6 Small Thoughts Upon The 6th Anniversary Of This Blog

A glimpse into my personal blogging evolution…

1)  I like my writing better now than when I started The Spectacled Bean.  I’ve learned how to write in a smooth flowing chatty style that is genuine, not dry & academic.  I express myself with more attitude, more gratitude, less awkwardness, and a propensity to use goofy big words that I love.


2)  I write more in-depth now on one event or topic or person, instead of glossing over and combining many things into one post like I used to do.  I’m more focused, definitely less ditzy.

3)  I think of my blog as a newspaper lifestyle column now in which I share my observations, experiences + research, making sense of these things, so that I can start conversations which, I hope, add a bit of love +  learning + laughter into the world.  I no longer think of this blog as a diary or a variety show or a scrapbook.

4)  My posts look prettier now thanks to the instant availability of font sizes, styles, and colors.  Plus it’s so much easier to add images and videos now.  I sometimes wonder why any of us read any blog considering how text-based and bland they all looked.


5)  I find myself more engaged with my followers now than ever before.  Lots of  fascinating articulate people have found The Spectacled Bean, and I have found their blogs.  I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my posts, and thank you for making me part of your lives as well.

6)  I’m much mellower now about this whole blogging thing.  No more angst over what to write about, little worry about how to write it, still some concern that I’ll make a spelling or grammatical error.  But overall, I’m chill– and comfortable in my role as a suburban blogger.

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64 thoughts on “6 Small Thoughts Upon The 6th Anniversary Of This Blog”

  1. Wow, six years is a long time, Ally Bean! I say that, but started blogging ten years ago, when I didn’t know what it really was. Or that I’d need to do it. Maybe forever. Compulsively. Anyway, I’ve only had my blog for 4 years, and I don’t think I’ve evolved much here, probably learned a lot from being private so long. (Like how few rl friends will read me. lol ow, lol, ow!
    Congratulations on the evolution of The Spectacled Bean! I’m so glad to read you 🙂

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    1. joey, I’ve had a few blogs along the way. I started my first blog back in March of 2004, and have kept writing & commenting since then, most years, somewhere in the blogosphere.

      I’m an INFP [or INTP?] so I get your need to be private, but I’ve become more open in this particular blog. I figure that maybe I’m finally comfortable with telling the world what I think about things. Or maybe it’s just a by-product of getting older. 😉

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  2. Happy Anniversary! You’ve evolved as a blogwriter far more than I have. I still sweat the small stuff whenever I prepare a post. It’s the English Teacher in me, probably.

    Thanks for being a Writer, Observer, and Reader Over At My Place!

    (I hope this comment shows up. My two cents on your last post was lost in the ether.)

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    1. nance, as an English Major I understand the worry that goes with writing and publishing anything, anywhere. I think we all were taught to hold ourselves to a higher standard [which is ridiculous considering the tweet-y world we live in].

      I try not to miss what you have to say & say something about it, but I, too, sometimes have a difficult time commenting on your blog. Google eats my comments like they’re M&Ms.

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  3. Congratulations on your perseverance! I’ve always believed you to be a great writer. And like I’ve said a million times to you before, you need to write a book. I’ll buy it!
    I’ve not always commented on every blog post, but I’ve definitely read every one of them! Looking forward to many more posts!

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    1. Thanks Beth. I appreciate your support. I’ve had a long career as a blogger and am pleased that it’s allowed me to actually use my college degrees in a productive way. Who’d of thought, huh? 🙂

      As for writing a book, find me an agent, editor, & publisher– and I’m all ears! The sad truth about writing a memoir or book of personal essays is that unless your story is a big dramatic one based on hurt and despair, there aren’t many [any?] publishers willing to take a risk on a book that probably won’t generate big sales.

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    1. Kate, thank you! In my earlier blogs I did things the same way all the time, never changing how I did things after I started them. But here I’ve morphed into something different than what I started with. Going more with the flow now.

      I look forward to seeing how you add spice to your blog. I’m flattered that I’ve encouraged you to think about it.

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  4. Happy Anniversary, My Love. Your blog has been magnificent and gets better every day, as do you. The only joy greater than your blog is you. And pizza, so maybe there’s two. I’ll get back to you on the order . . . tee-hee.

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    1. Zen-Den, I know that I come in second to pizza. It’s a given really. But here’s the thing, I’m ok with it. Like I said in the post, I’m a much mellower person now than I used to be. So, you know, whatevs…

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  5. Happy Anniversary! I am so glad I found you through the A 2 Z. I took the time to read some of the older posts you linked to above and as to your first post, I am the same way about wanting to make sure that everything is just right before I start something. I also caught the post where you talked about your husband’s ring tone for you…I don’t have time to search through your site, did he ever change it? I have “Million Dollar Bill” by Whitney Houston for my husband (Bill), Amanda by Boston for my daughter (Amanda), Leave Me Alone by Michael Jackson for my son (not because I want him to leave me alone, but because he likes MJ), and our youngest daughter is “My Girl” by the Temptations. Our house number is “Back Home Again” by John Denver and my standard ring is Abacab by Genesis. As for my ringtone on my hubby’s phone, he doesn’t have a special one for anybody but I would either choose “Steppin’ Out” by Joe Jackson (“our song”) or Keep on Lovin’ You by REO Speedwagon. THANK YOU so much for including me on your list of reads and thanks for sharing all you do! Here’s to many more years of blogging “friendship.”

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    1. Janet, I found so many people though that challenge. Glad that you were one of them. Happy to include you on my blogroll.

      I went back to read my first post and laughed. I was soooo worried about doing something wrong back then. Now I do my best– and shrug off the mistakes.

      Zen-Den has changed my ringtone to a basic phone ring. That makes sense, we’ve been together since the before time when all anyone had was ringy-dingy.

      I like your list of tunes you use to id your family. I think if I ever went down the path of using special ringtones I’d never be found again. Too many from which to choose.

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  6. I totally groove on your posts Ally Bean – also on the comments you get and the responses you make back –
    Yours flow with such style and ease so much so that I suffer from a green disorder.
    Thank you for your lovely blogs! You add hope & humour in a humungous way!

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    1. Susan, thank you! I’ve had to work at learning how to write in a chatty way. My writing experiences prior to blogging were in college or as a paralegal, neither one of these areas being known for lightheartedness! 😉

      I’m glad you enjoy the comments. So do I. Over the years I’ve attracted followers who like to tell me what’s up with them, and I adore reading all of it. I figure I start the conversation with my post, then wait to see where the comment section takes my thoughts.

      Thanks again for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment.

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    1. bobcabkings, I never would have thought I’d stick with this blog as long as I have. My earlier blogs only lasted 2 or 3 years before I got bored. But this time I’ve found a way of writing and connecting that seems authentic and fun for me. Go figure.

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  7. Wow, 6 years is quite an accomplishment! I really love your writing style and subject matter so, whatever you are doing, keep doing it! And, I’m beyond flattered to be included on your Daily Reads… thank you! One of these days I want to update my site – I’m just a little scared everything will blow up in my face. I look forward to following you into your next six years, and beyond! ~ Janis

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    1. Janis, thank you. Your praise is making me blush. I was happy to include you in the Daily Reads because I enjoy what you have to say. I totally understand your hesitation about changing anything on your blog. I’ve accidentally deleted posts and pages, lost photos &/or links, screwed up my color scheme– and about a hundred other things. The bottom line is, imho, that keeping a blog means that you have to willing to make very public mistakes! And that you trust yourself to figure how to undo your mistakes. 😉

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  8. Happy anniversary to you, and a special nod to Fuzzy the squirrel as I’m sure he’s the reason I came upon your blog. I have been promoting that idea of throwing at least a few images into posts to break up the endless stream of words for a long time… it helps keep us visually minded and ADD people from nodding off while reading some 2,000 word monstrosity…

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    1. evilsquirrel13, I wish I could feature Fuzzy more often, but I haven’t seen him in quite a while. Kind of worried about him.

      I remember you talking about adding more images, and I remember thinking he’s so right. SO, I’ve been doing that more & more, along with colorful text breaks. A tip of the hat to you for making me aware of that idea.

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    1. Susie, I started my first blog in 2004, so for me blogging has morphed from intellectual curiosity to a part-time job. A career, of sorts. I’m glad that I met you, too. It’s connecting with people from all over the world that makes blogging fun for me.

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  9. 6 years! That’s like 7 dog years right?

    Your insights give me, as a blogger rookie, hope for better things to come.

    I wonder what your 12 year post will look like… (i.e. Can you imagine how crazy it would be to actually use a keyboard or a computer to generate posts)

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    1. Gabe, I like the dog years comparison. There’s something to that way of thinking!

      Odd that you’d mention year 12… because while this particular blog is 6 years old I’ve been blogging on one, or another, blog since 2004. Here is what I wrote in honor of my year 12 in the blogosphere: The Bean Abides.


    1. Hey there La P! This blog is old enough to start first grade, but this blogger has been around much longer. But of course, you know that! Thanks for stopping by to comment. Always like to hear from you.


    1. Margaret, what a sweet thing to say! I’m honored to know this. You’re one of my longest-reading bloggy friends out there. So happy that we found one another all those years ago.


  10. Darn late to the party, but congrats for hanging in there and being brave enough to morph and change.
    You couldn’t do breezy and chatty as well without that organized academic background – it all ties in there.
    And of course there’s Fuzzy. We love Fuzzy….someone go poke him awake.

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    1. philmouse, thank you. I hadn’t thought about how the academic foundation ties into the chatty, but you’re right. As for Fuzzy, I’m sorry to say it’s been months since I’ve seen him, or any of his kith and kin, around his home in the tree. I dunno…

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