Dream A Little Dream

Zen-Den knows me well.

He was sitting in our study, shopping on the Williams-Sonoma website with the purpose of buying the Breville Electric Pie Maker, which I had decided we needed.  [More on the Pie Maker after it gets here & we use it a few times.]  I was in another room but he called for me to come into the study to see what he described as: “this is what you’d buy if you won the lottery.”

And what he showed me was, indeed, EXACTLY what I’d buy if I won the lottery.  I’d buy a Kitchen-Aid Mixer in a different color for every month of the year.  Heck, if the payout was large enough, I’d buy a different one for every week of the year!

Just because I could.

So, here’s my question to you:

if you won the lottery, what would you buy for yourself that your pre-lottery-winning-self would call an extravagance?

25 thoughts on “Dream A Little Dream

  1. I’d get a Gaggia, all singing, all dancing, espresso maker and a house big enough to put it in. I’d get matching cups but in different sizes for the different coffees and I’d have somewhere large enough to display them. I’d also have a different set of cups for when I wanted a change from the first set. That would be coffee heaven. Polly


  2. I love those Kitchen-Aid Mixers, too. They are one of the most beautifully designed kitchen appliances every made. I love your idea of owning one of each color. Don’t they come in about 25 different colors? You could have a different one for almost every day of the month!

    Now if I won the lottery I would get a DeHavilland DHC-2 Beaver:


    I’ve loved that aircraft since I was a child. Of course I would also have to get flying lessons so I could fly it. And a hanger to store it in.

    (Sigh) I really do need to win the lottery soon.


  3. I’d get a personal chef (and install him/her in my new house) who would make me healthy, tasty, well balanced meals and snacks so I wouldn’t have to think about it.


  4. You have to admit those are very pretty mixers.
    Someday, a well built home in the mts with great views with a stream outside by the deck ( bills and insurance all paid) – and staff 5 days a week to haul in supplies and cook lunch or dinner depending on day’s activities. Along with a ocean view condo with a large balcony just for a change once in a while.
    Meanwhile back to the drudgery….
    Thanks for the escape


    • Janet, I really need to think bigger on the winning the lottery idea, don’t I? I like the buy a house idea… or maybe a condo so there’s no outside maintenance to deal with directly.

      I’m psyched about the pie maker– if for no other reason than it was on sale! Plus I need a distraction in August when hay fever makes me grumpy. Making little pies should keep me occupied.


    • Margaret, very nice. I trust that, like Zazzy, you’ll have a staff. And that, like philosophermouse, you’ll keep different wardrobes in each home so that you don’t have to pack your clothes to take them back and forth with you between homes. Very nice, indeed.


  5. I would buy a cottage on a local lake AND I would go up and knock on the door of a house I am in love with in Naples. It sits on a canal of sorts that dumps into the Gulf and tell the owner that I want to buy her house. I wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. And then I would buy some type of boat. I don’t want much.


    • Cheri, those are two great ideas. I like lakes and I like Naples, so I approve. What fun you’ll have bouncing back and forth between those two rather different types of places.


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