Be The Light: Of Queenly Diets & Quiet Delights


As you may remember, starting last March I joined a yearlong monthly event called We Are The World Blogfest.  

The purpose of this event is to highlight positive stories in the news, presenting these stories on your blog on the last Friday of the month.

This being the last Friday of November, I’ve a story to share with you, my gentle readers & fellow #WATWB participants.

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Emily DiNuzzo, a reporter for Business Insider, decided to follow Queen Elizabeth II’s diet that was first reported by Today last August.

DiNuzzo’s experiences, documented in I ate like Queen Elizabeth II for a day — and learned how to appreciate the simple things in life, show that the Queen eats a balanced, basic diet but doesn’t forego a few treats throughout her day, like pre-breakfast biscuits or a post-dinner glass of champagne.

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Overlooking that what Emily did might not be a news story that dramatically changes the world, I found her joy while “researching” this story to be quietly delightful.

[And funny.  I’m with Emily on no gin + Dubonnet aperitif before lunch.  Even with Emily’s addition of simple syrup in it.]

Plus, dare I say that I found this story encouraging?

I know that not everyone thinks the monarchy is great, but considering that this past Monday Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary, you have to admit that in a world where moral and mental health questions surround many leaders, the Queen is doing a number of things right.

Healthy body.

Sound mind.

Solid relationships.

Sure, Emily didn’t uncover the latest scandal or find the drama in Elizabeth II’s daily life, but she did give us an insight into what helps make someone in power, the longest-reigning English monarch ever, stay balanced.

And there’s positivity in that.

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38 thoughts on “Be The Light: Of Queenly Diets & Quiet Delights”

    1. nance, I love The Crown. I thought it’d be tedious, but it’s anything but. When I found this fun article for #WATWB I immediately thought of that show. I wonder if when The Crown gets to modern day, if the Queen will be eating this diet? 🤔

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  1. Hi, Ally – I first learned about #WATWBF from your blog and I have now joined in. Since I avoid the news at most costs, I have found it difficult to find good news stories on command. I love how your post models that there are all kinds of ‘good news stories’, especially if we open our eyes to them more fully!

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    1. Donna, I know what you mean about how difficult it is to find uplifting news stories that make you feel good about people. That’s why I loved what Emily DiNuzzi did. No mocking. No politics. Just some good old fun & insight.

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    1. Margaret, I could do what Emily did. I could eat like the Queen for a day– minus that nasty aperitif. But considering I don’t have anyone to serve me my meals, I wouldn’t be living like the Queen. Pity that…


  2. The ‘good news’ stories are the ones that make us feel better about the world … and QEII’s long public life free of scandal is definitely in the category of feel-good. We could all learn a lesson or two from her on facing life with dignity and personal fortitude.
    Btw – I am not a Royalist, but I like to give credit where it’s due.

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    1. Joanne, you said it: “We could all learn a lesson or two from her on facing life with dignity and personal fortitude.” I agree. I think that’s why this story made me smile. First, because Emily the reporter tried something fun; and two, because Elizabeth, who was not born to be queen, has done so well being queen. Amazing.

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  3. What a great story! I wonder if the Queen read about it… I think Emily deserves a face-to-face meeting with HRH for that! I, too, love The Crown and am looking forward to the next season. I’m not usually enamored with royalty, but the series makes her appear so “normal” (and with today’s abnormalities, that’s so refreshing).

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    1. Janis, I agree that Emily needs to meet the Queen. They could chat about Special K and which champagne goes best with peaches. 😉

      I’m like you. I don’t make a point of keeping up with royalty, but The Crown makes history personal and fascinating. I didn’t realize how much change she’s seen during her reign, and how she’s managed to move forward, most of the time, with grace. Must be her diet!

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    1. roughwighting, I thought that Emily’s investigation into the Queen’s diet was worthy of note. I got a kick out of Emily for doing it & reporting about it with finesse. I agree, The Crown is going to be more interesting now that we know what we know.


      1. I couldn’t. I’m a grazer. I like big brekkie or 3 small ones for starters. Can’t eat chocolate before bed, not big on meat, let alone well done (gag) — but fish and veg rule! Fish and veg and champagne each night, not a bad goal! 🙂

        I had actually begun to type a really long comment, but then Sassy decided we should leave early and I deleted it all and typed somethin smaller. I bet EVERYONE waits for the queen 😉

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        1. joey, I couldn’t eat exactly like the Queen. She doesn’t seem to eat much bread or rice or grains. I like those with each of my meals. But most of her diet I could go along with… although I don’t like anything sweet first thing in the morning, so I’ll have my biscuits after lunch.

          Yes, I’m sure that waiting for the Queen is a given. Sassy doesn’t understand that you’re the queen? 😉

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  4. Hi Ally – she is one sensible woman with a great sense of humour apparently – another helpful attribute to a long life – we could all learn a great deal from her – cheers Hilary

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    1. hilarymb, she is sensible, isn’t she? I hadn’t thought of that, but you’re right. I shared this article because I adored that Emily tried to the Queen for one day and wrote about it with a cheeky attitude. Kind of fun.

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  5. What a fun story Ally, and now of course I’m putting The Crown on my viewing list. I might even cherry-pick my version of the Queen’s diet – I’d fill my day with strawberries and chocolate; tea goodies; and bubbly. And none of my dining companions would need worry about getting cut off – I imagine I’d be noshing for quite some time.

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    1. Deborah, I like your thinking about cherry-picking the Queen’s diet. I’m not much for Special K, and there’s no way I’m drinking that aperitif, but I could get along with most of the rest of it. Especially that champagne.

      Do add The Crown to you TV list. It’s much better than I though it’d be, and the sets… and the clothes… are amazing.


  6. What a fun little story! I don’t follow the royals in general, but I know a lack of scandal when I (don’t) see it, and Queen Elizabeth has left quite a legacy. Considering how long she’s reigned, she has had to roll with quite a few changes, and she’s done it with grace and class.

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    1. datmama4, I don’t keep up with the royals, either. But I do read Business Insider and here was this clever reporter eating like the Queen of England– and I loved the whole idea. Not all news need be bad, eh?


  7. Enjoyed the story ~> thanks for the link. I’ve enjoyed Season 1 of the Crown and will be ready for Season 2 whenever it’s available.

    I might enjoy being queen for a day . . . but I’m so glad I’m not queen for life.

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    1. nancy, I thought that Emily, the reporter, was clever to think of doing what she did. I could eat like the Queen, with a few revisions. I’m happily awaiting season 2 of The Crown, also. Hope it’s a good as the first one.

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    1. Susan, I think that regardless of your opinion about the monarchy you have to give it up for Elizabeth II. She’s got it going on– and I enjoyed reading about what it was like to adhere to her diet for a day.


    1. Peter, that’s what I thought. Elizabeth II eats a diet that anyone could follow, I suppose. I adore the fact that Emily, the reporter, tried to eat like the Queen. That seemed like a rather positive [and fun] thing to do.


  8. Loved The Crown and waiting for it’s return as well. How fun to be able to eat like a Queen for a day but pretty sure I wouldn’t want the other responsibilities. 70 years together is a great tribute to dedication. I’m sure that wasn’t easy either (as we can tell from the show so far). Thanks for sharing another great story, Ally, and how appropriate for the day after Thanksgiving when it’s all about the food 🙂 Hope yours was a great one.

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    1. Janet, I liked The Crown more than I thought that I would, and will be happy to see Season 2. I agree about not wanting the responsibilities, but the Queen’s diet I could go for– well, most of her diet. Our Thanksgiving was fun, and now it’s onward toward Christmas. 🎄🎄🎄

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  9. I was just going to comment about whether or not you’ve watched The Crown on Netflix, but I see from previous commenters (and your replies) that you have! The actress who plays her is superb, don’t you think? If I remember correctly, in one of the episodes, her diet is mentioned, along with the after-dinner drink.

    I enjoy following the Royal Family, even though I think their system is sadly outdated and they really, really need to do more of a social outreach and support. Diana kicked that off, and I loved her for it. I see Kate Middleton doing a bit here and a bit there, but then, she’s also busy being a mom!

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    1. Kate, I’ve enjoyed watching The Crown. I majored in English in undergrad and went to study in England. Because of that experience I find certain aspects of this show fascinating. I love seeing the scene settings and the details of the Queen’s daily life– always comparing them to what I saw and experienced.

      I agree with you about the outdatedness of the monarchy. If they were involved in solving big problems in the world, like Diana attempted, they’d be more popular. But except for Elizabeth II who does things, the other ones seem to flitter around in their own little world. Of course, I may have that impression because of the way in which the media reports on them. 🤔


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