The One About Not Seeking Machiavelli’s Approval

Here’s something fun for a Thursday morning…

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Sometimes failure is a good thing.

It would seem, if the result of this short personality test is to be believed, that I am no good at being ruthless and self-serving.

In fact, I am someone who Machiavelli would not approve of.

Yes, with a score of 42 out of 100, I got a F- in unethical behavior.

Meaning, I guess, that it’s time for me to do a bit of navel-gazing and align my chakras by paying heed to the random delightful wisdom found here.


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26 thoughts on “The One About Not Seeking Machiavelli’s Approval

  1. I love that in the directions, they pointed out that this test is not to measure if you need psychological help or not! Funny! I got 48. I’m a “low Mach” too. And proud of it!!


    • susie, you bring up a good point. However, I’m a sucker for online quizzes. I enjoy seeing what questions they ask me, more than my results. But this time my results made me laugh– and wonder about myself. Am I that meek?


  2. I got a 58. Still Low Mach, but years and years of teaching public school at one of Ohio’s Big Urbans gives me a healthy Edge.

    Like another commenter above, I got invited to participate in further research, but was led to a broken link and had to retake the original quiz to get my results. I didn’t fall for that again! (Do you think that was the original intent?!?!)


    • nance, I can understand how your teaching experiences added a jadedness to your answers. I bet you’re right about that broken link. This quiz was the topic of an article in Business Insider. Maybe the website that hosts the quiz got overloaded?


  3. On another note, what did you do differently on your last blog post about coffee? (I really want to read it, since I’m a coffee addict!) Every computer I have is blocking it because it doesn’t have a valid security certificate. I am too stupid to know how to bypass. 😦


    • Margaret, that’s interesting. The only thing different on it is that one commenter left a link. I’ll go disable the link and maybe you’ll be able to get through then. Thanks for the head’s up.


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