A Remodeling Update: The Mess Continues & Ms. Bean Is Almost Beyond Caring

The mess continues, but there is progress.  

√  The bathroom is close to being finished.  We’re waiting on the rest of the decorative tile that the tile guy, when he’s available, will use to make a backsplash behind the sinks.

The tile, shipped from California, is apparently coming via pony express, whose riders like to spend a few nights vacation in Las Vegas before heading east with it.

Or maybe it arrives via passenger pigeon.  At this point I’ve lost track of how it gets here, and only know that I want it here because until that decorative tile makes me happy this project won’t be over.  So I wait.

√  The family room is in process.  We had a small set-back when the painters fessed up to painting it the wrong color.  They had used the bathroom wall color in the family room.  While the colors are similar, they aren’t interchangeable… so the painters graciously made things right and re-painted the family room.   

I’ll show you a pic of the finished room, with proper color on its walls when I do my final post about this remodeling wild ride.  Sometime this month? This year? During my lifetime? Who knows?

  The laundry room is in good shape.  The washer and dryer are here, the counter and tile have been installed, and the walls have been painted the proper color. 🙄

The only difficulty with the laundry room now is that it’s on the way to the garage– that’s still a warehouse for things to come.  I look forward to parking my car where the bathtub is now, and walking from the garage into the laundry room unimpeded.  I dream big, don’t I? 

  The kitchen remains in a holding pattern.  There’s no sign of the microwave.  It’s MIA.  And conversations about replacing the old caulk that’s between the granite countertop and the tile backsplash have taken a turn for the absurd.

Seems that our grout and our caulk don’t match– and they’re [were] supposed to.  While I’m the first to say the combo looked good to me [for the last 9 years], these particular colors, that I’ve dubbed Dragon Snot and Cat Barf, are no longer available.  Hence, there’s been much discussion about what currently available caulk color to use now;  Antique Dog Tooth seems to be in the lead.  Because, why not?    

• • •

August is a slow month in the blogosphere, and I don’t feel like writing & posting my usual 2 or 3 times per week.
So for this month I’ll be here once a week sharing my flapdoodle and twaddle with those who are around to read it.  See you next week, kids. 

• • •

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Ally Bean

Observant. Creative. Humorous. Adaptable. Happy enough. Looking for the crumb of truth in the cookie of life.

60 thoughts on “A Remodeling Update: The Mess Continues & Ms. Bean Is Almost Beyond Caring”

  1. You didn’t read the fine print “All tile by tortoise?”
    Painters painted themselves into a corner and hoped you wouldn’t notice – fools! They should know how many hours are sent squinting at color samples before choosing – no chance of sneaking that one by. Gads, but good try guys.
    (Reminds me of the tile guys who installed Saltillo tile in one of our houses – and they were done except for a final clean up wash to get off any excess construction smudges so it would shine. I walked downstairs and noticed the floor was opaque and cloudy…..apparently the new guy picked up a bucket of acid wash and used it instead of water taking off the entire finish. How much fun is that? Just when you’re excited the mess is done and all the extra odd people are leaving the house….)
    Hang in there! Just think you are stuck at normal speed when every one else is stuck in a time warp slow speed.
    Wine and chocolate?

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    1. philmouse, “tile by tortoise” is as good of an explanation as any for why these last few sheets of tile aren’t here.

      The thing about the color in the family room is that the painters put on the first coat on Friday, left for the weekend, then returned on Monday… when they told me what they’d done. All weekend I’d been glancing at those walls, thinking something was “off.” I was right, so follow your hunches, eh?

      I cannot imagine how disappointed you were when the tile guys screwed up like they did. Oh my gosh… just when you think it’s over, it never is. What a mess you had.

      Wine and chocolate are good ideas. Separately or together. For all meals. Henceforth.


  2. I love your flapdoodle and twaddle, whenever it arrives. Things are really looking good Ally! Just keep chanting- Someday this will all be over, Someday this will all be over…

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  3. Ally, you know how laid back and relaxed we are here in California! What makes you think we would rush some silly tile to you? Isn’t the song “Don’t Hurry, Be Happy?” LOL about the grout. Your garage looks marvelously spacious. You should see ours, which hubby is finally getting around to cleaning out! Will miss you during August.


    1. Janet, it’s funny you mentioned California chill. I was thinking that thing this last week as everything in the bathroom has come to a halt. But I’m sure when it’s here, the tile will be fabulous.

      That whole grout/caulk situation is one that I wish someone else would solve for me. Clearly if I liked the wrong grout/caulk, then whatever they stick in there now that’s about the same color, I’ll love, too. Yet we talk about grout/caulk endlessly.

      Fear not, I’ll be around weekly in August, saving up the rest of the stories for September. 😉

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  4. Clicking like could seem like I’m enjoying your suffering, but nay. It’s merely a star in support of you and your ordeal. This is why I’m happy I’m not a homeowner. Hang in there!


    1. Tara, I know what you mean about that “like” button. I feel the same way sometimes, too. It seems wrong, but then it’s the only way to say “hey there” I’m with you. Overall I like being a homeowner, but will admit that it’s painful when the time comes to make improvements. 😧

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    1. Maggie, the names of the grout/caulk are all based on fabrics [burlap, silk] or stones [diamond, limestone]. I’ve gotten so tired of this whole conversation that I decided to rename them all to equally obscure names of my own choosing. 😉

      I’ll be around some in August, not doing a complete bug out– but less blogging, for sure.

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  5. Grout, oh yes. We built the house we’re in. We picked out the carpet color for 2 bedrooms in 30 minutes and spent 3 month deciding on the siding color. Argh! I get cranky during long projects. The disruption affects my mood and ups my irritation index. You have been a saint. Canonization (with chocolate) coming soon.


    1. Kate, I hear ‘ya. Cranky, I am. And getting crankier every day. I don’t care about the actual caulk color as long as it goes well enough with the the tile, grout + counter that’s already here. Please just use your best judgement remodeling company, AND PICK SOMETHING. St. Ally has a nice ring to it, btw. 🙂

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  6. We’re thinking of updating some things in our new townhome (new to us, not new overall), but your experience is making me leery. Plus then I have to have people in my home. You know how we introverts love that. 😁

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    1. Carrie, overall this has been a good experience. But the little details are what makes things wonderful & bogs things down. Our contract states that the remodeling company doesn’t get their last 10% payment until everything is finished. Meaning that they’re as motivated to get this over with as I am.

      As for people and dust and mess in your home, yes– that’s part of it. But in the end I’m convinced this will be worth it. What they’ve done so far is great.

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  7. That “discontinued grout” discussion is a popular one on Houzz. Are you a Houzzer? I’m me, and so I often agree with the people who contend it’s a way/sham to get clients to re-tile entirely.
    I’m hopeful you’ll be able to park where the bathtub is by the first snow…
    When we moved here, we slept on our mattress on our floor for over a month before our bed frame showed up. Once, we ordered new furniture and it did not arrive on time and we had five guests and no extra seating. (Please recall we’re a family of six on our own.) We ended up hauling dining chairs out and babies climbed over everyone. I remember when your patio furniture was (obviously) touring the world before settling down with y’all. These are some maddening situations. Best wishes for the speedy acquisition of YOUR BELONGINGS.

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    1. joey, AH-HA! When this grout/caulk conversation started I immediately thought that this was a scam of some sort to get me to re-tile the kitchen. I’m relieved to know I’m not the only one who thinks that. HOWEVER, the tile + grout + counter are staying, so some color of caulk will work. Even if it’s just a plain dark brown that recedes into the juncture between the wall and counter.

      It sounds like you’ve had your fair share of confused projects, too. I wouldn’t mind sleeping on a mattress on the floor, but maybe without babies climbing on me.

      Yes, you’re right our patio furniture did tour the world before finding its way to us. And we love it. And we’ll love this remodel when it’s all completed. No doubt.

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  8. I love your take on things. You keep me laughing!
    We are just getting started on our “upgrades”. The kitchen counters were finally measured correctly and will be installed Thursday.
    The contractor is supposed to start this week on the master bath. As of Saturday, we hadn’t received any of the ” stuff” for the project. A big truck from Lowes showed up Sat afternoon and we got all excited! This is the stuff! Two guys brought a small box that contained grout stain!! We couldn’t believe it! Sunday, we finally received most of the order. Just waiting on the shower. It was strange getting the items on a Sunday. We’ll see how things go. Anxious to see your final pictures😊


    1. Beth, what a hoot about your Saturday delivery! Your grout doesn’t happen to Dragon Snot or Cat Barf, does it? It’s odd to see things that belong inside your house, sitting outside your house. And a Sunday delivery? You must rate!

      Hoping that your kitchen counter is all that you want it to be. And that your master bath renovation goes smoothly. With all the correct tile and proper wall colors put in the right places.

      I’ll post a final “photo shoot” of these projects when they’re all finished. Then I’ll shut up about this remodel for all eternity. Well, most of it.


  9. Nothing like a little flapdoodle to make me smile. Of course, not the actual circumstances that are driving you crazy – that would be just cruel. I’m firmly convinced once you sign a remodeling contract you are transported into an alternate universe. No wonder the supplies can’t find their way to you – it’s an unmarked portal! Personally I feel you have missed an important calling by not being in the color naming business. I’m impatiently awaiting the arrival of a St. Ally crayon. Is it traveling with your tile?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Deborah, I like your theory. I do feel like I’m in an alternate universe where strange things happen and unique people wander in & out of my life. No doubt the tile is floating around out there, trying to get to me. I do like the idea of being the inspiration for a crayon. There’s Alice Blue, so I’m sure that St. Ally would be a derivation of that color! When the tile gets here, I’ll know more.


  10. Antique dog tooth! Who comes up with these names?! That’s one small issue that I’d probably let slide, personally. I doubt I’d even notice before long. Can’t believe the painters grabbed the wrong paint! I hope they paid for the replacement of the used bathroom paint and didn’t charge for their repainting time. This is reminding a bit of Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House. Have you seen that movie, with Cary Grant? It will make you feel so much better.


    1. Betsy, I burst out laughing when the painters told me what they’d done. They looked like guilty 8 y.o. boys who’d eaten the last of some forbidden cake. They covered the costs, and could not have been more apologetic.

      I’ll look for that movie. I love Cary Grant, but have never seen it. Good idea, it’ll distract me from my woes.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. They were probably so relieved that you laughed instead of getting angry. And good for honest them.

        Yes, the movie made me cringe, but would probably make you feel much better. 🙂 Watch it with some iced Country Peach Passion. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

        1. We’ve had these painters to the house before and they’re a good bunch of men. Quiet, tidy, reliable, do wonderful work– and capable of telling the truth. 😉

          I like your plan. This movie calls for sipping Country Peach Passion tea. Good idea, as usual.

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Anne, excellent point. I need a patience graph, then I need to put myself off of it. Although I’m more calm now than I was when we started this because I can see an end in sight. Ever onward, you know?


  11. I have granite that looks like that, and wall color that might be a bit lighter than that, but not in the same bathroom. 🙂 I still want my kitchen re-done, but I’m starting to get a bit nervous about how awful remodeling actually is. It’s been a while since I had to live with it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Margaret, it’s kind of awful, but rather amazing, too. The transformation is what I’m focusing on right now. At least the people who I’m working with are pleasant, so the bumps along the way have been less annoying than they could be.


  12. Click your heels together and repeat after me, “There’s no place like home. There’s no place like . . . ”

    WAIT! Wrong line.

    Put your palms together in front of your heart, close your eyes, slap on your best Buddha smile and say, “This too, shall pass. Namaste.”

    Hang in there, Ally!

    Liked by 1 person

  13. The construction flapdoodle may be driving you slowly crazy, but it seems you haven’t lost your sense of humour 😀

    I think you should consider a career in naming new colours – perhaps a sideline for naming new roads while you’re at it. I’m pretty sure no one would ever forget my address if it was 93 Dragon Snot Drive 😉


    1. Joanne, why thank you! I often end up laughing when I suppose I should be steaming, but we did bring this on ourselves so I figure make the best of things.

      Yes, I would enjoy a career naming colors. I could do that ezpz, but naming streets is a new thought for me. I bet I do have a gift for it. Please send all inquiries to 1058 Antique Dog Tooth Lane. 😉

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    1. Norm, yes, there’s dust everywhere and there’s stuff everywhere and there is a never-ending parade of people in and out of the house. It’s a big commitment. However, in the end I think it’ll be great to have this house improved, so I’m dealing with it.

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    1. J, thanks for your support. I like how it’s turning out so I hang in there… wondering where my decorative little tile might be… somewhere in this country… I hope.


  14. I’ve been enjoying catching up on your flappadoodle and twaddle. Remodeling shows on TV sure make the process look more fun and easy. At least soon or sometime in this century it will be done and you can sit back and bask in the beauty as well as park in your garage.

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