The Squirrel Days Of Winter

I stepped out onto our deck to enjoy the fresh air and clear skies. I wasn’t thinking about much of anything when I sensed that I wasn’t alone.


I looked up into the trees that form our backyard and guess who was up there waving hello?  None other than your friend and mine, Fuzzy the Squirrel.


He looked to be in good shape.  I’m figuring he’s around at least 5 years old, which is pretty old for a squirrel who lives in the wild, if you can call our backyard the wild.


I did notice that while he was twisting around to tidy up his fur, he was hanging tough on his tree branch, not even bothering to give me a second glance.


He seemed to be content to just sit up there, not barking or doing much of anything.  I’ve never seen him so calm and Zen-like.


So I took a few photos of him, watched him as he dozed off to sleep– and couldn’t help but wonder how much longer my blog posts will be featuring Fuzzy the Squirrel.  [Read more about him here.]

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39 thoughts on “The Squirrel Days Of Winter”

  1. 5 years is a long time for a squirrel in the wild (even the backyard wild), but that life expectancy is dragged down by the fact that the first year is the toughest for any squirrel. If they can make it to one, they might very well make it to ten…

    Of course, I think Fuzzy will continue to make appearances throughout the years… perhaps in slightly different forms. I’m thinking like, maybe, James Bond…

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    1. evilsquirrel13, yes, you’re onto something with that idea. I’m pretty sure that the squirrel featured in these photos is the original Fuzzy [because of where he’s perched], but when the time comes I could see Fuzzy 007 becoming a thing. 😉


  2. Fuzzy is a cool squirrel, for sure. It’s nice to see that he has survived the winter. Your pictures of him are so….well……..picturesque! I hope he hangs around for a long time to come.


    1. Beth, I’m sure that Fuzzy would like to hang around forever. I’m okay with him as long as he doesn’t try to get inside the house. If that were to happen, Fuzzy’s days would be numbered.


    1. susie, I’m sure that I’d have a different opinion of Fuzzy if we had a dog. As it is, he and I live in a state of detente. One attempt to enter the premises and there will be a war.

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    1. nrhatch, the fact that I was able to snap so many photos while he knew that I was doing it makes me wonder about his age/health. Usually he’s a goof who is all over the place, but maybe I caught him in an unguarded moment. Or he’s toying with me… again.


  3. Oh I love! Incredible photos! Gosh, you’re goooood! I can’t even get close to that quality in a photo! Fabulous.
    My Chubby Squirrel (that was her name, because when I first noticed him, errr, her, she was with squirrel) is no more. I don’t know what happened to her, but since she comes no more, I’ve not been as excited about my other squirrels. I watch them and feed them, but it’s not the same. *sigh*
    Long live your squirrel!

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    1. joey, I can understand your indifference to any squirrel other than Chubby Squirrel. I wonder if I’ll bother to snap pics of squirrels once Fuzzy is no longer around. Although a few people have suggested that I think of Fuzzy like James Bond, a character that never ends.

      Thanks about the photos. I got a new point & shoot camera for Christmas and it has 60x optical zoom on it. It really is something.


    1. Very nice, Z-D. I’m sure that Fuzzy loves having you cheer him onto… Victory? Destruction? Mayhem? Whatever it is that he does to earn his place on this blog.


  4. I know a lot of people don’t like squirrels, but I think they are the cutest. I always stop whenever I see one and grin like a fool.

    My grandmother and aunt used to shoot the squirrels on their roof and I was horrified. I made them stop whenever I was visiting…saved a few of them, I hope!

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    1. Britt, I like to look at squirrels because, like you said, they’re cute. BUT when one decides to try his or her luck inside my house, all my generosity of spirit fades away. Of course, I’m all about the humane traps & relocation– not guns and splattered squirrel guts. Good of you to save a few squirrels from such an awful ending.

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  5. Most of our squirrels are shades of brown – but last year we did spot a couple of grey ones. Yours look rather elegant against the snow – the proper use of fur. I was wondering how long squirrels in a good natural environment can live. Nice to see His Fuzziness who does seem to be wearing wisdom well.

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    1. philmouse, I remember brown squirrels in FL. Ours are gray, or occasionally black! I agree that their coloring is the proper use of fur. My research on the life span of a gray squirrel in our region said that if they make it past year one, and aren’t run over by a car, then they average 5-7 years. They die in their later years, most often, from gum disease.


  6. He looks very healthy. I love that he allows these photo shoots. The squirrels in my area move way too fast to get a good shot. I think he really likes you.

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