Living The Dream, Going Through The Car Wash


They say “dream big,” but I’m a bit of a contrarian on this point.


You see, I’m blessed with a temperament that enjoys silliness…


and tends to focus on the details of life.


As a result, many of my dreams are small…


like sitting in the car as the car goes through the car wash and taking photos of the process.


And do you know what’s the best part of this small dream?


The fact that it came true.

33 thoughts on “Living The Dream, Going Through The Car Wash

    • Deb, I can see where a car wash could be kind of creepy to a kid… or a traumatized adult. I don’t think it matters what the dream is, as long as it’s a positive one. I think what matters is that you do it. Take joy, ‘ya know?

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  1. Oh my word! Cookie monster in the car wash? I think I’m in love. I remember going through the car wash as kind of a special treat when we were kids. There’s still something sort of magical about it.


  2. The crackdown on sugary treats on Sesame Street had taken its toil. Cookie Monster, the one-time Prince of Pizzelle had been forced into the back alleys of the black market where he disguised the proceeds of his ill-gotten sugary gains through the purchase of a car wash franchise he purchased from a former Mrs. White. Still, appearances had to be maintained. High off a particular binge of snickerdoodles, Cookie Monster wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, or in this case, help make a car clean.

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    • Allie, well said. Sometimes it’s important to look at the story behind the story, and you have the goods on Cookie Monster, poor guy. Hoping that he’ll be able to keep on with this job. It’s tough being a grime fighter.

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    • Beth, for years I’ve said I should do this. Then one day I had my camera with me, so I did it. The lighting in the car wash was wonderful, so it turned out to be an easy photo shoot.


  3. I hated going through the car wash because I could never line my wheel up with the conveyor… even with the attendant’s useless hand signals. Now that I don’t live by the car wash anymore, I just let my car stay dirty. That’s what rain is for…


    • evilsquirrel13, I get what you’re saying about lining your wheels up. This particular car wash has an overhead mirror that you can look at while you’re driving up onto the conveyor. It takes the angst out of that part of the process. I, too, am a big believer in the power of a good cleansing rain, so I don’t have my car washed like this often. But it’s fun when I do.


    • nancy, I’ve always gotten a kick out of going through a car wash. And this one is so goofy with the stuffed toys and colored lights that it’s a trip in and of itself. I’m impressed that anyone washes his or her car by hand. Good for you. I’m much too lazy to do that!


  4. I used to take the kids through the car wash when they were little. There were no stuffed animals in ours, however. With the drought in California, we were encouraged to use car washes rather than doing it ourselves. I don’t wash mine very often though, truthfully.


    • Janet, I don’t wash my car often either. When I do I go through this unique car wash because it’s effective– and because I get to see Curious George and Cookie Monster. The little kid inside me loves it!

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    • philmouse, I’m unabashedly silly sometimes. I agree with you, if you aren’t silly then you’ll miss some of the wonder that surrounds us.

      “You might not ever get rich
      But let me tell ya it’s better than diggin’ a ditch…”

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