A Soggy Summer: How Bored Can A Bean Get?

Things I have done in the past week to try to entertain myself while it rains almost non-stop outside during July, a month when accomplishing things on my “Save It For Summer” To Do List is a top priority.

1)  I rooted for Zen-Den to burn up a waffle while he was making some for breakfast yesterday morning.  I thought that the smoke might add a little excitement to the day.

He, however, didn’t burn anything, made delicious waffles, and even cleaned up the kitchen afterward, thereby depriving me of things to complain about here in a blog post.

Yes, I’m bored enough to feel defeated about not having a cooking mishap to start the day.

2)  I watched hours of TV shows about buying property in Alaska.  Alaska is a state that I adored in Northern Exposure, but after watching these shows, I dunno about these people.

While watching these shows I learned that 33% of the homes in Alaska have outhouses.  And that people there seem ga-ga over views of mountains that all look the same to me.  And that moose wander around free-range style in Alaska’s largest city, Anchorage, population 300,000.

Clearly, no matter how much I loved Maggie and Joel, this is not a state for me, a woman who thinks staying at a Motel 6 is roughing it.

3)  I sorted through all the catalogues that are in this house.  I ended up with a 14″ high pile of catalogues, unwanted, in my way, yet here, for reasons most varied.

Some were catalogues from companies that I have bought things from online, while other catalogues, unsolicited, seem to magically appear in our mailbox.  Then like a ninny, I bring them inside the house.  

My conclusion?  Catalogues are a plague of locust, impossible to stop.

4)  I researched perfumes online.  I want a new fragrance, but when shopping in the stores I can’t find one that suits my fussy nose.  So I sat here, at the computer, reading online descriptions of fragrances, knowing full well that perfume is something that needs to be sniffed and dabbed before buying it.

Yet all because I cannot accomplish anything around the house like I want to do, I was bored enough to read about perfume, as if that was a good use of my time.

I mean really?  Reading about fragrance?  I’m doomed.

28 thoughts on “A Soggy Summer: How Bored Can A Bean Get?

  1. Here’s hoping for fairer weather soon, My Love, so we may get back on track. If not, I promise I will produce a nice over-charred chicken breast the next time we grill outside between the rain drops (if the charcoal lights).


    • Zen-Den, yum… chicken on the grill. Like we’ll ever be able to find a time when you can light the charcoal. Too much rain. But still, I like your thinking.


  2. OH MY GOD THIS RAIN! It’s making me feel frantic. And nearly suicidal.

    With regard to your catalog issue, I read a place to remove your name from mailing lists, and I did it. I get NOTHING now, and it’s wonderful. I’m sure you could research it–I’m sorry I can’t remember any details for you now–and do the same. It’s a one-shot deal, and it takes care of all of them. I had read it in the Plain Dealer. Go! Search! (Save it for a rainy day….)


    • nance, I beginning to feel angst-y about this rain. I understand your frantic.

      Thanks for the heads up about the catalogue issue. I’ll look into it. Fascinating that there is such a place– and that there’s a need for such a place.


  3. We’ve gone from constant rain and flooding (not here, but in the area) to really, really hot. Everything will dry up soon. It should be headed your way.

    Anchorage, by the way, is a beautiful city. I didn’t see any moose or bears while I was there, just lots of restaurants and shops. And the most insane buffet I’ve ever seen. Beautiful scenery. I interviewed for a job in the bush which was far more remote than Northern Exposure. Interesting place, not for me.

    Perfume, in my opinion, should be bought by samples. I think you have to wear it for a few days before you really know if it’s for you. If you wear makeup, Sephora will send you a few samples every time you order. Maybe they have sample in their stores, too?


    • Zazzy, you give me hope that this rain will subside soon. Our poor roses are looking like they can’t hang on much longer! And my sweet disposition is just about shot. 😉

      I’m sure that I’d enjoy visiting Alaska, but there’s no way I’d want to move there. The houses that were for sale, and the high prices for them, left me wondering who’d afford to live there comfortably.

      Good idea about samples from Sephora. Hadn’t thought of that. I agree, I want to wear a fragrance for a while before I commit.


  4. Maybe a vacation is in order to get away from all the sogginess. That would drive me batty. As you know, I’m a sunshine gal. I NEED it! Sure hope the sun will come out for you soon. And as far as perfume goes, mine of the summer is sunscreen. You may have to venture out to sample some fragrances at different stores,


    • Beth, I don’t mind a few days of non-sunshine every once in a while, but this has been weeks without sunshine… and with the sound of water moving all the time. It’s beginning to freak me out.

      I agree about going to some different stores to try some scents. This “problem” is no big deal, but I had to laugh at myself when it dawned on me that I was reading about fragrance. Like that was going to do me any good?


    • evilsquirrel13, you are so right! I never thought of Alaska like that, but you’re correct. If one description is true, then its opposite must be true, also. Should I ever plan a visit there, I’ll keep that in mind.


  5. Able to feel your pain. The endless storms and grim grey shrouded us here for months it seems. OMG I saw those houses in Alaska, too…and the catalogue purging. Walking in the rain became reality and not a song worth singing. (besides not enough hair spray to keep that bubble flip perky) Now we are roasting and scorched. A bit of cloud cover would really be appreciated.


  6. So sorry for the sogginess of your summer so far. Wish we could send you our sun. After a long winter, it is criminal for summer to be less than sunny! At least up here in Canada that is. Wishing you some heat as you peruse your catalogues 🙂 and eat yummy waffles! Hang in there. There are still 2 weeks to July for it to better itself!


    • lovetotrav, thank you for your sympathy. I enjoy summer here because it’s when we can fix all the little outdoor things around the house… at our leisure. But with all this rain, once the sun shines again [which I believe it will soon], we’ll have to work double quick to get the outdoor projects finished before the normal fall rains show up. Honestly, if it ain’t one thing, it’s another. 😉

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    • Kate, this has been the strangest summer weather I’ve ever seen. I know what you mean about the temperature ups and downs. I never know what to wear- is it summer or is it spring? Just pick one and stick with it, Mother Nature.

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  7. Well, Ally, you have made me feel better about the amount of rain we are having here by showing me it could be worst. And I know just which show you have been watching since I was hooked on it for a short while. I reached the same conclusions as you and moved on. If you want to make your watching experience a bit more interactive I will share something I noticed. They always interview the owners on the property they picked out and sprinkle bits of that interview throughout the show. If you carefully examine the landscape in all shots you can usually figure out which property they bought way before they reveal it.


    • la p, I do what I can to make other people feel better about themselves! Glad I could help you. 😉

      Interesting observation about that TV show. I was watching what clothes the “contestants” had on, hoping to get a clue. But looking at the landscapes is brilliant. Thanks for the way to game the show.


  8. I would like some of that rain here; we got a little today, but are still parched. In fact, up the hill from me(quite a ways, so no worries) people are being evacuated due to a 20 acre brush fire. I absolutely loved the Alaska scenery and all those mountains; I didn’t expect to, being from WA where we have impressive mountains of our own. However, it seems like a place stuck in the ’60s or ’70s and many of the people live up there off the grid for a reason. Did they show you any of the Anchorage mansions on the plateau? That’s where the oil execs live and in quite the style! I wear Light Blue myself and love its fresh, citrus scent.


    • Margaret, oh I hope that you won’t be evacuated. That happened to us once, for a different reason, and it was an awful experience. *shudder*

      The TV show didn’t include any mansions, just average folks looking for a primary residence. You’re right that everything looked like the ’60s & ’70s. I was so underwhelmed by every property.

      Will check out Light Blue. Sound like something that would appeal to me. Thanks.


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