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Once a week Cee asks the questions on her blog, and I answer them here on my blog.  You can join in the Share Your World Challenge by clicking here.

 What is your favorite cheese?

Swiss.  Cute holes, lovely color, mild taste.

 Are you left or right handed [sic]?

Right-handed, unless I’m using a computer mouse, then I’m left-handed.

 Do you prefer exercising your mind or your body? How frequently do you do either?

I prefer exercising my mind, but reluctantly admit that exercising my body can, on occasion, be ok, too.  I exercise my mind and body often enough to not decline into complete decrepitude, but not often enough to be an inspiration to anyone.  I get by, you know.

 Complete this sentence: Hot days are …

… a reason to remember that things can work out for the best.  Once upon a time I thought that I wanted to live in southern Florida and was sad that we didn’t end up there.  But now I’m happy that we stayed in the midwest because I only have to put up with humid 90ºF+ days, that I now find to be annoying, for a few months each year.

 Optional Bonus Question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

Last week’s gratitude award goes to the Dr. Who franchise for picking a woman, Jodie Whittaker, to be the 13th Doctor.  IT’S ABOUT TIME.  We all need to see more female protagonists on the screen [and in real life, too].  I never enjoyed Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, the plot lines were too dark and twisted for me, so I stopped watching the show.  But now, with a new female Doctor, I’m interested again.

This week’s looking forward to something goes to baking a cake.  The details of which I’ll tell you about on my next post.


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44 thoughts on “Share Your World | Growing On A Vine”

  1. Swiss is my fav too. I’m like you with exercising. Just enough so I can say yes when someone asks me. As for heat, I too wanted to relocate to Florida but my husband spent 9 months there on work assignment and could not take the intense heat/humidity. I thought we would end up in the Carolinas but here we are…still in PA.


    1. Kate, we both thought that it’d be great to live in Florida, but try as we might neither one of us could get a job there. So we stayed in Ohio, and now I’m glad that we did. However, the Carolinas seem inviting, so who knows, eh?

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  2. Reading this, I want to teach myself to use a mouse with my left hand – it would free up the right hand to do things like write while I use the computer. This post could be life-changing (or, I could realize that my left hand is, as always completely incompetent at everything but typing).


    1. Sarah, that’s exactly why I taught myself to mouse with my left hand. I can write a note longhand with my right hand OR use the number pad with my right hand OR grab for the phone with my right hand– while I keep on using my computer. Also, by using both of my hands when sitting at my desk, I sit up in a more balanced way. Give it a try. If I can do it, so can you.

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            1. Sarah, I said it and was laughed at by my peers for saying such an outdated phrase. Since then I fear using the phrase without attaching a disclaimer to it. Not that I don’t say it, of course. #AmOldAndStillWantToSayThingsLikeThis

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  3. Fun questions for you! Swiss or Colby Jack are yummy cheeses. Good idea to use the mouse with your left hand. I’ll try it. I also sometimes brush my teeth with my left hand, just to mix things up! I love living in SC, even though we have really high humidity in the summer. Bring on the heat! I’ve never watched Dr. Who. I know a lot of people that do. Keep us posted on the cake!


    1. Beth, I had a dentist tell me that using your other hand, whichever one you don’t normally use, is a great way to make sure you’re getting to all the places on your teeth. So good on you.

      Dr. Who is brain candy. It can be lots of fun to watch, but not all the Doctors appeal to me. I’m hoping for the best with 13.


  4. I’m so excited about Jodie Whittaker, too! However, I do love Peter Capaldi. I think the darkness is just the way his regeneration is, like Eleven was a bit more hyper and people-centric. But I’m looking very forward to Thirteen!

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    1. ribbonrx, I know so many people loved Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. I don’t know why he didn’t click with me, but he didn’t. I liked 9, 10, and 11. However, with a woman as the Doctor I’m back onboard the TARDIS, waiting to see how this plays out.

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    1. Donna, it’s always something, isn’t it? In retrospect I’m glad that we ended up here, but at the time I was bummed because FL seemed like that dream that got away.


  5. We’ve only begun Dr. Who, last winter I believe, only maybe half of the first season or so. I was told yesterday that we need to keep going, it gets better. Maybe we will, maybe we won’t, but either way, I find it inspiring that a woman doctor will one day appear.
    When I was young and we’d vacation in the Carolinas in the spring, I’d think I’d want to live there. Then I moved, and well, you know the rest.
    We tried to move to Urbana when we came back up north, but the jobs only came here.

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    1. joey, I’ve been an on again/off again fan of Dr. Who for years. Each doctor’s personality either appeals to you or it doesn’t. [I liked 9, 10 & 11, but 12 lost me]. Plus the stories are only as good as the writers who write them. So if their vision of the future doesn’t make sense to you, then the Doctor won’t either.

      Looking back on it I think that we’re better off living up north, if for no other reason than my hair has a few months when it’s manageable. 🙂 But at one time we both thought that seeing palm trees every day would be cool.

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        1. Find a Doctor who resonates with you and you’ll be charmed by the series. Matt Smith, #11, is the most light-hearted Doctor, and his relationship with his companion, Amy Pond [+ her boyfriend/husband Rory], made me laugh.


  6. Good answers once again, Ally. I’ve never lived anywhere (or wanted to) except the SF Bay Area. I feel we have the best of all worlds because it is just a short drive to the snow or the beach. Swiss, yes, but mostly mozzarella for the melted stringy gooeyness. Left handed mouse? Interesting concept. I may need to try that as well. Of course we need the cake story! I had an “amoldbutstillwanttosaythingslikethis moment the other day but can’t remember what it was I said 🙂


    1. Janet, I can understand why you like where you’re living. I’d like to live near those two options, too. FL never happened for us, and now I’m pleased that it didn’t.

      The left-hand mouse change has helped my posture and my efficiency. It took about a week, but I got the hang of mousing that way. Now using one on the right seems odd to me, even though I’m right-handed. Go figure.

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  7. The Dr. is taking a whole new look – and what direction will follow? Might try to pick it up again.
    Enjoyed your answers. I do somethings like pitch/batter baseball left handed – and while write right handed, switch back and forth a lot. Makes doing some things easier. (and as kids we’d shiver about “what if something happened to the hand you write with” fears….kids worry about weird things…sort of like older people HAHA
    Not a Florida person at all. Visiting is enough. Even here on the Gulf coast it’s to hot, too humid, and the sun is too bright too long…it’s wearing. Colorado with seasons and chill keeps calling.


    1. philmouse, I’m intrigued by how Dr. Who will handle a woman Doctor. The plot lines should prove interesting and I’m hoping that they won’t be as dark as they have been with 12.

      My decision to become a left-handed mouser was intentional, and has worked well for me. It’s been about 10 years now that I’ve been doing this, but I have yet to do anything else left-handed. Maybe I should, just in case…

      I’ve never been to CO, but the Ohioans who don’t retire to FL or Hilton Head, seem to go to CO. It’s a popular place that I hear about at parties and such. One day I’ll get there for a visit.


    1. Tara, I decided to be highbrow, I guess– and added sic to the question. I couldn’t let it go by either. A reuben sounds wonderful right about now. Of course, none of those ingredients are here in the frig, but maybe this weekend.

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  8. I’m pretty much an equal-opportunity lover of all the cheeses, but I do love the cute holes in Swiss. When my brother was small he said Swiss cheese tasted like cardboard that makes your mouth itch – and I always think about that and laugh.

    I hadn’t heard about Jodie in the role of Dr. Who – hooray. I look forward to returning to the series to check her out.

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    1. Deborah, there’s some truth to what your brother said about Swiss cheese. Some of it is awful, but the good brands are delish.

      I’ve got my fingers crossed about the Doctor. I’ve missed watching Dr. Who these last few years.


  9. That’s great about the new Dr. Who! I’m always excited to see more smart female protagonists out there. I might have to return to the show now too.


    1. nancy, you’ve described me perfectly! I like FL’s prettiness– the palm trees, the ocean, the flowers. I think that’s what drew me to it, but now I realize that the summers would do me in. All’s well that ends well.


  10. Oh, I love cheeses of all kinds, and Swiss is my go-to for grilled cheese and turkey burgers, but I have an especial fondness for goat cheese and bleu cheese. Oh, and brie!

    Those are all great Wine Pairing cheeses, so that may be why.

    I’m a terribly right-hand dominant person. And right-footed. If I write left-handed, it comes out backward–like mirror writing.


    1. nance, I like most kinds of cheese except those intense stinky cheeses. I hadn’t thought of my cheese preferences in terms of wine pairings. I was thinking more about sammies.

      I’m right-handed 99% of the time, but when it comes to sitting at the computer I’m a left mouse person.


    1. Janis, Dr. Who is a British sci-fi TV show that started in 1963. The original series ended sometime in the 1980s, but about 10 years ago the BBC resurrected the show. The premise is that the Doctor is an alien [mostly goodhearted] with the ability to regenerate into someone new every few years, so there are lots of actors who’ve been the Doctor. If you’re into Dr. Who it’s a big deal to see who the next Doctor will be.

      Yes, I taught myself to mouse left-handed so that I’d be more efficient when I’m at the keyboard and so that I’d sit up straighter when I’m working. It wasn’t as difficult to learn this skill as you might think, but if you want to be impressed then who am I to stop you? 🙂

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  11. I’m a cheese fanatic, but I only like Swiss melted. Give me some Tillamook sharp cheddar, pepper jack, feta, chevre, etc. I could go ON and ON. I visited FL twice, and had no desire to move there. In spite of our last horribly rainy winter, I’ll stay in Washington. 🙂

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    1. Margaret, I like all cheeses except the stinky ones which people like to serve on wafer thin crackers with fine wines. Those are not for me.

      Around here it used to be that everyone’s goal seemed to be to move to FL. I’ve been there, all over it, since I can remember. However, in retrospect I think it’s best that we stayed up north. So, yay!


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