Faith, Trust & Puzzle Dust

WHILE working on a jigsaw puzzle with her husband, she was asked whether or not she had got all the puzzle pieces with blue on them together into one pile.

She replied: Yes.

Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 10.20.45 AM

WHEN it was pointed out to her that there were about 20 more puzzle pieces with blue on them that she had not put into the pile, she thought hard about this.

Then she said: Some is like All, only Less– and Easier.

Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 10.20.22 AM

AND then, having faith that she had explained herself clearly, she walked away from the dining room table, trusting that she had done her bit for this project.  Needing to put distance between herself and those 1000 dusty puzzle pieces.  Wondering why she said that she’d help with this stupid puzzle to begin with.

[Images of puzzle from Jig Zone.  This particular puzzle is here.]

14 thoughts on “Faith, Trust & Puzzle Dust

  1. I am picturing you with chocolate smeared all over your face and hands, insisting that you did not eat the chocolate. And I plan to keep that little justification handy. Some…. easier. Yes.


  2. Look at you, referencing Tinkerbell phrases like it’s no big deal. I knew you were awesome beforehand, but now you are a flower growing in the garden of awesome. Sprinkled with fairy dust, of course.


    • Stephanie, I’m a flower, huh? Wow, you really do know how to turn a phrase. I knew that someone would get my reference– should have figured that it’d be you!


  3. I do not like puzzles–I guess I’m just not spatial enough to do them. Or perhaps I’m just an impatient grumpster every time I have to sit and stare at a bunch of random pieces.


    • Margaret, I know how you feel. I lean more toward puzzle grumpster, than aficionado. However, I try to play along when Z- D does his winter puzzle. I try to be helpful…


    • philosophermouse, I know what you mean. Too many pieces, too much dust… not my first choice for entertainment, but the hubster does like himself a puzzle or two each winter.


  4. I enjoy helping my Grandma with a puzzle, or the lady on my Meals on Wheels route, because they’re old and perhaps really do need my help. Not terribly fond of them myself, though.


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