New Year’s Resolution, Mid-Year Clarification Of Said


Yes, I know that I declared 2015 to be the Year of the Recluse.

I know that I said that I’d not be doing things social.  But sometimes, even an introvert such as myself, wants to do something with a friend or two.

So I’m a failure at following through with my New Year’s Resolution.  Like you’re so good at doing in July that which you said that you’d do in January?

Hmmm?  How are you doing with your resolutions?

# # #

To clarify, when I said that I’d be a recluse this year what I meant was that I was going to avoid reunions, anniversary/holiday dinners, birthday bashes– and having a Christmas party here at the house.

[That last one in particular.]

So when it comes to those sorts of things, I’m a recluse.  But when it comes to other activities I’m kinda out there socializing all over the place this year.

Well, I’m always kinda out there, but you know what I mean!


11 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution, Mid-Year Clarification Of Said

  1. I know you made the resolution to be a recluse, but A certain other friend of ours and I wish you’d reconsider this great class reunion coming up. I know everyone would LOVE to see you! You would really have a fun time. I know I can’t talk you into it, but thought I’d try anyway:)
    Love ya!


    • Beth, uh huh. I hear ‘ya. Lunch for 3, yes.

      Huge group activity with people who I wouldn’t recognize if they stood in line behind me at Kroger, no thanks. That is pure stress for me. They’ll just have to love me from afar! 🙂


  2. Seizing the moments to be social is a great way to break a resolution. Being a recluse isn’t sustainable anyway. I think optimizing your social interactions would be a better goal. I sounded very teacherish, didn’t I? 😉


    • Margaret, thinking back over this year I realized that I’ve been socializing lots more than a recluse would. I seem to be, as you suggested: optimizing my social interactions.

      OR to put it another way: only doing what I want to do! Which means no big group things, lots of small personal things. That suits me better.


  3. Only doing what you want to do socially seems like the ideal way to be a recluse to me. I am by nature something of a hermit and this year, it’s been a little less than my choice. When people are around, I talk non-stop. 🙂


    • Zazzy, I think there is a balance between being a hermit and being a social butterfly. It is only in this past year that this idea has dawned on me. While I enjoy the company of some ppl I have always been open to all people. But no more. Henceforth, I’m only doing socially that which pleases me. Ha!


  4. You know, peoples of the blogosphere, I must have written this post all wrong because I was anticipating conversations about YOUR resolutions, not an in-depth analysis of my failure to follow through on MY resolution. Interesting lesson here. Expectations versus reality, eh?


  5. I like your resolution. I suppose there are different ways of being social: the big party social and the little spontaneous social. I like the spontaneous kind with few people. My resolution was to reread parts of Proust’s memoir which I haven’t had time to yet but I still have half the year so there’s still time!

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    • Letizia, thank you. When I made my resolution to be a recluse I was exhausted after a year of big party socializing. Looking back on it, I realize that I didn’t think this resolution through. So now I’m owning up to socializing, but like you said, in a smaller, more spontaneous way.

      Love the idea of reading Proust, but I doubt that I will. If I made it through college without reading him, I suspect that I’ll never read his work. My brain is too lazy for his complexities!


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