Here Are My 3 “Sorry / Not Sorry” Opinions 


One of my favorite podcasts is Sorta Awesome.

It’s a weekly talk show in which at least two of the four co-hosts, who live in different parts of the USA, talk politely + intelligently about awesome things that they like.  Things like: books, TV, family, relationships, travel, health, beauty, self-awareness, personalities, social media, blogs.

The episode that hooked me in this time was Episode #110 in which all four women shared their 3 “sorry / not sorry” [potentially unpopular] opinions.  This was a conversation [with a digression into raw chicken that was priceless] that at times had me laughing so hard I feared that I’d pee my pants.

But I didn’t. 

Grateful for what didn’t happen, and upon reflection, I decided that this Sorta Awesome “sorry / not sorry” topic would make for an interesting blog post.  So without further ado, I give you the following…



I question the smarts of people who place flags in such a way as to have the flag pointing back toward the house, instead of having the flag point forward.  It’s all about history and common sense, kids.

Flags are the colors + symbol that you follow as you’re going into battle: they show you the way.  Therefore, you don’t point the flag back at yourself, because you might impale yourself on it as you move forward.  That would make no sense.

So for the love of all that is good, fly the flag properly. Please.


I do not believe that curly/frizzy hair is a sign of improper grooming.  Here’s a news flash: God gave some people curly/frizzy hair and it’s okay to let it be curly/frizzy.

Not everyone has stick straight hair [natural or forced] like the Kardashians or Melania Trump.  No, some people, like me, have curly/frizzy hair that we keep clean, professionally cut– and wear in a style that is *gasp* natural.

Yep, that’s the truth. Deal with it.


I refuse to pretend that mochi balls are a tasty treat.  I don’t care how deliciously on trend you think they are, how calorically perfect you think they are, how cleverly Japanese you think they are… I don’t like ’em.

They taste awful to me and have a miserable texture.  But that is, of course, because I don’t like to eat blobs of fruity-tea-flavored melting ice cream wrapped in color-coordinated Play-Doh.

In a word, I’d describe mochi balls as: bleech.


You may or may not agree with what I’ve written above.  It matters not to me, which is the whole point of this exercise in honesty.

I figure that by sharing, what I’d describe as rather benign, opinions on a variety of topics, I’ve opened up the blog comments to all of you, my gentle readers, to do the same.

Blogger see. Blogger do.

So… tell me a few of your “sorry / not sorry” opinions.  I’d love to know.

78 thoughts on “Here Are My 3 “Sorry / Not Sorry” Opinions 

  1. Mochi is quite the conversation these days – an item that generates strong opinions both ways. I’ll stay with my Turkey Hill ice cream, thank you very much, but if you want a mochi – knock yourself out.


  2. I guess I’ve been hiding in my cave and seriously out of the loop. I have been completely unaware of mochi balls. I’ll take my ice cream in the normal way, with a spoon straight out of the carton.

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    • bobcabkings, made me laugh on that one. I like my ice cream on a cone, not wrapped in what I am sure is Play-Doh. Eventually a mochi ball will come into your life, and then you’ll see what I mean.

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  3. My cats lie on the dining room table (mostly cause I can’t get them to stop). That appalls a lot of people. We rarely use it but when we do, it is scrubbed clean of any cat hair or prints and cleaner than most people’s dining room table. It still grosses people out and I don’t care.

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  4. I don’t care how folks wear their hair or fly their flag . . . or freak flag. But you nailed Mochi balls with that brilliant describe!!!

    Once is never enough ~> except when trying Mochi balls!

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  5. One such sorry/not sorry that has been sitting with me lately is that I question the wisdom/sanity of drivers who must race up behind you on a busy road, ride your bumper then wiz around your car with barely inches to spare, continue to do this to other drivers ahead of you as every single one of said drivers approaches the same traffic light, only to find themselves no better off than anyone else as we all sit and wait for the “green means go” change in color. Where exactly do they think they are going, and how can they really imagine that they are going to get there any faster than any of the rest of us?

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    • Deb, YES, YES, YES! I agree wholeheartedly, as does Zen-Den. It’s one of those things we talk about when we’re in a car together and see it happen. WHAT IS THE POINT? It’s dangerous and stupid behavior that benefits no one in any way that I can figure. How fragile is your ego that you have to appear to be better/faster than everyone else at a stoplight? I DON’T GET IT.

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  6. I will contemplate my 3 sorrys/not sorrys. As I’m on vacation this week, I’ve only recently awakened and therefore cannot think properly. I did respond about mochi above. But about the flag thing: (a) I’ve not seen this done, (b) Who DOES THIS? and (c) maybe it’s a way to point out the idiots in the village, so we know who they are…. … …

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    • Tara, in this neighborhood people place flag holders on their mail box posts in the front yard so that the flags point back toward the house– instead of putting the flag holder on the house so that the flag points forward to the street LIKE IT SHOULD. It’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen– stupid on many levels. I think the issue is that these people want to appear patriotic, but are unable, or unwilling, to put holes for the flag holder in their precious brick homes. It bugs me almost daily.

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  7. I am laughing about the flags and the people who drive really fast only to be slowed down and end up at the same signal as everyone else. I think I have tried Mochi balls but am of the same opinion as to their worthlessness. Perhaps my sorry/not sorry is that I stand when I attend most concerts. I am moved by the music and need to get my groove on. I do not flail my arms about (I have to hold the camera steady). Most times I turn to the people behind me and warn them and I do sit during the “slow” songs, but I am there to rock and rock I will!

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    • Janet, yes, that whole speed up for no reason behavior is beyond me. The flag thing irritates me. I don’t know that I’d care if you were on your feet during a rock concert, but I’m sure many people would. Do they say anything to you to try to get you to sit down?

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      • One time someone asked my husband to sit but for the most part, everyone else is standing as well, since we try to get seats up close where all the other rockers are. I am very aware, though, that I am not the thinnest person in the world so if I think I will really be blocking someone’s view, I limit my standing to my favorite songs. It also depends on what the people in front of ME are doing. If they are standing, I have to stand to see. I believe the bands play better if they can see that the crowd is into the music. Sometimes THEY tell us to stand and I “usually” do what I’m told 🙂

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        • Your observations of what it’s like to be up close at a rock concert are interesting. I can’t figure how anyone would want to sit still, but I think that you show a great deal of tact in being aware of what other fans might be thinking. People fascinate, don’t they?

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  8. I’m not saying it’s humid and my hair is big, but I did have an unclasped barrette ‘holding it together’ for about 4 hours this morning before I realized it was unclasped. If you understand that, and that in my hair’s natural state, it does what it wants, you’re my people. My FIL is not my people.
    Not a fan of mochi, either. There are plenty of things to love about Japanese cuisine and dessert ain’t one of em.
    My flag hangs on my garage, is lit from below, and faces the street, but then, I know all the flag protocol.
    I can’t think of any sorry not sorries, but I will ponder.

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    • joey, laughing here. I so understand your hair in its natural state. I refuse to accept the idea that my [our] hair is a wrong just because it’s different from the current fashion ideal. I’ve had people say unkind things to me about my hair– as if it reflects poorly on my character. It’s just hair, for crying out loud.

      I’m beginning to think that my stance on mochi balls isn’t all that unpopular.

      I approve of your flag. It is how it’s supposed to be. There are specific rules about flying the flag, and while I’m a free spirit about many things, the flag, flying of said, is not one of them.

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  9. I can’t think of any right now but I love the mochi balls comment. I hate frozen yogurt in general (except TCBY which tastes like ice cream and not yogurt) so I can relate.

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    • Akilah, I like ice cream. Basic ice cream. Preferably on a cone, but in a dish works, too. But mochi balls are a far cry from ice cream. We don’t have any TCBYs around here anymore, but I liked it when it was here.


  10. Hmm, having trouble thinking of something off the top of my head. Guess I’m Sorry/Not Sorry that sometimes it takes little to entertain me. Sometimes a non-literary or non-cinematic, pointless commercial piece of work is exactly what I need to read or watch. 😁

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    • Carrie, that’s a good sorry / not sorry. I’m the same way. It doesn’t always have to be English major stuff! In fact, the older I get the more of a kick I get out of rebelling against the classics. So there.

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  11. I care not how people display their flags (unless they mount them on their cars… I really hate that). As one who has naturally stick-straight hair (beyond that, absolutely no comparison to either the Kardashians or Melania Trump), I am envious of hair that actually does something besides sit there. As far as mochi balls are concerned, I can only say “what is that???”

    My biggest “Sorry/Not Sorry” is that some people insist on spelling fall (the season) with a capital “F.” Often these same people don’t spell spring, summer, or winter that way… only fall… and maybe autumn. It makes me crazy every time I see it.

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  12. Janis, oh I can see your point about the capitalization. I wonder why Fall is given the honor of a capital letter and the other seasons aren’t afforded the same consideration? In grammar school I was taught to capitalize the seasons, but somewhere along the way I was told not to. I’m sure if I went back through all that I’ve written I’ve been somewhat arbitrary about which way I capitalized all the seasons.

    As for mochi balls, the link tells about them in detail… but I’d describe them as bad ice cream substitute wrapped in unbaked doughy stuff. They’re cute, but I’ll pass– thank you very much.

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  13. I don’t understand the flag thing, I have flat hair that needs to be coaxed into some kind of life, and absolutely no idea what a mochi ball is. From the sounds of it, I haven’t missed anything and they’re not something I should lose any sleep over.

    The sorry/not sorry format sounds like a great way to unload some petty annoyances … but I can’t think of a single one!

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    • Joanne, the flag thing is my burden to bear in this suburban life that I live. Why people bother to bother me about my hairstyle baffles me– although no woman seems to like her hair so maybe it’s an offshoot of that.

      And about mochi balls, follow the link to learn more than you’ll ever need to know about them. Or just trust the rest of us, and say “no thanks” when you encounter them in social settings.

      Your summation of this podcast is spot on. Unloading petty annoyances make for good social media!


  14. Oh, boy. This could get Out Of Hand fast.

    Sorry/Not Sorry about:
    Hating Country Music (ALL OF IT) with a passion. It all sounds the same to me; it’s all sappy and basic; it all sounds whiny, wistful, or “settin’ on the porch” stupid or like drunk guys yammering.

    Being “That Driver”. Yes, I am That Driver who has punched on the gas and finally passed you, even though we end up at the light together. Want to know why? Because I am tired of following you at your snail’s pace and want to get where I am going expeditiously, and that means that even though I ended up at the light, I will get through it faster, on my way faster, and to my destination faster, doing the Actual Speed Limit rather than 7-10 miles under it for some unknown reason. On a highway.
    That you will still be on while I am already at my appointment.

    Not Settling. No, I would rather not shop there, eat there, or do that just because it is “almost as good, really, and a lot cheaper.” While I am frugal, I won’t settle for something lousy or ersatz to save a few bucks. I’d rather wait until I can afford what I really like and then buy it or eat there.

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    • nance, I’m laughing here. It’s nice to know someone who knows exactly who she is and what she likes. I like some country music, but then I live farther south than you do so maybe I’ve been influenced by that. I usually drive the speed limit so I’m not sure that you’re the person who’s speeding around me, but if you are: safe travels.

      I’m with you on the whole quality over “almost as good” issue. Mediocrity makes me uncomfortable, I consider it an assault on frugality. I’m a frugal person so I spend my money wisely– not on junk.


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  16. People fret too much about hair. It is what it is. But do not put your hand on my head to smooth my hair. Nooo. I am not your toddler or cat. It’s hair. It does what it wants – like it should. I’m busy. I brush it once a day whether it needs it or not HAHA
    Yep, flags. Don’t fly a ragged faded one, light it at night if you can’t be bothered to take it down at sunset, and take it in during bad weather – like hurricanes. One of our neighbors let his stay out the entire hurricane. He used to be a police chief. Shudder.

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    • philmouse, you understand my hair. I’ve had people do exactly what you mentioned, touch my hair as if by magic they could make it smooth itself. Bothersome and darned annoying, I tell you.

      The former police chief didn’t fly the flag properly?! I’m disheartened and worried for the future of this country. Honestly, how is it that people don’t know flag etiquette? Especially people who talk patriotism, then fail at it in such an obvious way.


  17. Donna, you’d be amazed how many women have wanted to “help” me by telling me I needed to straighten my hair. In fact, one woman once told me I was “brave” to wear my hair curly.

    [I never argue with any of these women. I say “thank you for your suggestion” & then go on doing what I want to do. But really?]


  18. My sorry/not sorry items may relate more to my area of the country and would be very unpopular here. 1. I hate pumpkin spice in drinks. Coffee. Beer. Blech. 2. I have no desire to eat sushi or any kind of raw fish. 3. I can’t get into most television shows these days at all. They try too hard to be funny/meaningful/action-packed, etc.

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    • Margaret, you bring up a point that was discussed in the podcast; some “sorry / not sorry” opinions are particular to where you live now as compared to where you came from.

      I’m not big on pumpkin spice in beverages, either. However, in pie or cake, I’m all in. Sushi isn’t my favorite either, but people who like it really like it. I watch a few TV shows, but I often watch them in a binge rather than when their air so that way I can fast forward through any parts of the show that bore me.


      • Pumpkin spice (as long as it’s not too much spice) in cakes and breads is yummy. But Sbux pumpkin spice latte is vile, in my opinion. Most people I know love sushi and the PacNW is well-known for seafood, so I understand why. I need to find some shows to watch!

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