In Which I Answer Five Brilliant Questions, Outstandingly

I’ve received the Outstanding Blogger Award from Laura Bruno Lilly who asked some great questions. I don’t usually do awards, but like Laura said doing this award is a good way to break out of a blogging rut & I’ve felt like I’ve been in one lately. Thus I’m answering these five brilliant questions to the best of my free-spirited ability.

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What’s the first thing (or two) you’ll do once you ‘get your shot’ and/or the world otherwise opens back up after the Pandemic?

I have two things. I’m tired of my hippy hair so I’ll get it cut, but I’m keeping it longer than before. Who knew it was easier to have longer layered curly hair than a short stacked bob? The second thing is I want to go to a local restaurant, order a pear martini, crab cakes, and their house salad. Maybe two martinis now that I think about it. 

What makes you break into your ‘happy dance’?

Pots and pots of flowers around the outside of the house. I like geraniums and petunias and coleus and zinnias and dipladenia and impatiens and marigolds and whatever else will grow. I’m not fussy about what’s in the pots, I just want pretty. 

What was your favorite subject when you were in school?

I liked English class. No surprise, huh?

Which of your blog posts is your favorite and why? Please provide a link.

After ten years of blogging I can’t just offer one post so I’m going to answer with three posts. If you like funny, read this: Fun With Pedicures: Conning Mr. Man, If Only For A Moment. If you like melancholy, read this: Strange Days Indeed. If you like badassery, read this: Good Morning To Everyone Except WordPress, My Frenemy.

Coffee, tea or ????

Yes. Coffee, tea, seltzer, beer, wine, aperol & soda, margaritas, vodka martinis, a shot of whiskey even– but never anything with rum in it. *bleech* 

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Now it’s my turn to nominate and to ask questions. Considering everyone who reads this blog is outstanding I nominate anyone who wants to do this. You may do this in the comments below or on your blog.

There’s no obligation to take up the challenge, but if you do then please answer the following questions. If you do this on your blog then you may nominate [5 or however many] other bloggers, and then compile a set of your own 5 questions. 

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Q1 – What’s your favorite movie?

Q2 – When trying to buy shoes, what’s your biggest problem?

Q3 – Ice cream cone or cupcake?

Q4 – What’s one good thing you have learned about yourself during this pandemic?

Q5 – Any eccentric people in your family? Discuss.

198 thoughts on “In Which I Answer Five Brilliant Questions, Outstandingly

  1. I love your outstanding answers to the brilliant questions, especially the hair! I have wild curly hair and the last time I got it trimmed back in July (we had very little Covid in the state then and may hair guy was really careful), he told me that in the world of masks he would not let me have bangs because I would be just two eyeballs walking around the world. But with my bangs now grown out and my hair longer, it really has been easier to take care of, so I’m with you!

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    • Dorothy, thank you! My last haircut was in August and now I’m looking like Carole King on the front of the Tapestry album. I like the length but could use more layers so my hair is less full. Still, this is so much easier to style than the short bob. WHY DIDN’T SOMEONE TELL ME THIS?

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  2. Q1 – What’s your favorite movie? I have to say I do not have one – so many from which to choose.

    Q2 – When trying to buy shoes, what’s your biggest problem? Combining fit and some degree of style so My feet don’t look like something you see on “The Flintstones.”

    Q3 – Ice cream cone or cupcake? Cupcake as I have given up ice cream. Plus they are more interesting.

    Q4 – What’s one good thing you have learned about yourself during this pandemic? That I can work from home effective and increase my health at the same time. And that I will be able to handle retirement just fine, thank you.

    Q5 – Any eccentric people in your family? Discuss. If I have one it is an aunt who has lived in Hollywood for the last 30 years. The one time I saw her ten years ago or so I would have to label her as the wonderfully “eccentric” one in my otherwise ignorant, hateful family

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    • Well done, Zen-Den. I agree with you about the potential for your feet to look like Fred’s. Cupcakes are less messy than ice cream, which is another plus for them. As for your aunt in LA, I’d love to meet her someday. Maybe if we ever travel again…

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  3. Q4 – What’s one good thing you have learned about yourself during this pandemic?

    I have the perfect personality for pandemic life since avoiding personalities and personages and populous places isn’t much of a problem for me. In fact, I may never again congregate in crowds or congregations OR engage in hand shaking as a routine form of greeting. No more sweaty palms! 😀

    Hope you get that martini soon!

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    • Nancy, hear, hear! I have the same personality. I haven’t missed people, in general, either. There are a handful I look forward to seeing in person, but overall this has been liberating to stay at home all the time. Now there’s a paradox for ‘ya!

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    • Dan, I shall take your suggestion to heart because it’s going to be another couple of months before we both get vaccinated and feel comfortable going out to eat in a small bistro. 🍸🍸

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  4. I cannot stand my hair in my face, but I also hate tangles. Which means my hair stylist has to walk a fine line–just long enough for a pony tail, but not so long it snarls. I’m with you on the longer, layered hair!

    I’m headed to my favorite sushi restaurant when this is all over. Sushi doesn’t always survive takeout as well as other foods, and the restaurant isn’t that close.

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    • AutumnAshbough, I understand your hairstyle situation. I haven’t had my hair this long since I was in high school, so it’s been a learning experience. I want what you said: long enough for a ponytail, short enough to not fight tangles.

      Sushi, freshly made, yes. Sushi, carried out, no. Got it and agree.

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  5. I had to click on the WordPress post, which I somehow missed (which I will blame on the unholy hell that was fall, 2020). I both feel/felt your pain and agree with your conclusions. I’ve been told there are far easier (but still spiffy) platforms, but the idea of switching is so daunting (and really, why when my blog is completely optional?) that I just keep plugging along with WordPress and my stodgy old theme.

    I am also looking forward to favorite restaurants, warm weather cocktails, and pots of flowers–preferably in concert with each other. As I’m on a blog break, I will not take up your challenge, but I like the mix of questions. I can only answer one in this space: ice cream. Salted caramel from Ruby Jewel. Cannot wait to get one in the waning light of a summer evening and walking the neighborhood with cone in hand.

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    • Rita, ditto with your logic about staying here on WordPress. I may not prefer this platform, but I’m not going to go elsewhere. In fact, when this blog ends, whenever that may be, I’ll be finished with blogging. Like you said, this is optional. Fun, but not necessary.

      Yes, yes, to your idea of cocktails and pots of flowers at the same time. I could groove on that. Salted caramel ice cream is my favorite, so I’ll take a cone of it, too, please. 🍸🪴🍦

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      • A waffle cone, preferably.

        Last year, when we first in lockdown and just beginning our foray into distance learning, we’d end the day sitting on the front porch with a gin and tonic, admiring the flowers that were beginning to bloom and the feel of sun on our faces (on the sunny afternoons, anyway). That’s a thing I’d like to keep in my post-pandemic life. The gin, sun, and flowers–not days of distance learning.

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    • Lynette, having longer hair has been such a revelation to me. I cannot believe how much time and money I was spending on maintaining something that didn’t need to be.

      Yes, eccentric people is a wonderful topic. Everyone knows some– or maybe is one! 😉

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  6. Oh Ms Bean, you have indeed answered (my) 5 questions in your exceedingly outstanding Beany way! The previous blog posts you selected were great choices…how did I miss the toenail one?! The best part of that is the successful duping of your hubby with your physical prop (toes) and your witty prose (made up names of nail polish). And the neighbor reconnect was poignant beyond words, though you aptly wrote about that encounter – felt like I was there, too.
    Thanks so much for taking this on and hopefully it wrestled you from your own bloggers rut! HA!
    Oh yes, Q3: ice cream – forget the cone just hand me the carton. Especially Tillamook’s Coffee almond fudge!

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    • Laura, thanks for asking the questions. This was fun to do. I felt like a newbie blogger again and I liked that feeling.

      The pedicure was such a funny experience. I don’t often get the chance to dupe Z-D. And as for the chance encounter with the neighbor, it was sad. Still is, for that matter.

      Got it with your preference. I’ve not had the ice cream you mention but it sounds good to me.

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  7. Q1 – What’s your favorite movie? Don’t have one.
    Q2 – When trying to buy shoes, what’s your biggest problem? Price (I am cheap!)
    Q3 – Ice cream cone or cupcake? Vanilla ice cream cone
    Q4 – What’s one good thing you have learned about yourself during this pandemic? I don’t mind being alone.
    Q5 – Any eccentric people in your family? Discuss. Not anymore (I’m divorced!) 🙂

    I cut my own hair during COVID – buzzed it to 1 inch all over and was shocked at how short it was! But it has grown out a bit and I love it! I think in the future I will buzz using a 1-1/2 or 2 inch attachment. So easy!

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    • Ellen D, I understand sticker shock when it comes to shoes. I recently bought two new pairs of walking shoes. My goodness, they were pricey.

      Love your answer to Q5.

      Super short hair on me makes me look like a dandelion gone to seed. Not flattering. I’m glad it works for you. Easy is good when it comes to hair styles.

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  8. Ally, I’ve gone the other way & now want to have my hair cut even more often than I’ve have done before. For the past year, Himself has been cutting my hair with hair clippers and while I tried to keep it longer, I’ve realised that going a bit shorter than I dared previously really works best. Now I have to decide whether to stick with the clippers or whether a professionally shaped cut is worth the money 😉

    I’ve never had a pear martini – I shall take your recommendation & order one next time I get to go out with my cocktail drinking girls.

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    • Deb, it’s been fascinating to read about almost everyone has changed her hairstyle during this pandemic. Some longer, like me. Some shorter, like you. If nothing else, when this pandemic is behind us I bet the ways in which we changed our appearances will be lasting. Kind of a new freedom.

      The pear martini at the local bistro is icy, refreshing, and not too sweet. My kind of drink on a warm day. Which it will be by the time we’re both vaccinated and go out to eat.

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  9. You did answer the questions brilliantly and it’s nice to learn a few more things about you. I love pretty pots of flowers too, but don’t have the green thumb it takes to keep up with the watering and care they need so I’ve never been successful the few times I’ve tried it myself. I have two really great pots on the patio now that have never had a plant or flower in them. Sigh. I have some sort of paralysis about buying something to put in them. I bought them over a year ago! Remember us talking about them?

    Q1 – What’s your favorite movie? I have a few. I can’t narrow it down to just one.

    Q2 – When trying to buy shoes, what’s your biggest problem? Fitting my narrow heels, and feet. I detest shoe shopping.

    Q3 – Ice cream cone or cupcake? Ice cream cone. 2 scoops. Rocky Road and Orange Sherbert. My favorite!

    Q4 – What’s one good thing you have learned about yourself during this pandemic? I don’t need to go to the store more than once a week, and I can trim my own hair. Thankfully, curly hair hides the mistakes.

    Q5 – Any eccentric people in your family? Discuss. Too many of those in my family. 🤣

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  10. Congratulations, Ally! Well-deserved!
    Love your questions…I should try and answer them on Ye Olde Blogge as I find myself in a rut as well.
    I have a Virtual Tea Party post to do first, but I find your questions inspiring so I hope to address them within the next week.


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    • Deb, I haven’t done anything like this post in years. But when Laura asked, it seemed like the right thing to do. I don’t know if it’s the pandemic or the winter or how old I am, but many days I feel like I’ve said it all. This got me thinking in a new way, so that’s great. I look forward to reading your answers.

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  11. LOL. But I want to answer the questions you got…especially about the hair…I too have found it’s easier longer. I used to go in for a trim (and mostly color) every MONTH! Then 2020 happened. I had it cut in January of 2020…and then not again until Feb 2021. Huh. Look at the money I saved…and the good news was we had already decided to let it go grey, so there you go! Win/win.

    I’ll think about answering the questions you’ve posed…I am definitely in a rut too. Plus having technical problems. Though I notice if I don’t have pictures I get far fewer comments. Hmmmm….

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    • Dawn, I have the same win-win feeling as you when it comes to my new longer hair style. This is a keeper, says frugal now graying me.

      I find the opposite. If I use more than one or two pictures [OR if I do something like this where I’m not *original*] I get fewer comments. And therein is the rut I find myself in. I do this to start conversations in the comments and if I don’t, then why do it?

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      • You have an awesome, huge reader base. Obviously they come for your words. I think my readers are more interested in the images Though when I started the blog (centuries ago) it was all writing, as I don’t think I knew how to upload a photo. Or that it was even possible. The early posts are about what it was like to go back to college at 50, and memories of my folks who had recently died, and who had attended the university I was now attending. Some of those posts are my favorites. Nowdays it’s about birds and Katie and weather and camping. Less introspective. Hence the rut.

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        • Like you my earliest blog posts were all words. For years after I started my first blog I didn’t know how to upload a photo either. It was such a big deal when I figured it out. Funny I hadn’t thought about that in years.

          I also remember how we used periods between our words to. show. bold. and how we used asterisks around a word to show *italic*. There was no way to make bold and italic show up on the posts so we improvised.

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  12. I’m finding the same thing with my hair too. Although it’s too long and out of shape, I don’t want to go back to the super short.
    Q1 – What’s your favorite movie? I have many. The Intouchables (a French one), Arrival, Les Choristes(another French one)

    Q2 – When trying to buy shoes, what’s your biggest problem? Wide feet.

    Q3 – Ice cream cone or cupcake? It depends. Probably a cupcake. I have lots of accidents with ice cream cones; they stress me out. They fall or drip on me. Ice cream in a bowl is my preference.

    Q4 – What’s one good thing you have learned about yourself during this pandemic? That I’m OK alone and to appreciate small things more.

    Q5 – Any eccentric people in your family? A couple of literally crazy cousins.

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    • Margaret, I hear you about longer hair but with some shape to it. That’s my goal too.

      I don’t know those movies, but that’s not surprising I rarely see a movie. Your wide feet are as difficult to fit as my narrow ones. I am laughing about how ice cream cones stress you out. There’s a truth to that. Being alone can be good, says the introvert. I have some literally crazy people in my family, too. They’re way beyond eccentric.

      Thanks for answering my questions. 😘

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  13. English was also my favourite subject.
    So, I’m not surprised at all. Lol

    My answers:-
    1) Every Christopher Nolan movie, Interstellar, Inception….

    2) The biggest problem is that, I like each and every shoes presented to me.

    3) Of course Ice-cream. It’s another level of fun with melting Ice.

    4) Good thing I learned is that family time is the best you got.

    5) Anyone anywhere at anytime 🙂

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    • Susan, thanks for stopping by to comment. This is a throwback for me. So easy to write a post like this one when someone else asks you the questions– instead of creating the content all by yourself. Enjoy your weekend.

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  14. I love your answers. I will take your questions to my blog and try to be as brilliant as you. My hair is ridiculously fine and very thin. I have purchased a wig and now need to practice how to wear it. The pandemic has not really been difficult for me as I don’t mind being with myself. In fact, I prefer myself to a lot of people. However, I do miss an occasional dinner with a few friends so that will be one of the things I’d like to do once we can get together again. That may be soon as I (and most of my friends) am old so we have all had the vaccines already. Very happy Friday to you, Ally. Have a fantastic weekend.

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    • Janet, I look forward to reading your brilliant answers to my questions on your blog. I’ve never had a wig on so I have no idea how you work with one. Once you figure that out you can teach us all [if you decide to post about it].

      I’m like you in that I don’t mind being by myself so that hasn’t been the worst part of the pandemic for me. However I am looking forward to seeing a few people in real life again. At the earliest we’ll be vaccinated by mid-May… if we can get appointments. Socializing is still a long way off for us.

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    • Melanie, the issue of how to wear my hair is always a dodgy one for me. I have curls and frizz and waves every which way, so with it longer those variables are weighted down. Just read your post. Nice answers, forthright as well.

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  16. Oh, I love blog posts like these!
    I agree with the haircut. Although I love my long hair and I will keep it that way. But there is just nothing like a fresh haircut.
    I can’t believe I have never had an Aperol spritz in my life. I need to right that wrong.

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    • Kari, I’m glad you liked this type of post. I haven’t done anything like this in years, but it sure is fun to just answer some questions dreamed up by someone else. I remember that now.

      I love Aperol & soda on the rocks, but an Aperol Spritz made with Prosecco is good too. Either way the drink is tart and refreshing.

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  18. A wonderful idea! I’m happy to play along.

    Q1 – What’s your favorite movie?– I can’t remember anymore.

    Q2 – When trying to buy shoes, what’s your biggest problem?– I can never tell if I should by the size 7 or 7 1/2 because I often wear bulky socks. I haven’t worn shoes in years, but wear my sneakers everyday which go well with my bulky socks.

    Q3 – Ice cream cone or cupcake?– Neither, but if I had to choose I would take a cupcake, especially if it was chocolate with chocolate frosting.

    Q4 – What’s one good thing you have learned about yourself during this pandemic?– I’ve learned that despite my quiet mostly anti-social personality, I actually miss friends and family.

    Q5 – Any eccentric people in your family? Discuss.– Yes. All of them, including me. LOL!

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    • Thanks, robin. I like your answers to a one.

      My shoe size is somewhere between 8 and 8 1/2 so I know your problem. Then add the socks and who knows? It’s frustrating.

      I could go for a chocolate chocolate-frosted cupcake. Sorry that there are none in the house.

      I miss some people, too. Most of them I do not, but a few would be nice to see again… in person, for instance.

      Many commenters have mentioned that they are eccentric. I know that I might be considered eccentric by some of my more straight-laced family members. Makes you feel special, doesn’t it?

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  19. Congratulations on your blogger award. Well deserved.
    Q1 – What’s your favorite movie?
    I don’t have one favorite. Song of the Sea, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, Moonstruck, Miyazaki’s films—I can go on and on.
    Q2 – When trying to buy shoes, what’s your biggest problem? I have wide feet. Many shoes in shoe departments are for narrow feet.
    Q3 – Ice cream cone or cupcake?
    Q4 – What’s one good thing you have learned about yourself during this pandemic?
    That I need to keep building whatever it is I’m building.
    Q5 – Any eccentric people in your family? Discuss.
    I am.

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    • L. Marie, thanks for playing along here.

      I don’t see many movies but I have seen the Spider-Man ones and Moonstruck. Oh what joy it is to see Cher slap NC and shout “snap out of it!”

      I have narrow feet and find only wide shoes. We need to shop together, surely then we’d find shoes that fit. I like what you’ve learned during the pandemic. Building whatever is positive. Keep going.

      Many commenters have owned up to being the eccentric person in the family. Go figure. Could there be a correlation between blogging and eccentricity? 🤔

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    • Katie, thank you! It was fun to do something like this on a lark. I’d like to meet some of those people who don’t have eccentric family members too. I wonder what color the sky is in their world? 🙄

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  20. This is so fun. I love reading all the other responses too. I would do a happy dance if the inside of my house was clean and pretty to look at . . . maybe one day I can focus on flowers outside. Not there yet. I have some reading to do for my writing group while I’m on a road trip, but I look forward to checking out your selected blog posts soon. I think I remember the wordpress one from the fall. I hope to answer your questions on my blog one day soon.

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    • Ernie, I’m pleased that you liked this post. I hesitated because it’s kind of old school blogging, but then I remembered I can do what I want here. I look forward to reading your answers to the questions on your blog if you decide to do them. Stuff like this is fun, I think.

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  23. A1 – The Sting. Wait…Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
    A2 – Finding size 5 1/2 in a style I actually like
    A3 – Ice cream cone. Rum raisin.
    A4 – I have learned that once you begin thinking a negative thought, it wears a groove in your brain. It’s tough to get that negative thought (like “I can’t do it”) out of your brain if it is sunk really deep in the groove.
    A5 – Nope. We are all completely normal with no eccentrics allowed. 🙂
    A5 –

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    • Laurie, made me laugh with your answer to Q5. Of course you all are perfectly normal. 🙄

      I like The Sting, too. And I like Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. I’d forgotten about both of them.

      I agree that once a negative thought takes hold in your brain it’s difficult to get it to go away. Heaven knows this last year we’ve all had ample opportunity for negativity to take hold, but not permanently, I hope. Good to acknowledge the negative, bad to let it stick around inside your brain.

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  25. I’ll answer 4 & 5 in your questions posed:

    What’s one good thing you have learned about yourself during this pandemic? I still love my husband – heaps!

    Any eccentric people in my family? Read my memoir and find out!

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    • Marian, I love your answers. During this pandemic I, too, have confirmed I love my husband heaps. And isn’t that wonder?

      As for your memoir I have a copy of it ready to go so now I HAVE to read it. I’m intrigued.

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  26. Hi, Ally – Your brilliant answers are hard to beat, but I’ll do my best.

    Q1 – What’s your favourite movie?
    My favourite Christmas Holiday movie is ‘The Holiday’ with Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jack Black and Jude Law. I watch it every year…sometimes twice!

    Q2 – When trying to buy shoes, what’s your biggest problem?
    Very wide toes but narrow heel. My feet are also a size 10 so I could never buy shoes when I lived in China.

    Q3 – Ice cream cone or cupcake?
    Ice cream every single time!

    Q4 – What’s one good thing you have learned about yourself during this pandemic?
    It’s easier to find workarounds to what you want to do than I originally thought.

    Q5 – Any eccentric people in your family? Discuss.
    Sadly, no one comes to mind. We are truly gonna need to work on this!

    Thank you for asking!

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  28. What an outstanding job you did, Ally!! 🙂 I hope you didn’t break your arm patting yourself on the back, though. Hee, hee. It’s always interesting to read the answers to questions like these and then think what my answers would be. Your one answer did remind me of what one of my sisters-in-law wants: someone to bring her a cocktail. I’ve been able to go to the library, albeit a teeny tiny portion of one, so that’s something. I’d like to go to a brewpub for a dark beer and eat IN a restaurant. But mostly I’m ready to do some traveling, although I’ll be driving not flying (for some time yet.)

    Have a great weekend, you outstanding thing you!


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    • Janet, my goodness thank you. There was no patting myself on the back, I can assure you. I like your SIL’s attitude. Yes please, bring me a drink.

      I’d like to eat out somewhere that offered good food and drinks made from scratch. None of this mixer stuff. Is that so much to ask? Your brewpub sounds perfect. I could go for that, too.

      Traveling sounds wonderful to me. Last year we had plans to go to Canada and England and Hawaii. It was to be our year of travel. A reward for all we’ve done in this last few years. But of course that didn’t happen, and who knows when it’ll happen in the future.

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  29. 1. Last of the Dogmen
    2. The front of my feet are wide, heel narrow, arch high.
    3. Ice cream in a dish. Cake is sort of blah to me, which is odd, because I love bread and sugar.
    4. Being married really has been a blessing in a pandemic.
    5. All of us? Yeah, probably so. You’ve read my blog, so you know.

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  30. Great answers to Laura’s wonderful questions! Since I answered hers on her blog, I’ll answer yours on your blog:

    Q1) One (of many) favorite movie was one I saw a long time ago: Grand Canyon. I am a little wary of watching it again because I’m afraid it will have lost its magic. Another (also one with Kevin Kline) is The Big Chill.
    Q2) No issues buying shoes except that I’m cheap.
    Q3) Definitely Ice Cream.
    Q4) One good thing is that I have discovered that I can write fiction (short stories). I never thought I had that in me.
    Q5) Sadly, no. At least in my immediate family. I’m sure there are one or two way back in the family tree.

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    • Janis, thank you. Answering someone else’s questions is fun. Laura is the best.

      I LOVE The Big Chill. It could well be my favorite movie, although Bull Durham is in the running, too.

      Your answer to the shoe question is the one I’ve seen most often. I get that. Same with ice cream. That seems to be the most popular choice.

      I agree that your short stories are great. I’ve enjoyed them all. What a wonderful thing to have discovered during the pandemic. You can write fiction.

      You’re fortunate to have lived a life without eccentric relatives. How wonderful is that? I’ve got some extras in case you’d like to have one!

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  31. I’m late to the part but my answers are:

    Q1 – What’s your favorite movie? P.S. I Love You
    Q2 – When trying to buy shoes, what’s your biggest problem? Wanting to go shopping for them in the first place. I hate shoe shopping.
    Q3 – Ice cream cone or cupcake? ice cream
    Q4 – What’s one good thing you have learned about yourself during this pandemic? That I miss causal conversations with strangers more than I would have guessed.
    Q5 – Any eccentric people in your family? Yes and that would be me.

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    • Joan, I’ve not seen that movie and I need to. I’m with you about wanting to go shoe shopping. I dislike the whole process.

      I, too, miss casual conversations with strangers. I didn’t realize how much I relied on those to use as prompts for what I write about here. So you’re the eccentric one? I love it. To thine own self be true!

      Thanks for answering the questions.

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  32. I am so thankful to have long hair right now. I am going to get a trim tomorrow, and it’s my 4th in 15 months. If I didn’t color my hair, I think I could go longer. The long hair does tend to lose its shape and start to look like a witch (on me), so I need to tend it a bit, but short hair is so much more high maintenance. Also more fashionable and chic, but these are not chic times, right?

    I also love pots of pretty plants. I have no organization or method to it, just pretty. When the hot summer comes and things start to die, it doesn’t look so great, sadly. I am not a good plant parent.

    Oh, rum. No, not for me. I love a delicious fruity rum drink, but I get really drunk really fast on it, so no thank you.

    I’m going to let your questions simmer a bit and answer them on my blog at some point, thank you.

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    • J, I’ve been surprised by how much easier it is to style and maintain longer hair. I haven’t had a trim since last August so I’m due for one, but now that I don’t highlight my hair any more I’ll be able to go for months without seeing a stylist.

      Your approach to pots of pretty plants is mine, too. I just stick them in pots, water them when I remember, and enjoy whatever happens next. I am in no way a master gardener. My aunt was, and the things she could grow!

      I look forward to reading your answers to these questions. This was such an old school blog thing to do. It felt nostalgic to me.

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  33. Great questions and answers. You are indeed deserving of an award. And about the hair, I always wonder when people say, “I keep my hair short; it’s so much easier.” What? It is the opposite of easier. Every morning, no matter how carefully a person sleeps, short hair needs to be fixed. It also needs to be cut every 4 to 6 weeks. When I wake up with long-ish hair, it’s ready to go. I’m on the “every-six-months” haircut plan – at the most. It is the way to go.

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    • Arlene, I’ve learned a valuable lesson about longer hair thanks to the pandemic. I always had it shorter and always had to style it every morning because like you said no matter how carefully you sleep, it’s a mess in the morning. Now I know better and will be adopting your approach to a twice a year haircut schedule. And my pocketbook will thank me!

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  34. Oooh I used to absolutely love when bloggers would do these questions – this is old school, and I am here for it. I’d answer it on my own blog but I’m here now, so…
    Favourite movie: When Harry Met Sally, no contest there.
    What makes me happy dance: So many things! I love gardening and flowers – although it will be a few months yet before I can do that, what with frozen ground. Yesterday I went on my first run since November, that was happiness. My son playing the drums makes me happy. Lots of things! Cannot possibly name them all.
    Favourite subject in school: math (calculus), English, drama.
    Favourite blog post: probably the one I wrote about mom jeans and how names come back in style (2012), and also the one about the Lutheran Ladies’ cookbook (2014, I think)
    Coffee, yes ma’am. Tea – I like a nice herbal tea on a cold afternoon. Wine once a week (maybe more than one glass).
    This was fun!

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    • Nicole, I agree that this sort of post is a throwback to the early days of blogging. I miss those days sometimes.

      I like When Harry Met Sally, too. It’s a classic that always makes me smile.

      Your list of your happy dance catalysts is wonderful. I don’t run but I’m looking forward to going for more walks, safely, now that there’s no snow or ice.

      I’m laughing here thinking about Mom jeans, a topic that never fails to start conversations. I have a copy of a Presbyterian Ladies’ Cookbook so I can imagine that the Lutherans have one too, that is just as random.

      I like herb tea but forget about it. I need to make it an afternoon habit. You’ve inspired me to do so. Thanks for joining in.

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  36. I love old school bloggy stuff like this.

    So much so that I’ll stick all these questions in my back pocket and save them for a future blog post over at the Dept. one day soon.

    My pandemic hair is SO LONG that I’m actually considering getting a wavy perm (more old school!) so that I don’t have to do a thing to it. Remember the fad of spiral perms back in the day? Don’t think I haven’t thought of that, too. I want to give up all hair maintenance once and for all.

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  37. Q1 – What’s your favorite movie?
    impossible to choose just one. “Lost in Translation”, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, “Arizona Dream”…

    Q2 – When trying to buy shoes, what’s your biggest problem?
    Getting my size because I buy 90% of my stuff in second-hand shops so very often what you like isn’t what fits tou!

    Q3 – Ice cream cone or cupcake?
    Italian lemon gelato!

    Q4 – What’s one good thing you have learned about yourself during this pandemic?
    I’d have to write a whole book about that one!

    Q5 – Any eccentric people in your family? Discuss.
    Me! I used to have alter egos in my friends circle but it seems eccentricity fades with age. Or turns to senility!

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    • VO, I’d forgotten about Eternal Sunshine. I liked that movie and thought about it for days after seeing it, which is a good thing.

      I can imagine how difficult it’d be to try to buy shoes in second-hand shops. Very random selection.

      I could go for anything lemon, especially gelato. Yep, good answer.

      I like the idea of having alter egos as a manifestation of eccentricity. I wonder if senility is just eccentricity on steroids! Something upon which to muse.

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      • Hahaha eccentricity on steroids!

        I forgot to mention “Walter Mitty” in my favourite movies. As you said, it’s one of these films that stick to your head for several days. I love that feeling.

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  38. Love your title on this one. I enjoyed (if that’s an appropriate word, I’m not sure) reading “Strange Days Indeed.” I’m not sure I would have pulled off the required equanimity that you displayed in that situation. My answers to your fun questions below. – Marty

    Q1 – Favorite movie? “Beautiful Girls,” which no one I know ever remembers. An all star cast (Matt Dillon, Michael Rapaport, Mira Sorvino among many others).

    Q2 – When trying to buy shoes, what’s your biggest problem? I still look for tassel shoes, which probably went out of style for men sometime in the late nineties.

    Q3 – Ice cream cone or cupcake? Cupcakes by a mile. I’ll only eat ice cream if I’m on vacation for some reason.

    Q4 – What’s one good thing you have learned about yourself during this pandemic? That I’ll never write the Great American Novel. I certainly had the time to do so!.

    Q5 – Any eccentric people in your family? Discuss. (sigh) Me by a mile. Someone has to be the square peg in a round hole.

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    • Marty, thanks for reading that post. It was one of those that’s not my normal style, but I needed to write it.

      You’re right I’ve never heard of Beautiful Girls, but I don’t see many movies so it’s not surprising.

      You want tassels on you shoes? Clearly then you are the eccentric one in your family. Uh huh.

      I’ve never wanted to write the Great American Novel so I never thought to do so during this pandemic. But for those of you who do, I suppose this last year would have been the time to do it. You missed your chance! 🤓

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  39. Restaurants!! Yes!! We did a lot of eating-out dates prior to all this. I miss them so much. We have lots of greenery around the house which keeps me so happy during the winter, but I would like to add some pots of flowers. I could use a little more color. I do love some desserts, but I don’t particularly like ice cream (although a non-milk-based version can be tasty) or cupcakes.

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    • Amy, I’d like someone to make and serve me some food. That’s one of the things I didn’t realize how much I appreciated until it was gone. It’s getting close to being time to plop some flowers into some outdoor pots. I’m getting ready to do my happy dance.

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  40. Not surprised about English, of course. I, too, discovered things about my hair as I let it grow and declared one day that it’s too long — which is something I’ve NEVER SAID. Eager to get it cut again. Your Insta pot of purpleness was the first sign of spring I saw this morning. No flowers here yet so your photographic one was a pleasure to see. Thanks.

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    • Tara, I’m beginning to think that one of the best things to come out of this pandemic is how everyone understands her hair better. Funny how that happened. I’m glad the pot of purple pansies made you happy. It certainly has lifted my spirits. I guess I should start doing my happy dance. 😎

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  45. 1. I think I will partake of your questions and I know I shall be late, but better than never.
    2. Definitely two martinis.
    3. “Who knew it was easier to have longer layered curly hair than a short stacked bob?” ME, Ally Bean, I knew. In my case, since my hair is not as curly as it was in 2006 (last I had a bob before 2019) my shorter hair was stunning way to discover my hair is not as curly as it was in 2006. My now irregular curl pattern has made me hot tool dependent since 2019. Because 2019 is also the year I discovered my hair grows WAY slower than I ever thought.
    4. Flower pots are simple cheerful charms for any home. It is my wish to eventually line every hard outdoor surface with flower pots. I anticipate, at current rate, this will take me about 15 more years. (So, you know, just about the time I outgrow my 2019 haircut.)

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    • joey, thanks for joining in. There’s no time limit on commenting on something as dynamic as this post! 😉

      Oh I’m sorry that your 2019 bob has made you hot tool dependent to keep your curls doing that which they should have the good sense to do. Curls are like ornery cats, impossible to predict, difficult to herd, impossible to depend on. My hair doesn’t grow as quickly as it once did either. Getting older, going slowing.

      You can’t go wrong with pretty pots of flowers around your house. I know there are articles about how to style each pot, but I just plop something in one and let it go. Eclectic is my theme.

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    • The Travel Architect, thanks for answering these questions. Not to put too fine of a point on it, could there be a correlation between eating cake and the weight never coming off? Not that there is anything wrong with eating cake and weighing more, of course. But they do seem to be, how shall I put it, thematic. 😉

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      • I thought the very same thing the second I pressed send. Alas, I wish it were true. Then all I’d have to do to lose the weight is stop eating the cake. But for the last year, because of COVID and lack of entertaining, I’ve barely baked at all. The weight gain is from a combined 4 months of teaching from home (sit, sit, sit). I thought going back into the classroom would melt it away but…

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  46. Q1 – What’s your favorite movie? – It’s been years since I watched a movie, but a feel-good movie for me was “Murphy’s Romance” with Sally Field and James Garner.

    Q2 – When trying to buy shoes, what’s your biggest problem? – Well, now my feet have stretched from ten years of not wearing pumps or even flats. I have lived in my wide walking shoes or Minnetonka mooseskin moccasins (a pair for in the house and a pair for outside) and my Muk Luks in the house for Winter months. I’m sure I can’t fit into a pair of dress shoes anymore and would be afraid to try.

    Q3 – Ice cream cone or cupcake? – A cupcake as it is okay to indulge as they are small.

    Q4 – What’s one good thing you have learned about yourself during this pandemic? – I thought I was more patient than I really am. I lose patience with the stupid things that people do sometimes. It’s not that difficult to follow the rules to get us one step closer to ending the pandemic, yet too many people are ready and willing to buck the system. (Now there’s a dated cliché for you Ally.)

    Q5 – Any eccentric people in your family? Discuss. – My maternal great-grandfather, maternal grandfather and my father, all who seemed to go out of their way to be MCPs and believed that women were to be treated like dirt under their feet.

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    • Linda, I like Murphy’s Romance, too. BUT you know what? The last time I saw it on TV they’d cut out the last line from it. Sally Field’s no longer asks: “how do you like your eggs?” That was a perfect ending, but *bam wham* it wasn’t there.

      Your shoe situation is like so many of us. I haven’t worn pumps in years either. Why do so when you don’t have to?

      You raise an excellent point about how stupid people. Dare I suggest that they’re selfish, too– and that’s why they won’t cooperate when something inconveniences them. There are many of them wandering around down here, too. Not a fan. Nor do I like the sound of your male ancestors. Disrespectful men get disrespected, don’t they?

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      • I only own a few videotapes, no DVDs, but my videotapes, besides the two Christmas classics “Frosty” and “Rudolph” are “Lonesome Dove” and “Murphy’s Romance” so I didn’t realize that line was cut out on TV. Like it was a bad or suggestive statement? That’s too bad. The pair’s growing romance, her invitations to Murphy to join them for dinner and then breakfast was part of the charm of that movie.

        As I’ve gotten older, I like comfort and too many years I endured pumps, too-slender flats and pantyhose. And you mentioned the hair … I have not been to the hair salon since October 2019. I have long layers and had highlights/lowlights. In Janis’ recent post, I told her I had the same situation. I do need a professional cut, as I’ve been cutting the ends myself, but I’m going to just keep my natural light-brown color with some gray sprinkled in – I didn’t care for the lowlights, too dark and unnatural looking.

        The male figures in my family were nothing special. And the only eccentric thing I could find for the three of them was my grandfather feeding their parakeet ham … he’d do it on the sly and I can remember my grandmother asking “why – he’s a bird?” My great grandmother had her foot stomped on while saddling the buggy and her husband said “you’re no use to me now!” My grandmother told that story – appalling as she gave him nine children, helped out in the field (they had a farm) but she was useless. Grrrr.

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        • You’re right that the charm of Murphy’s Romance can be summed up in the last line. That’s why I snarled when it wasn’t there. Even Z-D noticed it was missing.

          I’m not getting any more highlights or lowlights either. When I get my next haircut [who knows when] I’ll have the last few inches cut off and that’ll be the end of any evidence of dye jobs. I’ll be me, a graying blonde, thank you very much.

          I tell you, you come from a line of misogynistic old dudes. 🤨

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          • Silly people who alter movies for the sake of TV. Well, that’s the way to go hair-wise. Less fuss too. Yes I do not like my paternal side of ancestors at all! P.S. – I got my first COVID shot today. I had just commented to you that I was going to wait a while and not go chasing after it. I had registered online at Meijer (my grocery store) in February, they called Saturday and I went for Moderna part 1; next shot is four weeks from today. They did it seamlessly – no line, no one else in the area and I had to go into a small room. They usually just give you flu shots right at the counter.

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  48. I enjoyed reading your answers, Ally.

    Q1 – “Maudie” starring Sally Hawkins and Ethan Hawke. Two quirky loners find each other and eventually, love…

    Q2 – Wide feet.

    Q3 – Neither! Lactose and gluten intolerant…

    Q4 – I can keep myself engaged and interested in people and life even when isolated.

    Q5 – Not really. Almost all of us are markedly unconventional, myself included, but I wouldn’t go so far as to label any of us truly eccentric.

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    • Barbara, I vaguely remember that movie, but maybe I only saw the trailer for it. I have narrow feet, so same problem opposite way.

      I know exactly what you mean with your answer to Q4. I’ve learned that, too. I always suspected that but now it’s confirmed.

      Good distinction between the words ‘eccentric’ and ‘unconventional.’ Similar but different. I’ve got both in my family tree.

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  49. I had to look up aperol. That definition contained a couple more words that I had to look up. I’m learning all sorts of new things today including how to pronounce aperitif!
    From what I remember of the questions: It Happened One Night; Ice cream, no bowl; my mom, sister, and I are the weird ones. Yes to ALL the flowers. (That wasn’t one of your questions. I’m just commenting further on the post.) 🙂

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  50. I’m totally with you on the martinis! I love martinis, but i prefer mine with gin. We only have gin martinis when we go out. It would be too dangerous for me to learn to make them at home.

    I’m also thinking of letting my hair grow longer, so I can pull it back, although it’s nice not having to do that right now. And summer will soon be here (it arrives early in Florida) so we’ll see 😉

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    • Marie, I know what you mean about making martinis at home. I’ve tried, but they’re rarely as good as the ones in a restaurant or bar. So why bother with them here at home?

      This longer hair situation surprised me. Pulling it back and twisting it up is fun. At least for now.

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      • Yes, the novelty of longer hair wears off, especially in the summer. And the martinis, part of the fun of drinking them at a restaurant is that you can try different gins (or vodka, if you prefer). Currently my go-to gin is Blue Sapphire, but a couple of times we had gin that was distilled in St. Augustine, FL, and it was quite good. Unfortunately the restaurant where we enjoyed the martinis closed a year or so ago (pre-COVID).

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        • Well phooey on that restaurant. I have my fingers crossed and prayers said that the local bistro with the good martinis won’t close due to the pandemic. So far it’s hanging in there.

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          • I hope your local bistro stays open too. The one we went to, Emiliano’s, is actually in Gainesville, about a 3-hour drive from my home. We’d go there for a couple of days and always got a meal at the restaurant. We just happened to be there on their last night. Emiliano’s had been in business for over 30 years. Same old story of a family business that the kids don’t want to continue so it closes rather than sells. ☹️

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  51. What fun, Ally! I loved all of your answers, but now I really must have a pear martini and crab cakes. I will also be checking out your favorite posts…they all sound intriguing.

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    • Christie, thanks for reading my answers to the questions. It was fun to do an old school blog post like this one. If you can find a restaurant that serves a pear martini and crab cakes your life will be changed forever for the better.

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  53. Oh I love this idea. And ok lemme try answering some questions
    Q1 – What’s your favorite movie?
    Star wars the empire strikes back. Is it the best movie ever? No. Do I love it with my whole heart? Yes
    Q2 – When trying to buy shoes, what’s your biggest problem?
    Sizing! I have a high arch and you would not believe how impossible it is to find shoes that actually fit!
    Q3 – Ice cream cone or cupcake?
    This is very tough but ice cream cone I think. I can always use some ice cream in my life (don’t worry I’ll go back for the cupcake later)
    Q4 – What’s one good thing you have learned about yourself during this pandemic?
    I’m a lot more resilient and badass than I thought! I left a really bad relationship and managed to survive not only leaving but also their desire to uh. Let’s say unalive me for it
    Q5 – Any eccentric people in your family? Discuss.
    Can I say all of them? Because all of them. But the one that weirds me out most is my cousin. This is a child who eats dog food and rubs saliva on their eye. No I am not kidding and yes I WISH I was.

    Anyhow very fun blog! It was a nice read so thank you for that!

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    • theanalyzer, you make a good point about how your favorite movie doesn’t have to be critically acclaimed, it just has to please you.

      I can understand how your high arches make your feet difficult to fit. I’m sorry. Ice cream cone has been the popular choice, but your approach to having a cupcake later is inspired.

      You do sound badass and like you’ve got your life turned around to a good place. That’s wonderful to read. Carry on. And as for your cousin, well– 😲


  54. First , congrats for your achievement😊😉
    Here’s the answer:
    1) yeh jawaani hai deewani
    2)1000s try before chosing a final one
    3)ice cream cone
    4) blogging😎
    5) no one


    • Khushi, thanks for answering my questions. I like how you try on so many shoes before finding the one you like. I am the opposite. I’m lucky if I find 2 pairs I might want. Narrow feet, you know. No one eccentric in your family? Such a life you live!


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