At The Home Show: Chatting With A Carpenter, Learning Too Much


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AS SOME OF YOU KNOW, I’m the sort of person who people love to talk with.  Well, talk to– more accurately.

I’m a good listener and do love a good story.  I admit that.

Since I was a teenager, strangers, in particular, have told me their stories.  I don’t ask, they just tell me.

Sometimes to their own detriment.

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THUS IT CAME AS NO SURPRISE that when Zen-Den and I were at the Home Show this past weekend, Chatty Charlie the Carpenter deviated from his sales pitch to tell me a story about his nemesis, Danny Long-Greek-Last-Name, who is also a carpenter.

In a nutshell, Chatty Charlie feels that Danny Long-Greek-Last-Name has risen above his station in life. Is a snob now. Who charges too much for his work.

Which Chatty Charlie admits is excellent.

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IN FACT, CHATTY CHARLIE TOLD ME that Danny Long-Greek-Last-Name is the man who finished our house years ago.  I’d forgotten the carpenter’s name, but recognized it instantly when I heard it.

Meaning that Danny Long-Greek-Last-Name crafted our beautiful fireplace mantel and surround.

Which I love.

And am looking to have a second level added onto, so that the whole fireplace/mantle/surround area reaches almost up to the apex of the cathedral ceiling.

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NOW LET’S THINK ABOUT THIS conversation, shall we?

Chatty Charlie the Carpenter, who I’m meeting for the first time, in his need to be understood, has inadvertently told me who might do a better job than he could with my small carpentry project– which Chatty Charlie claims he wants to do.

And with that glimpse into how my life unfolds [and how a small business can fail], allow me to end this post with my summation of this conversation: he cut off his nose to spite his face.

22 thoughts on “At The Home Show: Chatting With A Carpenter, Learning Too Much

    • kate, I wonder, too. Nice enough man, beautiful work [if his photos are to be believed], BUT talk about not too bright! The conversation made me smile– and seemed like a blog post writing itself.

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  1. Your opening paragraphs make me wonder if my introversion is large part of why people always say I’m a good listener: If I’m listening, I don’t have to be talking! I like asking questions because they invite further elaboration while I just sit and quietly soak it in.

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  2. I think we’ve stumbled upon something here…. We all seem to be people who are good listeners or at least people who others share everything with! I guess blogging draws in introverts and introverts let others talk (too much in Carpenters case haha!).

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  3. How interesting! My late husband was a carpenter, an excellent stair builder and was NOT a talker at all. However, if asked, he would have told you that no one could do as a high a quality job as he would. But he would also say that many guys he worked with in construction were not the brightest light bulbs. 🙂 In fact, he whined about it ALL THE TIME.


    • Margaret, I thought of you as this situation unfolded in front of me. Charlie the Chatty Carpenter was a nice guy, but not really thinking about the implications of what he was telling me. Patt would have “loved” this guy!


  4. Mom would say, “You never have to worry about what to talk about when HE’S around.” She would also say, “He must’ve been vaccinated with a phonograph needle.” Good luck with your project. I hope Danny Long-Greek-Last-Name does a great job for you!

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