whenever it is received, is a wonderful thing– so thank you for joining in.


  6. Should you need another do-over, you can always fall back on the ancient calendar tradition of the new year beginning on March 25th, a practice which was done away with with the conversion to the Gregorian calendar in 1582 (1752 here in the States, via England finally adopting it).

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    1. evilsquirrel13, I like how you think! I knew that the ancient Romans started their calendar year on March 1, which is why February, the last month of the year, varied in length to even things up. But I didn’t realize that March 25th was New Years Day up until the Gregorian calendar. Fascinating how the world changes.


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