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{september – monday – morning}

√  Saturday afternoon we spent driving around the city, going grocery store to grocery store, looking for one particular ingredient.  We both had a hankering for Thai curried chicken & vegetables– which, logically enough, requires Thai green curry paste.  It’s such a basic ingredient for Thai cooking, yet it turned out to be almost impossible to get.

Eventually we found it in grocery store #6.  You’d think that we would have been annoyed by this whim turned bona fide expotition, but the day was so pretty outside that wandering around the city together was interesting.  I forget how large this area is– and that what seems normal to one person is something unique & fascinating to another person.

Sometimes searching for the treasure is all that I need to be happy.

√  Over the weekend we planted some flowers in colors that we’ve not used before.  Out front by the sidewalk leading up to the front door we planted true blue pansies.  And by the side of the house where we’ll see them when we drive up to the garage we planted some coral-colored roses.

Once upon a time our garden had a tightly controlled color scheme, but those days are long gone.  Now we have a confetti garden;  that is, flowers of various colors growing wherever they will grow.  It’s not what I initially envisioned, but that’s okay.  I like to see flowers around the outside the house and if multi-color is what works, it works.

Go Team Eclectic.

√  We were outside doing yard work yesterday morning.  The weather was cool & clear so the sky was blue.  We heard the plane before we saw it–  and when we saw it we both stopped doing what we were doing.  Overhead, flying at a low altitude, was a B-17.  Just moseying along in a straight line going somewhere.  Over our subdivision on a Sunday morning.  In 2012.

Kind of cool to see it.  Definitely unexpected.

√  Zen-Den went camping [cabining?] by a lake in Canada over Labor Day weekend with some friends.  He does this every few years & always comes back with tales to tell.  This year, besides his stories of middle-aged boys’ antics, he brought back a new radio station for us to listen to: CBC Radio2 [Eastern].  It’s good.

I won’t try to explain it to you because playlists & music appreciation are topics that I leave to those who care deeply about being surrounded by music.  Me?  I just like to hear something that doesn’t set my teeth on edge in the background.  And this new-to-us station pleases me– enough so that it’s giving Radio Paradise a bit of competition.

‘Tis music that doth soothe the suburban beast.  😉


13 thoughts on “This & That

  1. I enjoy cooking shows – and cooking blogs – even if I rarely make the recipes. I have a twisted enjoyment of the chefs insisting that some particular ingredient is available at any grocery store. A couple years ago, I couldn’t get Orzo for what is now my favorite lemon chicken soup – what do you think my chances of finding green curry leaves (or paste) are?


    • Zazzy, I’d suggest giving up your search for Thai green curry paste before you even start it. If we had this much difficulty finding it here in a region of 2 million, I doubt that you’ll find it near you! Not to be pessimistic, mind you– just pragmatic.


    • philosophermouse, when I read the term “confetti garden” in a magazine, it was being used in a disparaging way by a master gardener who disliked ppl like us. She was one to fret every little bud & bloom, I suspect.


  2. Love the hunt for treasure too, especially when I finally find it. I have very eclectic plants. Coral is one of my favorite plant colors as well as two toned flowers. 🙂


    • Margaret, this is the first time that I’ve seen coral rose bushes. Both of us were immediately smitten with the color. So, at Z-D’s insistence, we bought three of them & found a place for them in our garden.

      Two-toned flowers are few & far btwn around here. Maybe they don’t grow in our soil? Or they’re just not popular? Don’t know why. Just know that I rarely see them.


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