Pieces Of Winter

~  We awakened to snow this morning.  Just a dusting.  Falling softly, no malicious intent.  Unlike last year when we had 30″ of snow by February, today’s snowfall brings our yearly total to just under three inches.  I can live happily– angst-free during a winter like the one we’re having this year.  Hallelujah!

~  I read Leo Babauta’s book, The Power of LESS, while on vacation.  It’s a fast read that I recommend to anyone who is trying to figure out how to live a simpler, more meaningful life.  After reading the book I made a few notes and began contemplating my life.  Consequently, this week I’ve decided what I value, what I love, what my goals are.  I can live happily– focused on what means the most to me.  Yes!

~  We finished the puzzle.  Even though it had 1000 pieces it went together quickly.  With that many pieces I thought that we’d be fussing with it until March.  But it turned out to be easy-peasy mac & cheesy.  I can live happily– satisfied with something going better than planned.  Yeah!

~  I sent away for some business cards for this blog!  I’ve always wanted to share my blog with people in real life– not depending on them to scribble down this blog’s name & address on a scrap of paper.  This will allow me to easily and smoothly introduce people to The Spectacled Bean.  I can live happily– contented with the knowledge that I’m doing my best to promote this sweet little bloggy.  Ever onward!

19 thoughts on “Pieces Of Winter

  1. Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together? I’m very envious as I am just so at the other end of the scale, not satisfied with anything. Maybe I need to make a few more new year’s resolutions! Or read the book. Love the picture of your balcony fence in the snow. I love straight lines in a photo, like tall straight trees or long shadows.


  2. Polly, I have only recently gotten to this point of being satisfied with things as they are. Last year was a very difficult one for me– let go of many ppl and of many dreams. But now I feel rather mellow about my life and am ready to be happy for a while.

    I like lines and shadows, too. I take lots of photos that are of those sorts of patterns. Too many, perhaps.


  3. I’ve come to the conclusion that my life will never be as simple as I’d like it to be. I blame the kids.

    Speaking of the kids, it was a tradition to dump a 2000-piece puzzle on a table a few days before Christmas. Whenever anyone had a few minutes, or was bored, they’d sit down and fit together as many pieces as they could. The puzzle was always completed by Boxing Day. I miss those puzzles now that the kids have left the nest and moved away. Two are married so Christmas planning is complicated since it involves two other families now.

    We got 3″ of snow on February 12, 2010. Since it only snows that much here once every 10 years expect photos in 2020.


  4. Mike, 2000 piece puzzle?!! Oh my. And finished so quickly. I’m impressed.

    I’ll look forward to the photos of your very snowy day… in 2020 on the Weather Channel. It’ll give me a reason for living! 😉


  5. That’s awesome! I don’t really want anyone in my area to read my blog though. I prefer people(like you!) who are at a safe distance when I want to vent about school, my SIL, etc. 😉


  6. Margaret, I understand your point of view re: who reads your blog. Thanks to Z-D everyone has always known that I keep a blog. He’s always been my biggest fan when it comes to blogging– and told everyone he knows that I have one.

    Still, there is something to be said for your approach. And I imagine that many bloggers are just like you when it comes to who knows that you have a blog.


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