What Do You Value Right Now?

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I.  While researching the concept of “values” I found this Checklist for Personal Values.  The checklist intrigued me so I did what the author suggested and picked the 10 values that mean the most to me [in alpha order].  Then I chose which 5 values were most important to me [in bold].

  1. change & variety
  2. economic security
  3. effectiveness
  4. freedom
  5. friendships
  6. good health
  7. inner harmony
  8. nature
  9. respect
  10. wisdom

II.  I then ranked these 5 values in order of importance to me until I had the following list.

  1. good health
  2. inner harmony
  3. economic security
  4. change & variety
  5. respect 

III.  Then I sat here and thought about what I’d learned about who I am today.  I realized that:

  • I no longer care as much about being right as I once did.  Whatever, people.
  • I no longer care at all about status.  If I ever did.
  • I no longer believe in as many abstract principles as I did when I was younger.  What is, is.

IV.  I did this simple little exercise in self-awareness just to see what would evolve from it.  I don’t know that these results surprise me as much as they confirm what I already suspected about my middle-aged self.  Which is that I’m pragmatic, well-balanced & curious as ever.

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If you enjoy learning a little bit about what makes you tick and you have the time [5 minutes max], give this exercise a go.  It was rather fun, I thought.

10 thoughts on “What Do You Value Right Now?

  1. Very thought provoking Taking the suggested five minutes I came up with Growth – Security – Affection – Self-Respect – Privacy. Worthy of additional thought soon. Good exercise – thanks.


    • Zen-Den, good answers [said in my best Family Feud voice]. With all this talk about “values” of late, I thought that this was good resource. Everyone values something different, eh?


  2. I agree with most of yours. I would put friendship over change and variety. Lately, change in my life has been negative, so I’m sure that’s skewing my results.


  3. My list is almost the same as yours, Ally, but I picked wisdom instead of respect and put it at number two. I feel wisdom helps with achieving inner harmony and keeps you from jumping off the deep end when it comes to change, variety and economic security.

    1. good health
    2. wisdom
    3. inner harmony
    4. change & variety
    5. economic security


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