Fashionable Or Not, Here Are My Answers To The Fashionista Questions

Over the weekend I saw that Carol had answered these questions. She got them from Melanie who got them from Rory who asked them originally. I thought this looked like fun so I did it too. Here are my answers.  

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Q1 How important is colour in your life?

It’s very important, so much so that I have a blog tag for it: Colors Of My Life.

Q2 What is your most favourite colour to wear?

Blue, all shades– but not at once.

Q3 Is there a colour that you wear that brings the best out in you and in others – in so far as compliments?

Teal or aqua.  I get compliments when I wear either of those.  They bring out the color in my blue, sometimes greenish, eyes.

Q4 Are you a person who likes to overdress for the day or are you a follower of the credo, less is more?

Less is more, my gentle readers.  Overdressing makes me feel silly and contrived.

Q5 What are five of your best items of clothing that you simply couldn’t be without? [and l don’t mean underwear/socks]

T-shirts, cotton sweaters, Birks, denim jacket, jeans.

Q6 Do you dress for the season, as in colour wise, or just throw on whatever is warm and practical?

Remember the book, Color Me Pretty by Carole Jackson?  With a hat tip to her seasonal color analysis [learn more about yours here], I dress for each season using colors I know flatter my skin tone;  I’m a summer.  Then I add a shade or two associated with whichever season it is, so that I “blend” with the world around me.

Q7 If you were going for an evening out and the dress code was ‘smart casual’ what is your ideal outfit and why?

Dark jeans, silk blouse, a spectacular necklace + simple hoop earrings, leather flats with a bit of attitude.  Why?  ‘Cause that’s how I roll.

Q8 If you were having to attend an important meeting or appointment and the dress code was smart – what would your outfit be then?

Dark pants or a pencil skirt in wool [maybe], a blazer or v-neck cardigan, white blouse or t-shirt, small necklace + stud earrings + watch, flats or pumps [depending], a stylish leather purse.

Q9 How many pairs of shoes do you own, and what is the breakdown [as in casual, smart, evening, leisure]

Flats [5], sandals [12], pumps [3], boots [5], athletic [5].  This means I have 30 pairs of shoes.  Is that a lot?  Seems like it to me.

Q10 Do you have classic clothing, or classic items in your wardrobe that you have had for years and never go out of fashion if so name three?

Of course I do!  I’m all about classics.  Three items are*: cotton cardigan sweater by Lands’ End, three-quarter-sleeve blouse by L.L.Bean, Court bag by Coach [from before they lost their mind].

Q11 Are you into plain colours, wild colours or outlandish designs or a mixture and which do you favour more?

Clear colors, simple textures, as little pattern as possible.  Nothing too match-y, match-y.  I want people to see me not some goofy overpowering pattern or unflattering trendy color.

Q12 Do you have a favourite quote with regards fashion or design – if so what is it?

Yes, it is bien dans sa peau, a French saying that means to be happy + comfortable in your own skin.  ‘Tis a goal and a mantra.  I read about it first in French Women Don’t Get Fat by Mireille Guiliano and the idea has stayed with me.

Q13 Knee high socks, ankle socks, shin socks or no socks?

No knee socks ever.  Ankle socks sometimes in the winter when it’s cold everywhere I go.  Sans socks when possible.

Q14 Can you see the connection between colour and music and if so does it influence your dress code for the day in any way?

No, I don’t see a connection between color and music.

Q15 If you are going out somewhere special and want to listen to some music to put you in the mood whilst getting dressed up, what do you listen to? [Provide link please]

I play no music while I’m getting dressed.

Q16 How often do you buy new clothing for the season or the year?

I HATE SHOPPING FOR CLOTHES, however I may buy one or two new items each season… if I have to… preferably while shopping online… so I don’t have to go near a store… with other people in it.

Q17 Remember tie-dye from the 70’s was it a thing you followed, bought into or worse, how do you feel about it now?

I have no strong opinions about tie-dye.  I’d wear it on a t-shirt or scarf, if I liked the colors in it.

Q18 What is the brightest coloured item of clothing you have in your wardrobes/drawers?

I have a bright pink [blue undertone] fleece jacket that I wear more often than you might think I would.  It goes with everything I own.

Q19 What is the most expensive item of clothing that you have in your wardrobe? How often do you actually wear it?

The most expensive item of clothing in my wardrobe is my lined wool winter coat that I wear when it’s below 30ºF outside.

PQ20 Are you deleting any questions, if so which ones?

Nope, answered them all, thank you very much.

Q21 Is being ‘fashionable’ important to you, or is being comfortably attired more so?

Being stylishly attired is important to me, which means that occasionally I’m fashionable, but for the most part means I follow my own aesthetic that I’d describe as relaxed classic with a little boho chick thrown in for fun.

I have a casual vibe.  I like simple structured clothes in natural fabrics, with an occasional foray into animal print or ethnic print or lace or tiny shiny bling.

I want NO extra fabric draping all over me, NO sports team apparel, NO tacky jewelry or makeup.  Just me, pulled together without fuss, comfortable in my own skin**.

• • •

*Hello FTC! As usual no company has paid me a cent to talk favorably about their products here. Fear not, my old friend, The Spectacled Bean remains an ad-free blog.

** In case you’re interested, three personal style blogs that I like are: GIRLS OF A CERTAIN AGEThe Vivienne Files, & une femme d’un certain âge.

97 thoughts on “Fashionable Or Not, Here Are My Answers To The Fashionista Questions

  1. I am not sure how long it would take for me to answer those questions, if I could answer them. Men have it easier in dress and while some men can be quite fashionable, I am not one of them. When you are 3XL, you wear what you can find that fits. Guess if I want to improve my style I push away from the dinner table – though I would likely just buy a smaller size of the stuff I wear now.

    By women’s standards, I’m betting that 30 pairs of shoes puts you in last place among your readers. Let’s see if and to what (how many) they confess.

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    • Zen-Den, it took me a long time to answer these questions. But you know me, once I decide to do something, I stick with it. Plus these questions are a good way to be more self-aware, a good thing.

      Yes, I have NO DOUBT that no matter what size you are you’ll buy the exact same style + color of clothes. You’re a creature of habit, as evidenced by your stunning collection of blue polo shirts, both solid color and striped.

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    • Zen Den ~> you lose that bet.
      I have no where near 30 pairs of shoes:


      Flats [0], sandals [3], pumps [0], boots [1], athletic [2], flip flops [4], slippers [1]. This means I have 10 pairs of shoes, 11 if you include my slippers.

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  2. I don’t want to consider how many pairs of shoes/boots I own – I”d hate for my husband to learn the truth, especially since I just added a new pair of boots to the collection yesterday. On the other hand, I purged 7 pairs of shoes from my closet on the weekend. I still consider myself ahead by 6 😉

    Just in sports wear, I have 2 pairs of cycling shoes, 3 pairs of hiking boots, 2 pairs of golf shoes, 2 pairs of running shoes, a pair of ice skates, and a pair of water shoes … yes, I do.

    I love shopping, I love clothes, I love jewelry …. I have issues 😉

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    • Joanne, I’d never intentionally researched how many shoes I have around here. They live in three different places so I felt like Nancy Drew sleuthing for them. I think that shoes are something that you don’t necessarily need to throw out just because they’re no longer in style. If they fit + are in good shape, and you have an occasion to wear them once in a while, then why not keep them around?

      I’m impressed with the variety in your shoe collection. Golf shoes? Ice skates? Water shoes? You have it going on, girlfriend.

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      • I’m pretty brutal about letting go stuff that I no longer use and am unlikely to use. All the shoes I purged hadn’t been worn in a few years. They were overdue.
        Maybe I’m just rationalizing creating space to buy more shoes 😉

        I was a couch potato until my mid-40s. When I started to embrace an active lifestyle, I discovered new stores to shop in and more types of shoes to buy. I’m incorrigible 😉

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  3. Very fun post, Ally! I love the shades of blue you’ve always worn. They do make your eyes pop! You’ve always been a “classy” dresser. I love your style.
    I tend to dress colorful and casual. I have some fun tops that always get compliments. The other day I wore one that had swans riding bicycles. I have another one that has a giant owl on the front. I guess it’s the artist in me. As far as shoes, I have LOTS!! Most are sandals or flats. And I have too much jewelry, but love it. I guess I just have way too much stuff now that I think about it!

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    • Beth, you got my chuckling here. I can see you wearing a swans-riding-bicycles top and feeling good about it. I agree that it might be your artistic nature to want to have images on and around you. I’m the opposite; I like plain, but whatever. 😉

      As I recall in college when we were roommates you had about 55 gazillion shoes, so no doubt you still have those shoes plus many more. 🙄 I’m not so into jewelry, but I do like it. And if you can keep it all straight then good on you.

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  4. It sounds like we wear the same colors mostly although you won’t find me in yellow. I think I’m a spring. That was so long ago! As for shoes I have probably twice as many as you do. I don’t think I’ve bought jewelry since I’ve retired. I have a lot and wear what I have. Obviously shoes are my weakness. My purse count is in single digits. I am too lazy to change them more than seasonally.

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    • Kate, I’m not big of wearing yellow, but some shades don’t look too bad on me. I remember back when *everyone* was having their colors done by trained professionals. I didn’t, instead I figured it out myself. I don’t have many handbags, either. For the reason you mentioned, but I sure do love my friends who have huge collections and swap them out almost daily. I’m too lazy/mellow for that.

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  5. Am pretty sure I don’t have even 20 pairs of shoes. Maybe 20…Ask me how many pairs of sunglasses or specs and I would tell you it would take me ages to round them all up. Fun post Ally Bean – and good to see you back in full swing. 😀

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    • Susan, I was surprised by how many pairs of shoes I had. About 20% of them are for special occasion, so they hang around even if I don’t need to wear them often. It’s fun to be back. Thanks for stopping by to comment.

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  6. I’m a Winter! Your fashion vibe is similar to mine–I like tailored/classic/bit-o-boho. But blue is not a fave of mine unless it’s navy. I like to wear a lot of black, but with two cats, it’s a trial.

    If Shoes Formerly Worn For Work count, I am topping out around 75 pr. or so. But I have not worn all those gorgeous high heels in years and years. I just visit them wistfully in their closet like pieces in the Museum Of My Life.

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    • nance, as usual your wit makes me laugh out loud: I just visit them wistfully in their closet like pieces in the Museum Of My Life. I have some shoes like that, but mine are in a drawer, saved in little cardboard chambers for when [if?] they’ll be needed again.

      I don’t wear black around my face anymore. It’s too harsh for my gronde [gray + blonde] hair, fair coloring now. But navy or gray I can do. We age, we learn, eh?


  7. Hey Ally,

    Firstly, thanks for taking part :0

    Secondly loved this bit …
    “Dark jeans, silk blouse, a spectacular necklace + simple hoop earrings, leather flats with a bit of attitude. Why? ‘Cause that’s how I roll.”

    Absolutely, that’s true style right there 🙂

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  9. This is interesting! I might do this myself. I was especially intrigued by the questions about music. I would sooooo have much to say about those.

    I am picturing you now more fully, in your LL Bean and one of your birks and the denim jacket and jeans (Canadian tuxedo, you know!). 30 seems like a lot of pairs of shoes, but that’s just me. I have two pairs of brown shoes (one Holly Hobbie/Little House on the Prairie-type boots and one ballet flats (more taupe)), two pairs of pumps two pairs of black flats, two pairs of Mary Janes, and three pairs of sneakers — low-top Chucks that tie, a pair of slip-on walking sneaks, and a pair of Hello Kitty Converse I don’t think I’ll ever wear. So that’s 9 pairs of shoes. Oh! I forgot my Hello Kitty moccasins, so 10. Do slippers count? I wear slippers at home (I have two pair) and I wear a pair at work after I get there. They actually look like shoes so no one knows what’s up! 🙂

    I like to dress up to go to the theater, etc. But to me, that means wearing this awesome and pretty skirt that I always get compliments on, but that I could totally roll in a ball, throw it in the corner, and pick it up and wear it again. It’s mostly rayon, I think. Amazing fabric!

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    • Tara, I’m glad that I answered these questions because I’ve never sat down before and focused on this topic in quite this way. If you do these questions, I’ll be interested in reading your answers.

      Your shoe inventory is great. I like how you know know the deets about your footwear. I had to go look at all my shoes, pen and paper in hand, keeping a tally so that I’d remember what I had.

      I rarely go anywhere dressed up anymore. The last time I wore a cocktail dress was in a business event in NYC at the Waldorf, for an awards ceremony. After that adventure in discomfort and expense, I vowed to follow my own style muse henceforth. If you don’t like it, don’t look at me!

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    • Dan, I appreciate you reading and commenting on this post, that is probably not in your wheelhouse. I can only imagine how many pairs of shoes two women could accumulate– and NEED when traveling. 😊

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  10. I think clothing is a bother. I have no dressy clothing because I don’t require it. I live in jeans or activewear, or medical scrubs for work. I need a new pair of nicer black pants for the occasional nicer dinner outing or funeral. My granddaughters (who are dress lovers) have asked me many times why I never wear dresses. Impractical I say as I chase them and roll around on the floor. I don’t even wear jewelry anymore, and when I did it was simple stud earrings. I am not hip or trendy, nor do I even care about fashion.
    With all that said, I love that you have found YOU, Ally Bean, and know what you like! 30 pairs of shoes though…how many did Imelda have…thousands?? 30 is nothing– 🙂

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    • Deb, I tend to agree with you about clothing being a bother. I want to have as few items as possible in my wardrobe, but I want them all to be things that I love. So far that seems to be a pipe dream. I’m not fond of dresses either. I have one in navy that can be dressed up or down, depending.

      I’d forgotten about Imelda and her shoes! I suddenly feel frugal and comfortable with the 30 pairs of shoes in my collection.

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  11. Thank you for the mention. All this counting of shoes made me go look – I have 22 pair, but I did weed out last fall. I do need to do the same with the sandals, because there are a number of them that haven’t been out of my closet for a very long time. As to shopping, I’m with you. Online works best for me, and I’m working on cutting my shopping trips (primarily groceries) down to once a month. My current clothing search is for some warm pants for winter – I’m wavering between lined leggings and lined jeans. I don’t do cold so well anymore.

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    • Carol, I weeded out some of my flats and boots over the summer. I gave away 8 pairs, bought three new pairs, so I’m slowly reducing my shoe-ness. I think that online clothes shopping is a good thing. I usually know what I want, so IF I can find it online I’ll buy it. And IF I don’t find it online I’ll either wait until it’s available– or if I must, I’ll go to a brick and mortar store. Like it’s 1982 or something! 😉

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  12. I have tons of shoes around here, but many of them belong to my daughters and should go in the trash. I’ve found myself gravitating to leggings and long shirts with boots lately. A lot of plaid. I think I’m turning into a real Western girl. 🙂 My teacher clothes are sleek with many jewel toned blouses. (I’m a winter) My power colors are royal blue, forest green, teal, fuchsia and red (although I rarely wear it); pastels are not my friend, and I look hideous in yellow or peach.

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    • Margaret, I like plaid flannel shirts but I wear mine with jeans. Leggings bug the crap out of me. I adore your power colors, but I can only pull off teal. Considering I’m a summer, that color should, according to the analysis, not look good on me, but it does. Always a free spirit, am I!


  13. I am definitely NOT a fashionista. I rarely know the names of designers. When my husband’s company offered us stock in Coach I had no idea what it was and we passed on the offer! What a mistake. I don’t know what my colors are and I would much rather be comfortable than fashionable. I have about 20 pairs of shoes, about 5 pairs of them are flip flops which I should get rid of since they hurt my feet. My best friend is a CAbi consultant and she does home parties so we can see the latest styles and shop from the comfort of our homes. I have a few pieces that I got from her that I really love but they can be expensive and, again, when you work from home in your pj’s most of the time it is hard to justify spending that kind of money on something you don’t wear often. (Yes, there is a notion out there that just because I work from home doesn’t mean that I should always wear pajamas…dress for success…but even when I put on clothes, they don’t have to be that fancy. Interestingly, Ally, my prompt for today in the #31Things I’m doing is “Uniform.” I go back to the great adage, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”

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    • Janet, investing in Coach might have been a good thing, but considering the direction they’ve taken the company these last few years, I dunno. Classic Coach is great, the new stuff is dippy + expensive.

      I haven’t been to one of those home parties in years. For anything. I don’t like that approach to sales– the stuff is always overpriced.

      I think success is a mindset so whatever you’re wearing, if it pleases you, then you’re dressed for success. I also agree about “don’t judge a book by its cover.” So many variables can go into what someone wears that it’s ridiculous to make assumptions about someone based on wardrobe alone.

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  14. Oh, I love everything about this post; your answers to Rory’s questions are hilarious and the comments on your blog made me giggles as well. I could talk all day about this topic. Hence my blog! Teal is my signature colours but I wear all shades of blue and green. Fashion wise, I’m like a mini wheat cereal: there are two sides of me. One is minimalism and clean; I prefer to put the accent on details. The other one is sugar coded. I mix & match patterns, textures and bold colours. In both cases, it has to be elegant and comfortable clothing.

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    • 3C Style, thank you! You’re most kind. I think Rory’s questions are good ones, hence answering them was fun– although I did take my time and think about them before I decided what to say here.

      Your mini wheat cereal analogy is a good one. It makes sense to me and gives you the leeway you need to express yourself as you see fit. [No pun intended.]

      Thanks for taking the time to comment here. It’s always nice to meet someone new in the blogosphere. Will visit you soon.

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  15. Gaw! I wish WP would clue me in sooner about your posts…by the time I get here, there’s 40-50 remarks already and probably someone else has said what I’m thinking of saying…(kudos Madam, you’re POPULAR! 😀 ) Anyway, I agree with what you wrote as answers. I’m a “Spring” myself (well WAS when my hair was actually blonde); now I could be a winter actually (white hair, pale skin). I spent an inordinate amount of money getting those colors ‘done’, buying the correct and coordinating make up (in the day, I wore make up) and a chart for me. My ‘style’ (apparently) is like yours – casual, but with a classic undertone and a smidgen of romantic in it (I LOVE velvets, lace and romantic clothing..) But give me denim or give me death. 😉

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    • Melanie, no one could ever say what you want to say better than the way you say it, although I get your irritation with WP. I have my issues with it, too.

      I remember that having your colors done was pricey, but I’d forgotten [or didn’t know?] about the correct/coordinating makeup angle to the process. You had a chart, too? Holy moly, the things I missed by buying the book and figuring it out on my own!

      No better shopping battle cry than: “give me denim or give me death.” Let the shopping skirmish begin. ☺️

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  16. I LOVE this post. Like you, I aim to be stylish, but not fashionable. After all, few [former] plain Mennonites are fashionistas!

    Forgive me for committing an unfashionable “blog” faux pas, but I couldn’t resist linking a post since you mentioned color and sound:

    Great topic! I have two oldish Coach purses + others nondescript and fewer than two dozen shoes; you can peg me any way you want to. 🙂

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    • marian, yes, Mennonite style is inherently 180º opposite the idea of a fashionista! I understand where you’re coming from with your logic, but I’m sure that you look lovely and pulled together with just the right amount of modern panache.

      Thanks for the link to your post. I’ll read it soon. You always have the best things to say.


    • Ok, after reading your post I tried to leave a comment on your blog, but the system ate my comment. So… obviously I didn’t know about the color + music connection when I answered these questions. The fact that some people connect the two naturally doesn’t really surprise me, when it is explained like you did. The human mind is one heck of a fascinating place, isn’t it?


        • No worries. I have such low expectations about how commenting works [or doesn’t] that I just go with whatever happens. Still, you had a most interesting topic for a post. That connection, who knew?


  17. When I lived in Beijing, I truly could not find shoes in my size. I picked up a new pair every time that I traveled….and hoarded them! Now that size 10 footwear is easy to come by, I have narrowed down the number of shoes in my closet. I’m not at home (so can’t take a true tally). Including boots and flip-flops, 30 sounds about right!

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    • Donna, I can imagine your difficulties finding shoes while living in China. I hadn’t thought of that problem, but like you if I was in that situation once I found ones that fit I’d hoard them too. I agree, 30 is a good number of shoes to have… the best number to have by my reasoning! 😜


  18. I loved this post.
    First, thank you for the Coach article, which says what I have been thinking and not saying for years. I have this Coach denim weekender (2005 I think) that is durable as all get-out, as was my 90’s Coach bag, basic tan. My mother carried Coach for what seems like all my young life. She doesn’t now. I have been gifted a few ‘new’ Coach bags and um, those have been regifted to young people, who, I’m sorry to say, don’t know any better. I’ve been shopping the Italians for my leather, although I did recently see a D&B that appealed to me, but I’ll not pay full price.
    Second, I enjoyed your “I’m a Summer” commentary, because I am a Spring, and autumn colors do me NO favors. I have a deep yearning to wear rust and eggplant yet I do not wish to appear gravely ill. My most fall look is a winter white sweater with my turquoise and wood necklace and some brown boots. That’s it. That’s as autumn as I can go. The rest of the seasons, my Easter egg look seems to jibe with the vibe.
    I recently pitched 6 pair of shoes and have only purchased one new pair since, and my husband is very proud of me. So far.
    Great post, Ally Bean 🙂

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    • joey, Coach has come to mean disappointment to me. My Coach bags are all from the 90s. I even bought one at an outlet store back then that I recently started using for the first time last year BECAUSE CURRENT COACH BAGS LOOK LIKE JUNK. Regifting the new styles to young ones makes sense to me.

      I look half-dead in Spring colors, but think they’re pretty colors. I’d like to be able to do springiness, but as a Summer it’s a not to be. If nothing else about the seasonal color system, it gives you a starting place to decide what colors to wear. Before it, I was lost and often looked ill.

      Congrats on steamlining your shoe collection. It’s tricky to know which shoes to keep, which to jettison to Goodwill [or the trash]. Ever onward, eh?

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      • I’d not heard of Coach as a handbag emporium until recently – yes, I’m so not about the labels obviously! 😉 Hence, when I got one of my early crossed line telephone calls to my Life Coaching business from a woman who wanted to return her handbag – the conversation took a whole lot of unravelling. It turns out that having a listing as coach brings in all kinds of interesting folk – I’ll draw a veil over some of the less suitable ones for this audience 😀

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        • Deb, that’s funny. I’m not into labels, but around here Coach handbags were a thing. A big thing. They were super practical with a timeless style, and if you bided your time, they could be purchased on sale. I can only imagine [and laugh] about your phone call and the subsequent confusion regarding “Coach.” Ain’t life a pip?

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          • Pip indeedy 🙂 Let’s just say I was rather more specific about what type of romantic relationship issues I was willing to work with after that call!

            Oh & I saw a Coach handbag (of the original sort) on one of the style sites you linked to. I see why they were a thing.

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  19. I love the sound of the pink fleece jacket – fantastic! When I answered the questions, I was surprised to find there was any form of structure to my wardrobe as, these days, what with working from home, I tend to be very casual indeed. But my going out stuff was purchased with an aim – and it all still works. The only time I’ve felt I had to buy occasion wear was for my daughter’s wedding. But it did fit into the overall aim and has been worn on a number of occasions since. My answers do show that my boot to shoe ratio is very skewed 😉


    • Deb, yes, the pink fleece jacket is fun and more practical than I ever imagined it might be. I agree about how surprising it was to discover, via the answers to these questions, that I did have a style and that I was fairly consistent in my purchases.

      I don’t enjoy dressing for special occasions, so I admire the fact that you found a dress that you could wear again. As for footwear… it would seem that all of us [except nancy!] have lots of shoes, boots, sandals, pumps, flats, sneakers, flip flops, slippers. Funny, before this I’d never realized how many different types of shoes I have– and wear.

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  20. Ally, as usual, you make me grin. I have a ton of shoes. I’m looking at four pairs right now. (Well, I’m looking at the computer screen. But I looked at four pairs just a minute ago.) All of the women I know have a ton of shoes. I have a lot of purses and tote bags. I’m embarrassed to count them.

    I’m a winter so I wear jewel tones.


    • L. Marie, I’d never considered how many pairs of shoes I had before answering these questions. It’s not like I feel like I have too many, exactly. Well, maybe too many sandals. I hadn’t thought to count tote bags… I wonder how many of those things I have around here. 🤔


  21. “relaxed classic” I like that phrase. The Europeans and French used to be the guiding light of true elegance and fashion – they used to say even the shop girls were stylish as they all went with the idea of buying the best classics you could afford, put them together well – even if it meant you had fewer clothes. Extreme investment buying.
    Considering I have more hiking shoes/sandals that anything else, their clothing concept worked well for me when working or traveling for work a lot. Less fuss/less worry – always classic
    And jeans are classic. White shirts, sweaters, blazer (touch of accessories as needed/good purse) – any occasion: done.
    I remember the find your season thing – it was really really big with school teachers and housewives (that’s what they were called back then…). There were “parties” – like Tupperware ones. People should know what looks good on them – what to avoid. (The book was a guide.not a mandate.) The I was in Display at one of the major fashion stores here, the corporate buyers would laugh about all the devotees of that book…but we used their passion/mania for store marketing and Display.
    There are colors I hate – and oddly those are the ones that do not look good on me. Pretty much wear what I’m, comfortable in – and as long as I do that people say my own style works for me – “others couldn’t do that”.
    Your French phrase is spot on

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    • philmouse, now that you mention it I remember the idea that French/Europeans were fashion leaders. Is it still that way? I don’t keep up on any of the Fashion Weeks around the world.

      In my world having your colors done was a thing that older women did. Being younger and lacking disposable income, I didn’t do it formally, but reading the book taught me color theory and style. I certainly never ONLY bought my colors, but it was and is a starting point I still adhere to.

      I have some colors I despise, too. Fortunately at this point in life I don’t feel compelled to buy any piece of clothing I don’t like, so the icky colors never make it into my closet.

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      • Having seen Walmart phenomenon , it appears fashion died…or at least retreated in fear? HAHA
        I’m still surprised how many of that era bought into the “only wear these colors” thing and announced it with such authority – and still adhere to that original “prescription” – despite the face that hair, eyebrows are not the same color – eyes have lost color/intensity or are behind glass/ colored lenses – and even skin colors – they need updating! Quick!
        I think you were the wise one with the book gleaming what worked and being relaxed about it. People should have a little more faith in themselves, right?
        Fashion. The Audrey Hepburn era of chic. Will elegance ever return? Maybe if flip-flops are included? HAHA Denim or death!

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        • I agree that mature fashion and elegance have retreated… at least for the moment. We’re living in the era of the flip flop, both style-wise and politically. 😄

          You’re right about how many women were completely taken over by their colors then– and now to some degree. I realize that my coloring has changed over the years and have adapted along the way. But for women who are locked into always looking like who they used to be, change is the enemy, eh?

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