Sometimes The Boring Answer Is The Best One

I saw an acquaintance the other day.  She is a serious woman who is businesslike– with her eye on the prize at all times.  Not quite like me, in other words.

We stopped to talk for a while.  She told me about what was going on in her life.  And then asked me what was new with me.

What I wanted to tell her was that…

I’d just bought on sale at Kohl’s a new multi-color beaded necklace with a turquoise pendant on it…

that I had put on my concrete flying pig– known as Girlfriend Pig…

who stands on an antique fern stand/bookcase in the corner of our living room…

where she contributes positive energy to the room…

which, according to feng shui principles, is the bagua of our home concerned with helpful people & safe travel…

so, OBVIOUSLY, things were going pretty darned well for me.

However, I didn’t tell my acquaintance my first thought.  I knew that  Girlfriend Pig’s new jewelry and my subsequent good energy flow would be JUST. TOO. MUCH. for my acquaintance.

So instead I told her about our latest home decorating project– hanging mirrors, new & old, around the house.  This, I realized, was a topic that she could latch onto and appreciate.  Very literal and whimsy-free.

But nowhere near as interesting as flying pigs and discount baubles, imho.

14 thoughts on “Sometimes The Boring Answer Is The Best One

  1. When I was in St. Louis a couple of weeks ago I bought a flying pig that looks just like yours except it’s cast iron, not concrete. I couldn’t fit it in my luggage for the flight back so my son and his wife are going to bring it when they come for Thanksgiving.


  2. You are hillarious! 🙂 I LOVE the necklace…..and the fact that you put it on your little pig. It’s a feel good picture. And full of whimsy!!


    • Beth, I knew that you’d like it. I dressed Girlfriend Pig in a necklace of small ornaments for Christmas last year and she looked divine. So when I saw this necklace I had a moment of inspiration and said to myself: “I bet that Girlfriend Pig would look good in this.” And she does.


    • Zazzy, I’m glad to know that. Apparently, accessorizing a concrete pig sends the positive energy beyond the walls of the LR– and through the internet to everyone who views her photo.


  3. Love the flying pig – never seen one before. I like the way her little snout is pointing skywards as if she’s putting so much effort into taking off. Or else she’s just very pleased with herself and all the comments about how good she looks. 🙂


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