Welcome To Jibber Jabber July

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Scrat, my blogging muse, with acorn.

I STARTED KEEPING A BLOG when the earth was covered in ice.

Really.  It’s true.

Like one of my favorite cartoon characters, Scrat, the Ice Age squirrel, back then I focused on getting readers my acorn.  Keeping readers my acorn.

No matter what.

I posted almost daily.  Sometimes more than once a day even.  Can you imagine?

We all did.  Egos demanded it.

# # #

I ONLY SHARE THIS RETROSPECTIVE with you, my gentle readers, as a way of introducing you to a concept I dreamed up last week while I sat stuck inside my house due to massive amounts of rain.

This has not been the kind of summer to be outside.  Too wet.  Too moldy.  It makes me itch.

So I thought to myself…

Why not return to a modified version of old-time blogging and post here 3 or 4 days a week?  For one month.

Like I used to do when I was new to blogging and commenters were a dime a dozen and there was a sense of community among those of us who were either courageous enough OR crazy enough to share all the details of our lives with virtual strangers.

# # #

WITH THE FOREGOING IN MIND I have taken the liberty of creating my very own unique hashtag: #JibberJabberJuly.  It’s what all the cool kids do now, making hashtags that is.

Although they usually use some sort of acronym, or garbled words, that no one outside of their group understands.  Which I think sort of defeats the purpose of connection among virtual strangers.

But whatever.

To wit, I have used my propensity toward creative alliteration + my love of clear communication to gift the world with my hashtag.  Feel free, gentle readers, to adopt it, or the concept upon which it is based, as your own all month.

Let’s get it started jibber-jabbering in here.  Shall we?

22 thoughts on “Welcome To Jibber Jabber July

  1. I’m looking forward to all of your jibber jabbering this month! You always have something interesting to bring to the conversation. Jabber away!


    • Thanks Beth! I figure if I’m going to be stuck inside [cabin fever, summer style], then why not use my time to write? Plus, I’ve really gotten away from doing this sort of blogging. It’ll be good for me to babble a little bit.


  2. Garbled words no one outside the group understands which defeats the purpose – so astute.
    Go #JibberJabberJuly
    As you say, once the temps get into summer gear, I’m hiding inside. Anything to avoid noticing the dog hair tumbleweeds! I can probably manage 3 times a week…if the dogs will only take naps and stop “guarding” the neighborhood and rearranging furniture (revealing yet more dog tumbleweed…or is that another cat that sneaked in…it better not be a cat….)


    • philmouse, thank you. Don’t you wonder about some of those narcissistic hashtags out there? I mean, who understands them? I like my hashtaggery clear, thank you very much.

      And you said it, hiding inside. If I manage to be wordy enough to write 3 or 4 posts per week, I think that I’ll forget about all the yuckiness outside. Maybe. I have no doubt that you can manage 3 posts per week. You’re a blogging wonder. 😉

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  3. Please. Allow me to sit by your feet and absorb your wisdom, Old-timer. Tell me more of this age when the acorns were plentiful and the jibber-jabberers few, when your gray hair still flowed as a golden river down your back.

    Or, yknow, when Live Journal was still a thing. Wevs. Same diff, right?


    • Alice, I’m laughing here while crinkly wrinkles form around the corners of my faded blue eyes. The gray hair part is most apt, btw.

      Never did Live Journal, but it took the same commitment to showing up and writing that blogging does. Were you there?


      • Nope! Didn’t start blogging sporadically until 2 years ago, and not in earnest before March of last year. You could think of me as the blogger’s equivalent to that grandma who likes the world wide web because it lets her email through the google to see pictures of her grandbabies. And her friends’ cats.

        I mean, I’ve got the right hair for it. And I *do* like my cat pictures…


        • Alice, it sounds like you’re on the right track to blogging success– whatever that might mean to you. And if you can’t think of what to write, throw some cat photos out there. They’re always a hit!

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  4. I’m not sure how often I post–once every 2 or 3 days, sometimes it’s longer. My problem in the summer is that I don’t have as many stories without school. I suppose I could write about the CAT. She’s quite a character. My life is pretty boring right now. *snore*


    • Margaret, I understand how without all the school shenanigans things must seem dull to you right now. But with Mari, you have a constant source of blog-worthy material. That cat is wacko.


    • Carrie, I figured that with this miserable summer weather I either had to give up on blogging for a while OR double down on writing my thoughts out. And thus, #JibberJabberJuly was born.

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    • Andra, I do too. It was so much fun to just chat & chatter without worrying about stats and links and always having an image to put with your post. So for one month, I’m going back in time. 🙂


  5. Oh, those were The Days…! I get on a Posting Binge every now and then, mainly to discipline myself after a Bout Of Sloth. I won’t join you just now, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy stopping by here more often to read what you come up with. (I always do!)


    • nance, you’re right, I’m on a posting binge. If the weather is going to force me stay inside, then I’m going to make good [?] use of my time and become a blogging phenom… or at least a reasonable facsimile thereof. 😉


  6. I’m in, I think. Not so much work as posting every day. Let’s see if we can do it! I also miss those early days sometimes. I had many real life friends who posted daily, or almost daily, so we were guaranteed readers. Now, not so much. I think I was the last to join, and the only one still blogging at all. Sad in a way. Not in another, in that they’re all still busy doing life. I miss seeing them here, though.


    • J, I feel that sadness, too. I had such a wonderful time meeting people and learning about what made them tick. So much less judgment back then. No niches. No stats. Just writing and connecting for the heck of it.

      Looking forward to whatever jibber jabber you choose to write about. You always have something good to say!


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