In Which Heart Reminds Me Of Me

•  Yet again, a comic strip has made my day.

•  Like Heart, I received a diary at Christmastime.  Mine is a very stylish journal with blank pages and a Siberian Goldfinch painted on the front of it.  The journal was given to me to use as a diary.

•  Like Heart, I intend to use my diary to record my “innermost thoughts.”  Whatever they may be.

•  And just like Heart, who is a dreamer extraordinaire, if I am completely honest with myself I can say that: “I’m gonna sell it for big bucks!”  Because who doesn’t want to be a Ba-Jillionaire just like that Wimpy Kid?

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8 thoughts on “In Which Heart Reminds Me Of Me

  1. Wow! I just came back to check my comments and no one has commented on this cute comic strip?!! What gives?

    I’m baffled. Is everyone having a bad day– or am I out of line by posting something sweet & light?

    *mutter*… you do your best… you give ’em all you’ve got… and what thanks do you get in return? zilch! *mutter* 😉


    • You’re so funny. I only am looking through my reader after a long work day, so that’s my excuse.

      So, are you telling us that you are withholding innermost thoughts from your blog? Is this a blog of outermost thoughts? Or somewhere in between? (What do you think is between innermost and outermost?)


  2. alejna, glad you took my comment in the spirit in which it was intended.

    You raise a good question. I’m going to say that “middlemost” would be the word to describe the place in between innermost and outermost. And I’m going to go so far as to say that I’m the most middlemost blogger you’ll ever read!

    A bold statement, I know. But it needed to be said.


  3. HAHA–you have to give me time to finish work and then go to my husband’s oncology appointment, silly! 😉 I WISH my innermost thoughts were worth a dime, much less big bucks!


  4. Margaret, I was being silly up there with my first comment. It just surprised me because usually when I post in the morning there is at least one comment by the evening. Like you I wish my innermost thoughts were worth some money, but, alas and alack, so far they haven’t been!


  5. Hi there – this post has only just, just literally popped into my inbox. It’s 3.30pm UK time on Friday, so I couldn’t have been any quicker! Blame the mail. Love the cartoon. Hope you achieve your aim! I would look forward to reading it. Polly


  6. Polly, wonder why sometimes things post immediately and other times things post a day later? No answer to that one. Thanks for commenting. And I always blame the mail!


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