Stuck At Home On A Winter’s Day: Observations, Musings & Long Sentences

My world is covered in ice this morning.  Trees. Bushes. Sidewalk. Driveway. Deck. Mailbox.  They are all a mess.  The sky is gray with no sign that the sun even exists, so there’s no sparkle going on with this layer of ice.  Pity that.  Shimmering light refracted from icy tree branches is beautiful to look at.

However, that’s not what we have going on here.  Nope, what we have here is a gloomy, slippery mess.  Ick.

This is one of those days when staying at home seems like the sane thing to do.  I’m lucky that my lifestyle is flexible enough to allow me to do just that.  So home for the day, it is– even though I had some other things planned.

However, plans change, don’t they?  Often, in fact.

I’ve been putting off some boring cleaning projects.  Closets. Cupboards. Cabinets.  Not all of them, but some of them, could use a once over.  So, I suppose, that today would be the day to start on these projects.  The problem is that I dislike beginning things.  I’m good at maintaining things after I get a something going and I’m good at concluding things when I must.

However, starting something new makes me a bit crazy and discombobulated.  Always has.

That being as it may, I think that I’ve dawdled here for about as long as I can.  What is a blog for if not to share your life with the world and to take stock of who you are?  Granted, one hopes when one starts blogging that one’s life is so interesting and compelling that sharing it with the world becomes a moral imperative;  but one learns early on that when one faces up to the dull realities of one’s life, one is left with two options.  Either one must say nothing, or one can say whatever she likes using long sentences.

However, even long sentences can become tedious to write.  So off I go to do something more productive.  Probably.

19 thoughts on “Stuck At Home On A Winter’s Day: Observations, Musings & Long Sentences

  1. I’m a terrible Starter also. Sometimes I simply have to choose a random time and just barrel out of my chair and go like gangbusters. If I sit down again AT ALL, I know it’s over. You’re right about today being a Stay Home Day. We have ice, rain, sleet, whatever. It’s grey and blah. I just want to stay in jammies and veg. But I am out of some towels, and I need to vacuum (again!). 10:30 is my Go Time.


    • I think that the novelty of winter is over for me. I’m bored with it & just trying to wait out. I mean, here I am talking about cleaning out closets! Can things get any duller?


    • Joe, you’re right about that. I have no [reasonable] excuse to not get on these dull indoor projects. At least this icy weather has given me the time to do things. I’ll just keep saying that to myself until I believe it.


  2. We just have rain today. On days like this, I turn on lights in whatever room I’m in so that it’s not so dreary. I tend to bake or cook a good dinner. I’ve already made something called chocolate caramel bars. But I also went to the dentist, so I hope I am able to eat the sweets! Good luck to you as you begin to tackle the boring stuff– maybe you’ll find something that has been long lost:)


    • Beth, good point! Maybe there are a few treasures in these closets & cabinets & cupboards. Your chocolate caramel bars sound tasty. I have no doubt that you’ll figure out a way to eat them. You’re a creative girl!


  3. We’ve had such a mild winter I really won’t complain about yesterday’s ice. And, it actually warmed up after sunset so the ice is pretty well gone this morning (even though the temperature dropped again, brrr). I really wanted a snow day today and so I’m pretending that it’s still nasty out. Just woke up about 20 minutes ago. Yesterday I did get a lot of my office cleaning-out project done!

    As for WP’s spell check. I am hypothesizing that a lot of the words that it doesn’t know are common misspellings of more common words. Was thinking about peruse (you mentioned before) and wondering if wp flags it because it’s close to pursue? Hell, it’s an idea… Though, I am not coming up with a word of which discombobulated would be a common misspelling. My hypothesis quickly goes down in flame.


    • Zazzy, if the weather forecasters are correct, this ice will be gone by late afternoon. That would suit me fine, but I’m still avoiding the roads until tomorrow.

      Your idea re: spell check sounds reasonable. Anything is possible. So why not?


  4. My blog didn’t recognize the word BLOG which I found amusing. (I think it’s probably upgraded its spell check since then) Ice is my hated enemy. I go no where in it, even to get the mail.


    • Margaret, I didn’t walk down the driveway to get the mail yesterday. Like you, I see no reason to risk life & limb just to get some bills and some junk mail. It can all wait a day.


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