Doing Nothing. Taking Names.


It’s difficult to keep a personal blog when there’s not much happening. ‘Ya know? 

I can tell you things like I’m feeling well & walking more.  Zen-Den is content with his life at the moment.  We are happy, thinking about attempting to plan to go on vacation sometime, somewhere.

Projects around the house continue.  Culling out what we don’t need anymore & giving it away.  Painting one bedroom a new color.  Waiting for the carpenter to be available to put crown molding in some rooms.

Weather is nicer, warmer, sunnier.  Talked with landscaper about removing some overgrown shrubs,  taking down a pathetic tree, adding some decorative grasses.  Ordered more fancy stone for the path under the deck.

But you see, that’s all I have to share today on these hallowed blog pages.  Not much happening at Chez Bean.

So I’ll leave it up to you, my gentle readers.  Should you care to talk about the stuff in the photo above, OR have a question for me, OR want to tell me something about yourselves, please feel free to do so in the comment section below.

Heaven knows, I don’t have much to say today, so I’m hoping you do!

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38 thoughts on “Doing Nothing. Taking Names.”

  1. Crayons and a monkey. All you need according to what we learned in kindergarden?
    It’s a restless time of year – a little lull…a warm-up for the frenzy of spring and summer? (and yardwork…until weather gets too hot…like in 30 seconds probably). Curious to see the decorative grasses and fancy path. You rock…always.
    (NAP NOW…it’s coming….)


    1. philmouse, now who doesn’t keep a box of crayons and a monkey around just in case there’s a need to re-live one’s glory days in kindergarten? You make it sound like it’s weird. 😉


  2. Meh, not so much. I’m taking Cletus the Dog Kitten to the vet this morning and then I’m free until about 4. I plan to read and nap and read and eat lunch and read. I love days when there’s not too much to do 🙂


  3. Every now and then it is nice not to have anything going on, but I agree, it does make for a difficult post. Too bad you aren’t a liar. You could have written about how you and Zen Den’s diligence single-handed prevented a swarm of monkeys, which had escaped from the zoo, from vandalizing your block.


    1. Allie P, you make an excellent point! If only I could lie more, I’d have a much more interesting blog. Who needs the truth! Don’t you just hate it when your good character works against you?

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  4. I have a mamo scheduled today. Trying to figure out how to get a post out of it. Hoping that something funny happens (I said funny…not “we need to recheck this”). Maybe someone will sing in the elevator. Oh wait! it’s on the first floor. Looks like I’m out of luck. Relish some stress-less days. You never know what tomorrow will bring.


    1. Kate, I wish you well with your actual mammogram and on finding some humor along the way. My last one was on a weekday late in the afternoon. I shared the waiting area with 2 intoxicated 70-something ladies who told me, in a loud stage whisper, that every year they go to a late lunch, drink it up– then go together to have their boobs smashed. Like them, is what I thought, but did not say.

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  5. You know me. I always have paints, markers, pastels, etc. around for the days I have time to be creative. But lately, I’ve been extremely worn out just watching our little grand two days a week. It’s like carrying a 13 pound sack of flour all day! But dang it, he’s so cute, so I guess I can’t complain. Heading to the food bank today to do my Tuesday thing there. Sounds like you and Zen Den are doing plenty to keep busy.


    1. Beth, maybe I need to follow your lead and use my box of crayons for more than a paperweight. Overall, Z-D and I are busy, but today everything is in a holding pattern. Like you and your little guy, I guess! *tee-hee* 😉


    1. bitsfromheaven, I agree about the renovation and repairs. I’m glad that we’re doing things to make the property better, but there is always some stress involved. Or downtime, like now.

      Good questions.

      A1: This blog keeps my brain clicking and my heart open. I enjoy writing, researching, photography so this is a great place to bring it all together in a light-hearted way [with just a skoosh of snark to keep it real].

      A2: Yes. When I started blogging I was thrilled just to figure out the mechanics of posting. Eventually I got more into the community spirit of blogging. Back then I wanted to have a popular blog, but that can lead down some slippery slopes so I let that idea go.

      Today my expectations are different, more self-fulfilled. I enjoy showing up on my own schedule, connecting with my ever-changing tribe, just being me. That’s about all the meaning I need to keep going at this point.

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      1. Thanks! I’m just starting on the same journey, but my reasons change with each post. I love that your pictures by the way. Two final questions: How do you keep names straight?!? And have you ever had a story so important to yourself that you question the value of putting your name on it? Thanks for letting me pick your brain by the way 😉

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        1. A3: Well, about that name thing I’m not sure how I do it. I used to keep a notepad by my computer where I’d write down each commenters name + blog title with a few notes. Then I’d refer to it before I said anything to them. But now, I just kind of remember bloggers. Maybe it’s a skill you develop as you go along?

          A4: I don’t know that I’ve ever wanted to say anything here that was so profound that I’d worry about having my name attached to it. I’m an introvert, so I am, by nature, reserved. This translates into a great deal of self-editing as I write. I’ll tell you things, but not everything.

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  6. I empathize with the trying to write anything when nothing much is happening thing. But you make it more interesting! You have crayons and landscaping plans. In between packing and cleaning I am haunting Zillow, waiting for the perfect house to come along.


    1. Zazamataz, thank you. I’m glad that my ditherings aren’t completely a snoozefest. I worry about such things, you know!

      My sympathies are with you as you sort through an entire house of stuff. I’ve done that and it can suck the life right out of you. Are you planning on staying in the same area? And you do know there’s no such thing as a “perfect” house, right? 🙂


  7. Ally, I’ve got a few questions, and I hope it’s OK to ask them. They are about your photo. I’m intrigued by the stuff in your photo because American stuff always seems so different from English stuff, even when it’s a pink blanket! So I’m wondering lots of things – what is in the box that the monkey is sitting on? To me it looks a bit like the sort of box that would have housed floppy discs back in the day. Also, what is in the Bank of Chicago bag? It looks at first glance like shredded money! Can’t possibly be. Is that a Duracell battery next to the black and white box or is it a lipstick? I almost missed it as it reflects the pattern of the box. I love your vase / jug there, lovely pattern. Did you put these things together for the photo? I’m trying to imagine how this eclectic mix of things could come together naturally. Hope I’m not being too intrusive, but I am truly fascinated by other people’s lives, and that includes their stuff and how they came by it. Hope you don’t mind.

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    1. Okay Polly, here goes:

      The box the monkey is sitting on is a small Rolodex file; you’re seeing the back side of it.

      You are correct about what is in the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago bag! The bag claims to hold $364.00 worth of used, shredded dollar bills; it’s a silly gift from a friend who lives in Chicago.

      It is a Duracell AA battery.

      The small tan/brown mug is one that I bought from an artisan in Exeter, England, when I went to college there; funny how you liked it!

      I didn’t put these things together for the photo; they accumulated on the desk over the last few weeks while we’ve been moving things around in the home office so that we can hang framed art on the wall above the desk.

      Anything else, mon amie?

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      1. I love the present from your friend in Chicago! Very quirky as the best things always are. Thank you for satisfying my curiosity. It’s so much easier to be nosy on the Internet 😉 We are going to see my dad who lives in Cornwall (next county along from Devon, where Exeter is, I’m sure you know) in a few weeks. We pass a pottery, I’m in there to see what I can find. Thank you again 🙂

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  8. I need to do some home renovating, but seem to be stuck right now–figuring out who to hire and what to do. The power of inertia. I am keeping up(barely) on work, the house and my reading, with a few coffee dates thrown in there. I go to bed exhausted about 9, so I must be doing SOMETHING! 😉


    1. Margaret, it’s frustrating to figure out what to do about the house. Then it takes forever to find someone to do the work. Inertia is exactly what happens. You do more than you realize in a day, so no wonder you’re exhausted at the end of the day. You deserve your snooze time.


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