I Have Seen My Future & I Like Who I Am

I was getting out of my car in the parking lot in front of a strip center yesterday, when I noticed an older woman getting out of her car.  The woman was probably 75-80 years old.  She was slender, not emaciated, and was moving with a slow ease.

I was immediately taken with her.  She was, I do hope, what I look like when I am her age.  My future doppelgänger of sorts.

Here’s what I saw:

•  white wavy hair, sans frizz, cut short & styled in a relaxed flattering way – not glued into place

•  rectangular medium-brownish-gray framed glasses – that fit her face size

•  a bright red parka that would make a stop sign blush at its own dull inadequacy

•  a jazzy-patterned multi-colored silk scarf around her neck – peeking out from within her parka

•  medium tan corduroy boot-cut pants – hemmed just right

•  dark tan flat leather shoes – rather nondescript, but in the perfect shade to blend with the pants

To say that I was smitten is an understatement.  Part of this was because it was refreshing for me to see a little old lady who embraced color and wore styles from this decade.  She wasn’t a Q-tip, which is the way so many of the older woman around here dress.  Not flattering.

But what really intrigued me about this woman was that she was driving a VW Beetle Convertible— bright red on the bottom, black on the top.  A bold car, no?

And one that, combined with her ensemble, made me love her upon first sight as I became hopeful for my future as an old lady.  I’m gonna look damned good, aren’t I?

14 thoughts on “I Have Seen My Future & I Like Who I Am

    • Z-D, you are a charmer, aren’t you? 😉

      But knowing my thoughts about why older people should never wear beige, you can understand how this woman wowed me. She had it going on.


  1. Great post! I can just imagine this lady. Did you speak to her? I would have been tempted to start up a conversation, and probably look a complete wally in the process. Clearly she is very inspirational.


    • Polly, you know I didn’t speak with her. It was only after I’d walked past her that it dawned on me that I really liked her style + attitude. By then she had vanished into some store. A missed opportunity, that one.


  2. Sounds like a gal I’d like to look like in old age, too! Especially driving the car you described and wearing the bright colored coat–I’ve always loved bright colors:) I can definitely see you at that age being classy like that.


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