The Petraeus Scandal: When Supposedly Smart People Do Definitely Dumb Things

[Sub-titled: Keep It Zipped, People]

Because I’m smitten with this developing story…

You’re Not Going To Believe The Latest Developments In The Petraeus Sex Scandal

But you know there’s more to this than you might think at first glance…

Clusterf*ck Chart 

Then you have to realize that from my laid back point of view it is entertaining that… 

Woman Linked to Petraeus Is a West Point Graduate and Lifelong High Achiever

It is, of course, ironic that…

Online Anonymity Nearly Impossible, Petraeus Emails Show

If confused by any of the foregoing, then you need to remember…

General David Petraeus’s Rules for Living

Then there’s this little development…

Classified(?) Information Magically Appears at Broadwell’s House

Also, what’s a military sex scandal without a reporter named Bonk involved?

Paula Broadwell’s License Discovered in D.C. Park

Not to mention that just like in a soap opera there is an identical twin sister…

Jill Kelley and Twin Closely Tied to Top Brass

A twin sister who needed two generals to vouch for her…

Petraeus & Allen dallied as furor over Benghazi raged

And finally, the last piece of this scandal yet to be revealed…


Meet the Shirtless FBI Agent from the Petraeus Love Pentagon

Can you see why I’m intrigued?  It’s RHONY + The Simpson’s + NCIS all in one story.  Who’d of thought?!

[Last link added 11.15.12 – YES! I can rest now that I have all the pieces of the story.]

21 thoughts on “The Petraeus Scandal: When Supposedly Smart People Do Definitely Dumb Things

  1. People in positions of fame and/or power do the most remarkably stupid things, don’t they? And they all seem to think they won’t be found out. Remember when Prince Charles’ private diary filled with rude comments about people around the world was leaked? My thought was why did he write this stuff down? Because someone is going to leak the diary, someone is going to publish the private emails, someone is going to save the blue dress. Oh, and tweets are public domain. And nude photos in your youth are going to reappear if you get famous – even before the internet. And apparently, someone is going to notice that 28 car motorcade.


    • kate, I think you’ve explained my interest in this stupid affair. Normally I’d ignore it, but after turning off the news during the election, this latest intrigue seems fascinating to me. It’s like I’m news deprived and instead of following some worthy news story, I’m filling up on junk news.


  2. This was reported only in passing over here, or certainly it didn’t feature much when I was watching the news, so I’m going to look through all your links and see what the fuss is about. Especially like the FBI T-shirt link – had to do that one first!


    • Polly, this scandal is everywhere in the news & online over here. Up unitl this point, Petraeus has been such a good example of everything productive & patriotic.

      I feel such empathy for the victims in this scandal whose lives will never be the same. But honestly, General, how difficult is it to keep it zipped? Hmmm?!


  3. I am so uninterested in this story, it’s crazy. However, I did quite enjoy your summary. I didn’t click the links, because again, don’t care about idiot people and their sex lives. 😉


    • J, it is unusual for me to care about sex scandals. The whole sordid mess seems like a Simpson’s episode to me– which is why I think that I got caught up in it. It is absurdity to the nth degree.


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