When A Blogger Goes MIA

Am I:

a.  walking on a beach?

b.  lounging at a resort?

c.  seeing attractions galore?

d.  snapping photos of stuff and things?

e.  getting lost frequently, but not really caring?

f.  eating delicious meals prepared by trained professionals?

g.  wondering why I don’t paint my toenails bright fuchsia more often?

h.  contemplating why we don’t live like this every day?

i.  remembering that we’re not made of money?

j.  realizing that I need to write a blog post?

k.  doing absolutely none of the above?

l.  doing some of the above?

m.  doing all the above?

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Ally Bean

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9 thoughts on “When A Blogger Goes MIA”

  1. When I go MIA it’s because I’ve upped my bedtime to 8 pm, and filled my freetime with laundry folding. I seriously hope your MIA-ness is MUCH more interesting than that 🙂


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