Links I Love For Clever Beans, Badass Turtles + Other Goofs

… because information is FUN dammit.

 Sometimes you need to remember How To Begin Again.

 Inspiration like the 5 Tips to Trim Down for Trump is why I love the blogosphere.

  Reminding you again How Being Bored Out Of Your Mind Makes You More Creative.

 Taking the What’s Your Closet Personality quiz, learning that I’m a Clothing Economist.

  What say we all try to be a Warrior Not Worrier.

 Knowing How to Enjoy Tea Throughout the Day seems like a good idea.

  Wondering about being a “54” after taking the Do You Live In A Bubble? quiz.

  So The Secret Is Not To Care, huh?

~ ~ ~ ~

New goal: Be as badass as this turtle.

~ ~ ~ ~

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78 thoughts on “Links I Love For Clever Beans, Badass Turtles + Other Goofs”

  1. I nearly jumped out of my shell Ally Bean! This is a strange breed of tortoise indeed (which is what we call them here in South Africa) – but good on it!

    I’ve had a quick squizz at a few of the links and glad to know they’ll remain – unlike the cows. Thanks for this post 🙂

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    1. Susan, that little turtle has spunk! I cannot imagine why she is in the middle of the pasture, but she gets her point across.

      Once in a while I step away from my grumbling that leads to humor, and share a few happy &/or thought-filled links. I like variety in what I do, so I figure my readers might enjoy something different, too. 😉

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    1. Janet, the turtle is now my favorite thing on YouTube. She’s got it going on!

      Yes, read the links whenever– or not at all! I share them because sometimes I think that talking about myself gets old. Posts like this one take this blog in a whole different direction. At least for a day.

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    1. Me too!

      You wear what you want to wear, and clothing is there to serve a purpose — it’s a uniform that covers up your body. You have other passions —or work, family and pets —that take up your time and thoughts. Clothes come and go and there are other more interesting things you prefer to focus on. As a result, you tend to wear what works for you over and over again, and don’t need a lot of variety. Does this sound like you?


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    1. Enjoy! Not all blog posts need to be personal, even if this is a personal blog… which now that I write that I realize makes little sense. WHATEVER, please enjoy! 😉


  2. Wow on the turtle! 🙂
    I am also a closet economist. My bubble is thin, 53. I know how to start over again and again and again, and that’s a great share! 🙂 The rest, I will need to read later.
    Have a great day, Ally Bean!

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    1. joey, the turtle is my new favorite thing. I got a 54 on the quiz, meaning that I have more experience with a variety of people and situations, I guess? Glad you enjoyed the links. On occasion I like to do a post like this one, just to change it up a bit.

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        1. joey, I thought the same thing! I wasn’t quite sure how they indicated that a person did, or did not, live in a bubble. I found the whole thing fascinating. Pass it on, see what other people have to say.

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            1. Yes. I only watched one of the TV shows, TBBT. But ate at many of the restaurants. And Bob Evans wasn’t on the quiz, which surprised me. Nor was Cracker Barrel. Not that I think they’re great restaurants, but that’s where I go so many times to meet people. So am I inside a bubble, or not?

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              1. Good point about Cracker Barrel…Bob Evans — I haven’t been there in ages! I think our numbers indicated a thin bubble, but reading the description, I thought we were more or less well-rounded. Maybe that’s why it was so interesting, leaving us to ponder more.

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          1. To be honest, I didn’t think much of the questions. The closet quiz was better because there was always an “opt out” of “none of your cute responses fit me.”

            There are many ways I step out of the bubble that aren’t addressed in the bubble quiz ~ talking to people at the store, in the library, at special events, on blogs, etc.

            The fact that I don’t eat out at chain restaurants means next to nothing. How many people who DO eat there actually talk to people at other tables. “Get thee to a dive bar, instead!”

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            1. I agree about those questions. I couldn’t put together how my answers indicated I was in the middle of the pack. It seemed random to me, cherry-picked behaviors to make a point.

              Plus like you said, eating at a chain restaurant only means there’s one near you. If they were ubiquitous in downtown Manhattan that’s where you’d eat. 0.o

              On the upside, the quiz does get you to think about your assumptions about how you live your life, and how other people live theirs. So that’s good. Perhaps it’s just a starting point for conversations.

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  3. I checked out a couple of the links and LOVED the turtle … obviously the strong and silent type 😉
    What made me laugh though were the cows. They are so curious and each of them had to check it out in spite of their reservations. Too funny 😀

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  4. Great links! There is no label that could possibly describe my my closet, so I didn’t do too well with that one. I only got a 25 on the bubble score so I think that means I need to get out more… or, maybe I could just stay here in my bubble… no one yells or makes me watch Dr. Phil.

    Love the turtle!

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  5. I looked at them all and after nearly typing my reply to its completion, my computer decided to turn off. I don’t have the energy to write it all again but I will say that the whole bunch were fun and that it was like cramming for one of my old college exams, complete with power outage which just made me furious. And I won’t begin again because that will require CliffsNotes. Happy I’m not overweight… and a woman, because that orange haired troll will find another way to mess with us anyway. Kierkegaard was right, I’m not bored now! Still don’t want my wife to see the closet quiz… she’ll want me to take it even though she already knows what my closet personality is—Clutterbug! I’ll try to be a warrior and not a worrier, and right now I am. Enjoying tea was like getting an education by reading the tea leaves. I will have to take the bubble quiz another time, but I’m not on the bubble about it. And finally I don’t care if this reply wasn’t what I first envisioned, because it’s even shorter than the first—which was longer than your post, Ally! 😀

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    1. In My Cluttered Closet, I appreciate you making the effort that you did with your first, now deleted, comment. Power outages, regardless of what you’re doing, are the essence of crazy making.

      You make a good point about how Dodgy Donald will find some way to screw around with all of us, eventually. I think that Clutterbug would be a great additional category on that closet quiz. Seems to me that drinking tea while being a warrior, might be the first step to the secret of not caring! Just a hunch.

      If you take the bubble quiz I’ll be interested in your result (if you choose to share it), and your take on the actual questions. The quiz is kind of weird, but accurate, I guess.


  6. Ha! Loved seeing the calf leap! And thanks for curating several awesome links!

    BTW I recently renovated my blog (Yay!) but it wiped out your comment and wordpress won’t let me respond. I’ll be EXTRA thoughtful next time you swing by 😉


  7. See that, size doesn’t matter!
    Beanie, (I’m nicknaming you now!), loved all the info. Just wish they were all opening in new windows. I fell into one of the websites a long way and couldn’t find my way back here! Had to type it in the address bar and start over. 🙂


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